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Heroin at Jackson's House -- Not So Fast

8/27/2009 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heroin at Michael Jackson's House UPDATE: A source connected with the case tells TMZ the "tar heroin" was tested -- and the results showed it was not heroin of any kind. This is not reflected in the warrant.

A search warrant affidavit just released from the search of Michael Jackson's home says the Jackson family notified L.A. County Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter that they found "tar heroin in a bag" in Jackson's bedroom. Chief Winter notified LAPD detectives of the found evidence.

The search also turned up two baggies of "marijuana."

Cops also found Benoquin in the master bathroom. Benoquin is a bleaching cream.

The affidavit also says surveillance cameras at Jackson's home captured Dr. Conrad Murray arriving at 1:00 AM the day Jackson died.

As for what else was found during the search -- an empty bottle of Lorazepam, an empty bottle of Diazepam, a baggy with the medical label with the name Dr. Conrad Murray, 2 cigarette packs, 1 cigarette paper, 4 pill bottles and 1 shaving case.

Detective Orlando Martinez wrote, "Conversations with family members lead me to believe that there may be additional medications and/or narcotics at the location as well as the necessity to confiscate these items for the safety of the minor children."

Story developing...

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And thats the truth    

Hey guys, look at the update before you leave a comment. They determined it was not heroine. Why would he take heroine if he has access to all of the other legal meds? Think about it...... this is how all of the stories about him spiral out of control and morph into something different altogether...... poor man can not even get away from the tabloids after death.

1827 days ago


Thank you for the update!, because his addictions had a different goal, which was to sleep, relieve pain, and relax. The other would have indicated something else. I think these items belong to Murray and/or others

When did the raid occur? Did the family find this? I do not trust them since his money, song/music material/art, and belongings were removed by the family. Where is all this stuff now? Look in each of their homes, safes, or in "the return of the Jackson 5 -1 as their own work.

1827 days ago


this is NOT TRUE!!!!!!! is only junk !!! dont bealive all of this ppl!!!! get up....what we have here a murder??? someone want to cover up this!!!!!!!!!

1827 days ago


Janet Jackson probably took all the music for her own return!

1827 days ago

~A true MJ fan from the heart~    

They need to leave my Michael Jackson alone and focus on all the people who Aided & Abetted in his death. Missing MJ to the max! Everyday there is some new bull doo-doo! They need to focus on incarcerating Michael Jackson's killer/killers. "Gone Too Soon" ~A true MJ fan from the heart~

1827 days ago



1827 days ago


Here we go again, another story that's out before the truth!!!!
Why is the media so darn quick to print awful things regarding MJ instead of waiting for the truth and printing that.
When I read that tar heroin was found at the home, I knew that MJ did not take any heroin. None was found in his system and I'm sure it would have been reported if there was.
Please get your facts straight, especially about Michael, before you print more garbage.
And---are you absolutely certain the remaining items listed above were found at the home or is it another assumption?

1827 days ago



1827 days ago


Christ I nearly went into Cardiac arrest myself. Phew!

1827 days ago


I wouldn't believe any of this BS. Just like the child molestation charges this reading stuff interests readers. It always has. This is one of the reasons I left Hollywood and to raise my daughter by the ocean. The media is all about famous people together and what a story can be made. It isn't about the honest love and humanity within the artist. Michael was a super person and a very good guy. He was around a lot of artists who all did heroine. That doesn't mean he was doing all of this stuff. Think about it. He would have been dead long ago. You have to be positive and look through this media trash. That is the hardest part of fame. The trash is the money maker and the interest. Let's just say a prayer for Michael and ask the lord to bring the positive to power over this trash. If my story was in print they would find the trash too because that is the interesting stuff. It is sad sweets, but that is the truth. TMZ is trash okay in my opinion. The owners of TMZ are heavy investors in the entertainment and media industry. They can do and say what ever they please They can stop news stories. They really can do anything they want. Not right at all, but true.

1827 days ago


and another think...the media like so much to play with our this funny guys???

1827 days ago

patsy m.    

black tar heroin is extremely potent. A little bit goes a long way...say as in killing the person. I do think it was planted...or left by someone other than Michael. Why didn't this show up in the searches?????? PLANTED??? Why would the Jackson family turn it in or report it...unless they knew it wasn't Michaels. Oh boy I can't even imagine what diane the beeotch dimond has to say about this. She will run her speculations to the hilt....and we know the slant she will give. Please people don't listen to her. She might even say she saw Michael shoot up...or at least a close source saw it. No I don't think it was Michaels. Most addicts who are hooked on prescription drugs are not taking street drugs (especially when they can get what they want the so-called legal way. Dr. Murray I hope you get caught for what you are doing. on top of administering the lethal dose of meds that took Michaels life.

1827 days ago


THATS RIDICULOUS!!!! seriously, what is going on?

1827 days ago


BS-- Just as I figured! NO HEROIN!
Quick retraction here, TMZ!

1827 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

LA Mayor today reports a change in his staff.LAPD CHEIF WILL STEP DOWN IN hint.

1827 days ago
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