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Jackson Family Upset Over MJ Charities

9/10/2009 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

 Michael JacksonMichael Jackson's family is upset over the charities that are supposed to get 20% of Michael's estate -- that's what family sources tell TMZ.

Here's the deal -- the family's concern is premature. No charities have been picked yet and no money will be donated for somewhere between 1 and 2 years.

Under the terms of the trust, Michael gave charities 20% of the value of his estate. Problem is -- no one knows how much the estate is worth and until it's determined, no money will go to any charity.

The creditor's claims are still being filed and we're told it will take between 1 and 2 years for the state and the probate judge to settle the creditor's claims and determine the net value of the estate.

As for who decides which charities get the 20% -- we've learned the trust provides for a committee of three people who will make that decision -- Katherine Jackson and co-executors John Branca and John McClain.

The trust doesn't specify how decisions are made if the committee is divided. It could be majority rule, it could be that each committee member gets to pick a certain number of charities or they could set other ground rules.

Go figure -- Michael Jackson didn't account for the possibility that people in his world might disagree.

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Read more about Michael in this first book about his sudden death. MICHAEL JACKSON: THE ICON. (http://Michael-Jackson.Mobi - October 18, 2009)

1828 days ago


FIRST !!!!

1866 days ago


finally some competition

1866 days ago


DAMN!!!! you gotta be fast around here

1866 days ago

Team Debra    

Omg, can we please get over this guy?! his family is a joke! i just feel bad for them kids.. his family is GREEDY!! everytime the family is "upset" or "crying" about sumthing is when it involves Money, and his Estate..

1866 days ago


wow--why wouldn't he have named the charities. there's some abuse waiting to happen.

1866 days ago


The Jackson family is probably upset that any money is going to any charity other than the Jackson family. It would not surprise me if they try to lay claim to the 40% going to his kids. That mother of his is one greedy old bitch!

1866 days ago

The entire Jackson family (besides MJ and his kids) are a bunch of selfish leeches -- especially that old pimp, Joe.

1866 days ago



At least, first page!!!!!

TMZ, go on with news about MJ!!!!!!

1866 days ago


People he cared for abused his trust/deceived him, his father abused him verbally and physically; and then worst of all the media/press raped and stripped him of his dignity publicly and hounded him mercilessly. And through it all he smiled!

I wonder how many of us would withstand the same introspection into our lives and how we would handle the pain. Before we case stones at MJ maybe we should imagine ourselves in his life and ask ourselves how would we manage it?

1866 days ago


What a great man, he LOVED THE WORLD WITH ALL HIS HEART, it was an UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and he really wanted to HEAL IT, STOP WARS and DESTRUCTION and have people find a common ground IN LOVE and GOODNESS and SHARING !

Michael, you were too good for this world, for the people here, for the decadence of the community around us. You are finally up with the angels, where you belong, may you RIP ! We will do our best to CARRY ON YOUR LOVE and SELFLESSNESS and teach it to our little ones.

1866 days ago


There are four songs that should be PLAYED ALTERNATIVELY 24/7 OUTSIDE MJ'S GRAVE, this is what killed him slowly inside:

*** TABLOID JUNKIE *** *** PRIVACY *** *** SCREAM **** *** MONEY ***

1866 days ago


Slow news day, huh? But Team Harvey knows it's got to end the day with some negative Michael Jackson news, or else this blog won't get hundreds of comments within the next 24 hours.

So sad and funny at the same time, but at least I like the photo accompanying this post a bit more. Michael, you are STILL ruling the media!

1866 days ago


7. Here is my tribute to Michael... an unconventional and unlikely performance from Idaho. I would like to play at a real MJ tribute concert. Help spread the word for me. Thanks!

Posted at 2:07AM on Sep 10th 2009 by bpb

Good job Brian on Man in the Mirror!!! I hope you get to realize your dream of performing at a real MJ tribute

1866 days ago


MJ was a very humanitarian person and I think it was a great attitude of him donate part of his fortune to charity.
I think that the family have to accept it. They will receive the majority of the money and properties, so they can't be angry about it. The Jackson family will have a great fortune to receive. Stay calm, guys. Let the unlucky people get some of MJ's money. Actually, they need more than you.
Well done, Michael!!!!!

1866 days ago
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