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Jackson's Beatles Songs -- Let it Be

9/14/2009 7:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jackson's Beatles Songs -- Let it BeMichael Jackson's publishing catalog will not be sold to pump up the assets in the estate, according to sources familiar with the probate.

We're told several family members are questioning why the estate appears, as one put it, "in the red." Sources knowledgeable with the estate acknowledge a "huge amount of debt" as creditors claims continue to come in.

But, we're told, in the end, if all the assets were sold the estate would definitely be flush with cash. HOWEVER, sources say the publishing catalog -- notably the Beatles' songs -- will not go on the auction block. Sources say it's an asset that is worth way more to Jackson's kids in the long run than the cash it would generate now.

The honchos in the estate, we're told, are confident it will be fueled by an influx of cash over the next year or two -- the amount of time it will take to wrap probate up.

Until probate ends, family members will have to make due with their allowances.


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I'm so glad there doing this!!!!!!! This is the right thing to do.

1843 days ago


11. MJ at the end of the day is just a looser. Weak and pathetic.
For most of his family.... F U.
Posted at 7:22AM on Sep 14th 2009 by JC
You, at the end of the day, are a nameless TMZ commenter that can't spell.


Posted at 7:35AM on Sep 14th 2009 by shuffler

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Hahahahahahahaha!! Nice comeback! "MJ is a 'looser'"!! Geez,

1843 days ago



Posted at 8:16AM on Sep 14th 2009 by TRACKER

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They did!! MTV booted his ass out of the building. Wish I could have seen THAT!!

1843 days ago


everytime i watch that trailer, i just cry over and over again.. michael looked really happy and so into this concert, maybe a little thin but he gave it 100%. as always for his fans!!! i truly hope he knew how much he was loved by many and his children and that he may rest in peace!!!they need to save that catalogue for his children and let them decide---obviously he didnt want to sell it for a reason...we miss you michael and you will always be in my heart!! rip-mj-sue from tampa

1843 days ago


tmz know where im at.lmao keep up the gd work on trashing the jackson's clan,and keep the bad comments on them and off me.jus say joe jackson name and you'll forget about me conrad, outta the country lmao sipping on a drink.

1843 days ago


he told the truth. and your kids will continue to buy or download his music.lmao.

1843 days ago


I'm pleased that the catalogue will not be sold. It's up to Michael's three children to decide for themselves, when they're of age, what to do with it. Hopefully they will keep it. Michael definitely did not want it sold. He wanted it retained for his children's future. Good decision.

1843 days ago


money makes the world go round dont it? just not the fans'...

We miss you terribly Michael!!!

1843 days ago


People should educate themselves on subjects that they are talking about. When MJ bought the ATV catalog, it was a catalog of over 4000 songs. The Beatles were 250 of them. The Sony/ATV catalog is now over 500,000 songs. Again, the Beatles are 250 of them. The Beatles songs to this day, generate between $30-45 million per year on their own. During the 90's, the Beatles catalog actually brought in less money for Sony/MJ as 50% of the Lennon portion reverted back to Lennon's estate, under the death law clause.

McCartney did NOT have the money to go it alone. Anyone that knows anything about the Beatles and their finances knows this. Paul's fortune did not come into itself until the late 80's going into the 90's. He would have been in hock up to his ears to do it alone. Yoko was smart to not lay out millions of dollars for rights that were going to revert back to her for free a decade later. MJ was cash rich after Thriller. Lennon and McCartney still received and receive songwriter royalties, and royalties on the original recordings. Sony/ATV has no part in that. The Lennon estate now gets their portion of the publishing rights too, and that's the only thing that McCartney does not get. There also is a 56 year clause in the law. It seems Paul is going to automatically start regaining his portion from 2018 thru 2026. So the forward value to Sony/ATV is going to decrease more starting in the next 9 years. And, any George Harrison written songs they have,(George did not renew his Northern Songs contract in 1968 and started his own publishing company, Harrisongs, so they don't own any songs he wrote from '68 onward) are also going to start reverting back to his estate under the death law. The forward value of the Beatles catalog is not going to grow in the future for Sony/MJ estate. It's going to decrease, not because of it's value. It's value has continued to grow over 46 years. It will decrease enormously because of the rights reverting back to the songwriters and/or their estates.

1843 days ago

danger baby    

Yes, you will be alive, and your nose will be attached to your aZZ, because, clearly, that is the orifice from which you think and breathe.


14. all the below is very true, but the fact remains, that at the end of this day, JC will still be alive and not in a cold grave dead from an overdose and for sure will still have his nose attached. HA

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1843 days ago


Oh, geez! Their "allowances!" Why should ANY of the Jacksons get one cent from Michael's estate?

I am not talking about his kids. His siblings, aunts, uncles, parents whoever....

I won't be buying anything "Jackson" because this family is sooo screwed up and greedy.

1843 days ago


MJ was a business man. Of course the estate would not sell the Beatles catalogue. It is the only thing that they have any worth towards the kids inheritance. The beatles are going to be churning out the money for the estate over the next year and it will help clear his debt, along with the sales of the MJ albums etc. Why do you think for so many years mJ was in the red but kept spending. He knew that having the Beatles catalogue would clear him at some point. It's one of the best business manouvers ever done in music. Say what you want but MJ was no fool!! RIP Now MJ. You will live forever in our hearts!

1843 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

Ummm, we all know there's no way in this world that Branca, let alone McClain, will allow MJ's catalog to be sold. Branca was instrumental in obtaining it-- and what a deal he made. I would think Branca will want to make another astonishing deal in reviving it-- and adding to it, as only he can do.

The more interesting note would be Neverland. I saw somewhere over the weekend that Colony Capital is considering parceling off the land and making much of it into luxury homes. Won't they consider saving Neverland for his children? Or do they not want it because he didn't?-- or is Colony (Barrack and Tohme... and maybe Jermaine) running with commercializing it?

Can you check that out TMZ?

1843 days ago


that is so nice!! yes save it for the kids! bless their hearts

love you michael!!!

1843 days ago


This parasitic family are still living off Michael. The sooner his three children can grow up and get away from their influence, the better. RIP Michael Jackson. Always a victim of people's greed and lies. Just exactly how many people were, and still are, using him as a meal ticket.? Shame on you all. This poor man was in desperate need of help and nobody helped him. Michael Jackson: the first and the best...... ALWAYS. Greatly loved and missed.....ALWAYS. DO NOT SELL THE MUSIC CATALOGUE. It belongs to Prince, Paris and Blanket.

1843 days ago
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