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Keyshawn Johnson -- Loses to UCLA Again

9/8/2009 2:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Keyshawn JohnsonKeyshawn Johnson and UCLA just don't mix -- the former USC football star got pulled over in Bruin country Monday night after illegally flippin' a bitch.

We're told campus police stopped Keyshawn around 9:45 PM and cited the former Trojan for an illegal U-turn, using his cell phone while driving (illegal in L.A.) and for not having proof of insurance on his white Mercedes-Benz.

We're told Keyshawn was ticketed without incident and was eventually allowed to drive away in the correct direction.

It's not the first time Keyshawn has been defeated by the Bruins -- UCLA romped all over SC when the two faced off back in 1995.

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mrez golucky    


1839 days ago

doc murry    

hell for 125,000 a year iwould drive his ass anywhere he wants to go..go to the local crack house,drive sum bitches round,look for some strange,
never ask questions..remember

1839 days ago


Punk-ass flipping bitches!

1838 days ago


he was driving a WHITE mercedes....no sh*#.

was there a white woman with him as well?

1838 days ago


It's funny how you can say whatever you want about a black man and they'll the post up, but if I were to say I'm sure all the people saying these thing are filthy Jews I bet this post would get deleted.
There seems to be a double standard in America. The next time someone pulls the race card out don't be outraged and say they are a race baiter...all you have to do is read this website to give you a good cross section as to what America thinks of the Black Man. Ant it certainly is not pretty.

1838 days ago


Ya Ya... I should have proof read my rant!!

1838 days ago


Yeah they come to snuff the KOOKSTER

You know he ain't gonna die

///////////////////////////////////////////////// B O I N G !!! ///////////////////////////////////////////////// B O I N G !!! /////////////////////////////////////////////////

B O I N G !!! B O I N G !!!

1838 days ago

Mary Sapp    

6. Yes, the two grammatical/spelling errors you made in the process of composing your five sentence post on the inequity of race relations in America, couldn't help but be noticed. I considered bringing them to your attention earlier, but certainly didn't want to be cast into that ever growing category of many of us white-skinned Americans who simply go about the business of daily living and suddenly and suprisingly find ourselves accused of "playing the race card."

Here I point out that I have yet to see deleted derogatory words, phrases, albeit complete posts made within the past week that blatantly refer to african american women as well as asian american females, seeking to put them in, what I believe you would consider, a negative light. This apparent lack of sensitivity displayed by board personnel, as well as their failure to take immediate action deleting what you would refer to as racially charged posts -- towards women is deplorable. If it's not appropriate to say something in particular about a man, then why are women not granted the same level of courtesy? With all respect, it sounds like your self proclaimed "rant" is an issue that bears a lot of weight with you so maybe it's an agenda you could move forward; provided of course you can have confidence in your belief that you don't just feel "discriminated against" when that which you don't like to hear is applied only toward a black MALE.

1838 days ago


MS.....Good points. I specifically mentioned black males because this particular post was about a black male. The point I was trying to make is that when a story is about a person of colour you usually don't have to go through more than 8 posts before someone says something stereotypically derogatory, almost without fail. I doesn’t seem to happen with as much frequency with any other race. For the record I hate to read people running down women(regardless of colour) as well. I was commenting on my observations of race relations in America, not only on this site but really in general. I just wish we could all get along as one big happy community but it seems this will never happen. I have no real agenda and please don’t assume I’m black.

1838 days ago


Why don't these people hire drivers??? It's not like they're hurting for money.

1837 days ago

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