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Heroin at Jackson's House -- Not So Fast

8/27/2009 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heroin at Michael Jackson's House UPDATE: A source connected with the case tells TMZ the "tar heroin" was tested -- and the results showed it was not heroin of any kind. This is not reflected in the warrant.

A search warrant affidavit just released from the search of Michael Jackson's home says the Jackson family notified L.A. County Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter that they found "tar heroin in a bag" in Jackson's bedroom. Chief Winter notified LAPD detectives of the found evidence.

The search also turned up two baggies of "marijuana."

Cops also found Benoquin in the master bathroom. Benoquin is a bleaching cream.

The affidavit also says surveillance cameras at Jackson's home captured Dr. Conrad Murray arriving at 1:00 AM the day Jackson died.

As for what else was found during the search -- an empty bottle of Lorazepam, an empty bottle of Diazepam, a baggy with the medical label with the name Dr. Conrad Murray, 2 cigarette packs, 1 cigarette paper, 4 pill bottles and 1 shaving case.

Detective Orlando Martinez wrote, "Conversations with family members lead me to believe that there may be additional medications and/or narcotics at the location as well as the necessity to confiscate these items for the safety of the minor children."

Story developing...

Michael Jackson Drug Pictures


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...Conversations with family members lead me to believe that there may be additional medications and/or narcotics at the location as well as the necessity to confiscate these items for the safety of the minor children."
This makes NO sense. WHY after 2 months would Mike's FAMILY report this? And what do they of the children?? The kids aren't at the old house..they are supposed to be at the Encino would any drugs currently in the old rental have anything to do with Encino?

Just more BS and sensationalism

1698 days ago


What are they saying? That Michael Jackson was using heroin in his rented home?

What minor children are in danger? Where?

1698 days ago


THIS IS what Dr. Murray wants!

To paint Michael like a junkie - so he can walk on the homicide charge.

I say it's PLANTED!

1698 days ago


wait, the Jackson family told the coroner this? that makes no sense. was it even in MJ autopsy report? maybe it wasn't MJ's. it was the hired help's.

1698 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

No mention (so far) from authorities that anything other than prescription drugs were in his system... well, "officially"...

Ummm, it says in "Jackson's bedroom"... is that "Murray's room" or "Michael's room"??

Hmmmm... I wonder.. the possibilities.

1. Murray planted it.
2. The Jacksons (glares towards La Toya/Joe) planted it.
3. Security planted it.

Why the heezy would there be heroin? He was abusing prescription drugs-- not street. (I know I know..really, what is the difference other than a license).

::scratches head on this one:: Where is Liza Menelli... she said "all hell was going to break loose"......... we need her to clarify some things. LOL

1698 days ago


So did I miss something...Did they find the surveillance videos?

1698 days ago

Cory (yes Feldman)    

It was mine, I left it.

So everyone just relax and chill.. smoke a big fat dobbie for me.


1698 days ago


Nebech. The poor soul. RIP.

1698 days ago


How could he be a good father when he was always doped up. Even if they are going to a JW grandma I think they will have a better life. Sounds like they will get to go to school. Can't wait for their tell all book.

1698 days ago

Justice for all    

Let's see more than two months have passed. The house was NOT a secure "crime scene" for two days after MJ died. The family and two moving trucks have been in the house to raid what was left in there before the LAPD ever taped off the house. Now, months later, the "family" find this "explosive" evidence? To help Dr. Death in his defense? Why? This is a load of horse crap.... Go on believing.... unless the toxicology report (which we may never see) or the Coroner's Report (again, we may never hear of ever again) shows that MJ had heroin in his system. I just don't buy this at all....

1698 days ago

Cory (yes Feldman)    

wait a darn moment... how many times do you have to search a place.

this crime scene had been compromised along time ago.

1698 days ago

mrez golucky    

OOPS! Yikes!

1698 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

My report was SPEED,METH OR RELATED STREET hint.also ReSearch TEAM UK hint VIA pm reported same..

1698 days ago


That's impossible! MJ never used heroin! That's just a tabloid lie!

1698 days ago



1698 days ago
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