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Katherine Jackson Can Challenge Administrators

9/18/2009 6:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The probate judge in the Michael Jackson estate case has ruled Katherine Jackson can challenge the special administrators and not forfeit her position as a beneficiary in Michael's will.

Katherine Jackson

As a result of the ruling, Katherine can now safely challenge special administrators John Branca and John McClain without jeopardizing her position in the will -- she's set to get 40% of the net value of the estate.

The will has a "no contest" clause -- which means any beneficiary who contests the will gets aced out of inheriting anything. But the court has now ruled challenging the special administrators is not a "contest" of the will itself.

Interestingly, the court specifically ruled .... Katherine objecting to the special administrators on grounds there was some sort of "undue influence" imposed on M.J. is not a "contest" under the will.


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Who Cares reads a wonder    


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below is not a clone . repeat . clone. POSER


3128. That,s a great idea,will you share your research.?

Posted at 6:22PM on Oct 4th 2009 by Puppet Master link

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Dr Tohme R Tohme was allegedly a doctor who treated Michael Jackson. Tohme R Tohme has a website, TRW Advertising, which stated his credentials. Tohme, 51, is from Senegal. Tohme claimed he was an “Ambassador At Large” for Senegal but his claim was disputed by a spokesman at the Senegal embassy.

Dr Tohme Tohme said he was Michael Jackson’s old friend and manager/ spokesman. Tohme Tohme said he had nothing to do with Jackson’s medication and health. Tohme expressed his indignant stance and reluctance at having to talk to the police regarding Jackson’s death and medications.

As Tohme was identified as a doctor and albeit a non-certified doctor, the police have some concerns and want to interview him. It was known that he was not licensed to practise medicine in the US and he did not do that.

Dr Tohme said he never saw any medication around Jackson. Tohme said he was unaware that Jackson was taking medication. Tohme said he thought Jackson was healthy.

Dr Tohme Tohme gave an interview to talk about Michael Jackson and how his family had different ideas on where to bury him and other decisions. Please click on the link here.

Dr Tohme R Tohme is on the left in the photo.

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Jacko: L.A. Times Gets It WrongBy: Roger Friedman // Sunday May 31, 2009
Today’s article in The Los Angeles Times about Michael Jackson contained some of the worst reporting I’ve ever seen.

It was if the reporters just refused to do any research. Instead, they muddled a bunch of disparate facts. Let’s not let this story stand as the record for anything, OK?

I don’t know how they could have screwed up so much about Colony Capital LLC’s involvement with Jackson.

For one thing, Colony Capital and its chief, Thomas Barrack, only have the note on Neverland. They never had anything to do with Jackson’s main loans against his 50% ownership in Sony/ATV Music Publishing. Those loans were sold by Fortress Investment Group to a consortium of Barclays, HSBC, and Sony Music in 2007.

I don’t know if Barrack ever called his “old friend”Philip Anschutz about Jackson. But the truth is: AEG Live’s Randy Phillips tried to get Jackson to agree to perform at the O2 Arena in London as early as December 2007, when I reported it. That was at least a year before Colony and Barrack had anything to do with Jackson.

Barrack makes it sound like Jackson was living in a hovel in Las Vegas when he arrived and “saved” him. Jackson was living in an expensive rental home at the time. He could have moved at any time back to Neverland, or to his parents’ home in Encino, if he didn’t like it.

The L.A. Times reporters obviously have done no research about Jackson’s newly former manager, Tohme Tohme. He is not a doctor. There is no record anywhere of him having been one. He told me directly that he is not “currently” a licensed physician.

The L.A. Times reporters deftly stepped around Tohme’s assertion, on his website, that he’s an ambassador at large to the country of Senegal. The Senegalese U.S. embassy said to this reporter that they have no knowledge of him whatsoever.

There’s more about Tohme: Jackson blames him for the Julien’s Auctions debacle of this past winter, in which all of the Neverland possessions including its front gates were going to be sold to strangers. In the end, Jackson and Tohme were going to lose a court case with Julien’s.

Tohme came in with enough money at the 11th hour to stop the auction. But where he got the money remains a mystery, and who now has the key to the storage spaces is also up in the air.

Colony Capital’s interest in Jackson remains solely about Neverland, and the money they’ve paid to finance it. They hold the note. That’s it. They have simply nothing to do with Jackson’s concerts in London. In 2008, when Fortress called the note on Neverland, it was almost sold at auction. Colony Capital stepped in at that time. They advanced Jackson several million dollars at the time as part of the refinancing.

The L.A. Times reporters seem to think that John Branca helped Michael to buy a 50% stake in the Beatles catalog. In fact: Branca and Jackson bought ATV Music, which contained the Beatles catalog. They merged it with Sony’s music publishing division a few years later because Jackson needed cash. The new deal gave him $90 million and a half-ownership in the new entity, called Sony ATV Music Publishing. Jackson now has loans nearing $400 million secured by his position in that company.

What the L.A. Times doesn’t seem to get: Jackson currently has no official manager or entertainment lawyer. Tohme has been cut off from access to the pop star. Also apparently out is Peter Lopez, the lawyer who did deals for Jackson for the last year. Arfaq Hussain, who the article notes was jailed for four months, is simply assisting the production in London. Jackson, as of now, still has no home rented for his stay. Nothing has met with his approval.

The L.A. Times took a turn at trying to sort out a lot of material that I’ve reported on extensively. What they didn’t grasp is that the yawning gap between Jackson and solvency grows every day, that the only thing that keeps him afloat is that 50% ownership in Sony ATV, and that no matter what he makes from the O2 shows, whether he does one, two, 50, or 100, he is capable of spending as fast as it comes in.

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The huntsman was sent to kill snow white, but because he loved her, he instead told her to run and hide.

If my interpretation is correct I am unsure of how this relates.

As far as the "blue eyes" they only two I can think of is Paris and Joe.

I think there may be some confusion in differentiating between the Prince and the Sheikh.

Sheikh Abdullah was friends with Jermaine. This is who Michael spent a year with in Bahrain after the 2005 trial.

Prince Alwaleed is the man who joined forces with Michael in 1996. Here is a version of his involvement with MJ and Sony. I can find no info as to how the two actually met.

Jermaine was friends with

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I am of the belief that they are the Saudi Royal family. Which says to me that Jermaine introduced Michael to the Royal family in 2005. If this is so, then that is incorrect, right? According to what information I have, Michael has known the Royal family for much longer. That is what I would like clarification on. Can you help me with that. My information if not from the internet. I just want to clarify it is one and the same family.

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Tohme is Lebanese.

Tom Barrack's grandfather was Lebanese.
Barrack nickname - The Flying Lebanese.

Prince Al Waleed is grandson of the first Lebanese prime minister after independence Riad as-Solh.

Barrack and Prince Al Waleed have business dealings:
Colony capital, the real estate investment company Barrack founded in 1991, married with the Kingdom of the Saudi Prince Al-Waleed, creating a huge hotel realm.

No idea if this is part of the puzzle? Can't find any info re Tohme before his dealings with Michael.

1852 days ago


Sheikh Abdullah Bin Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa, Prince of Bahrain:

Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal:

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia to my knowledge has no connection to Mj.

It can be very confusing.....

1803 days ago



Prince Alwaleed is the nephew of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.

Too many darn Abdullahs.

1803 days ago


Then it's the Prince who sued Michael whom he was in business with in 1997 (the same one who sued him in court in 2007) whom he co-owned a hotel with in NY.

this is what I am referring to.

1803 days ago


Sheik Abdullah and Al Waleed are not related? or are they?
I believe they are. We have discussed them at length on this board on several occasions.

They are connected.

1803 days ago


Prince Abdullah of Bahrain sued Michael in 2007.

It is Prince Alwaleed who holds stakes in the Four Seasons hotel chain and the Plaza Hotel in New York.

Is this what you are referring to Della?

1803 days ago


King Abdulla of Saudi Arabia is Prince Alwaleed's Uncle. Prince Alwaleed owns the hotels. King Abdulla has no personal connection to MJ.

Sheikh Abdulla is Prince of Bahrain and the one who sued Michael in 2007.

Like I said before it can be confusing.....

1803 days ago


What I am getting at is this. Supposedly Michael had no connection to this family at all prior to 2005 according to Jermaine. However, he did. He knew the Sheikh's nephew. He was in business with him throughout the 1990s. That is the point I am making. He is in a business venture with the family. I find it hard to believe the Sheikh had no knowledge of these dealings.
And yes, I believe the Prince still owns the Palace Hotel. I don't know about the Plaza or the Four Seasons at this point, but I can find out. I am speaking about the Palace Hotel.

Also in reading of this Tarak Ben Ammar that you did research on from a previous post from a few days ago. Very good research. I have some catching up to do. I will get back into this over the next few days. I haven't had access to a computer since Wednesday of last week.
Which is a good thing. I needed to stay focused on my family.

I want to revisit the 3D Newark and some of the newer postings and get caught up.

PM - I just saw your message Thank you.. everyone is doing better.
Hope to talk with you soon.
and everyone else. I am going to get some rest.

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From Guitar; been reading daily, my fault, I was rushing, I missed clues, I post longwinded, my disruption, I over-assumed, I’m sorry and will not interrupt Kathleen Challenges Panel or Panel Leaders, 140 IQ without collage classes = I’m a minor-leaguer that gets off-topic, a hi guitar’s Allgood, appreciated, I’m proud of all your works here, turn the page, fersur. K C became most postings at #4624. I went to wiki under tom foolery = SF Tavern = name posted {clue} wanting to send arguer to Ask Yahoo, so by assuming I overextended, again sorry’ will silently read and long comment elsewhere.

Read my by mirrored #204 then #202 then #177 then most important #173 = 4222 word count total, plus I do not play guitar and "I Thank You All Vary Much!"

Posted at 8:46PM on Nov 22nd 2009 by mirrored

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