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Michael Jackson's Kids Could Turn Preppy

8/23/2009 6:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The home schoolin' days may be over for MJ's kids -- we've learned Katherine Jackson is "seriously considering" sending the golden children to one of the most elite private schools in L.A.

Family sources tell us the Jackson matriarch is talking about enrolling Michael Jr., Paris, and Prince in the Buckley School -- the same place Tito's three kids attended, as well as several other members of the Jackson clan. In fact, Tito's deceased wife, Dee Dee, once served as president of the Buckley Parent's Association.

Our sources say the family has talked to friends and school reps about enrolling the kids.

We're told Grandma Katherine used to show up for different events at the school and just loves the place -- great education, it's close to their Encino home, and it's heavily protected.

Problem is ... the school ain't so easy to get into. Plus, classes start really soon -- as in this Wednesday -- and it's unclear if the kids have even applied yet.

One cautionary note: Paris Hilton attended Buckley as well as ... (gulp) ... Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian.


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1888 days ago

no way    

Will the media leave them alone if they do?

1888 days ago

Prep school is better than home schooling -- that's creepy.

1888 days ago


I read on Hollywood Reporter that Katherine Jackson is so upset over Michael's death she doesn't really know what's going on with the court proceedings....I think she has the kid's best interest at heart.

1888 days ago

Jerry Martin    

I'll bet they're dumb as rocks after all those years with Wacko.

1888 days ago


Doesn't surprise me at all. If MJ didn't home school the kids, he would've chosen this school as well. Good choice.

1888 days ago


These poor kids never went to school. Can they even read?

1888 days ago


Everything I've heard about these kids since Michael died is they're extremely smart. Michael told Geraldo he read with them all the time. Lots of people home school.

1887 days ago


I really hope that these reports are true. They have been sheltered for too long and they need to be socialized and educated in a formal setting. If as I hope they get accepted I hope that the media will respect their privacy in the same way that Sasha and Malia have been protected by the media.

1887 days ago


They only wore masks when they were with MJ. Since nobody knew what they looked like, they were able to go out without MJ all the time without wearing masks and have a normal life. I've even seen photos of them in private school uniforms, so they may have already been in a private school. But with the sharks that are after MJ's money, and after the kids with their phony claims of being the "spuhm donah," I'm worried about the kids' safety. I hope they have really good bodyguards wherever they go.

1887 days ago


those kids should not be thrown into a school after years of private tutoring. mj made sure that those kids were kept away from the mean and hurtful words of the public doing this now will NOT help them cope with the death of their father.....

1887 days ago

Stop Milking his name    

They just lost their father...they should not have to acclimate to other changes in their lives. They should continue with home school until the circus die down.
Kids talk...and they will be bombarded with questions from peers and teachers. We know they have filtered access to the internet, imagine the shock when they learn ll the stories being discussed about their parentage.

Enough changes for the year..

1887 days ago


People are so stupid! Just because a child is home schooled does not mean they cant read and it is not "creepy". Their are lots of parents who choose to home school their children. I am sure these children are right with in there range if not higher. It has been proven that home schooled children are way more advanced then public school students. It is beyond me as to why people need to have someone to pick on and say nasty things about and with out regard to the consequences. So now since Mj is no longer walking this earth people are frantically searching for someone else to abuse..and sadly enough it looks as if these poor innocent children will ultimately be it..

1887 days ago


Not a very good idea :(.. well it kinda is but MJ had them in home schooling for a reason!.. and OMG The kardashian & Paris Hilton!?... God help those kdis!

1887 days ago


if the kardashians and paris hilton went there, Rashida Jones did too. and she ended up attending Harvard.

don't think these children should be thrust into school so soon though.

1887 days ago
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