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Crash Victims to 'Dr. Phil' Show -- Give Us a Brake

9/29/2009 1:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. PhilFive "Dr. Phil" fans are now suing the very show they once loved -- after a road trip to catch a taping of the program allegedly turned into the worst experience of their lives.

Flashback to December 2007, when a bus chartered by the "Dr. Phil" show -- which was carting members of a Ventura County mothers group to see the show -- crashed while en route, injuring 17 people.

According to the lawsuit, filed earlier this month in L.A. County Superior Court, the brakes on the bus "failed and lost power, making the bus unable to stop" ... causing it to collide with "another vehicle, two concrete curbs, an iron fence and two trees."

Now, five women on board that bus are suing Dr. Phil's production company, claiming the show "negligently hired" the faulty bus to pick them up.

The five women are asking for unspecified damages against Dr. Phil's production company -- Peteski Productions -- along with Bus America, Inc. and the bus driver.


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The Truth    

I'll bet my last breath of life that these 5 STUPID women are BLACK.

1814 days ago

The Truth    

I'm Gay and damn proud of it!

1814 days ago


Can we say bus accident. Just that an accident. It is too bad that Dr. Phil, crew and the bus people could not have looked in to the future and seen this bus accident, then and only then maybe they could have stopped it. Ya, right, sure, you betcha. Another all American frivolous lawsuit.

1814 days ago


while SERIOUSLY dislike Dr (yeah, right) Phil. Plah-EEZE. It's not his fault the transpo had no brakes. Just goes to prove that this country is sue happy!!!

1814 days ago

The Truth    

claiming the show "negligently hired" the faulty bus to pick them up.

Are you joking? Show the world the faces of these dumb women...

1814 days ago


Not a doc Phil fan but for crying out loud how do these cases even get filed? You want to sue against the bus companies insurance?, by all means go for it, but these extending 'for case' suits are really getting out of hand. Now as for Bush, Shea, no he didn't call in Katrina but he sure as $hit dropped the ball on dealing with it, and hiring his buddy the horse breeder for the cushy job of head of FEMA are just more examples of the corruption and inabilities of republicans.

1814 days ago


#7 Ms. B your comment is retarded. First off, it's called INSURANCE and it is the bus companies responsibility, not Dr. Phil or his production company. This is simply people looking for a payday! Anyone can see that. This isn't negligence, do you even know what that word means? People like you and your sister in law make me sick, you are a big part of what is wrong with this country and the judicial system. Anything for a big pay day though right? Idiot.

1814 days ago

doc murry    

lazy people trying to get a payday off the white man,if it had been okpra they wouldnt have sued,,but she would have given to free coupons to kfc..

1814 days ago


Unbelievable. NOT!!!
USA, the suit-happiest country in the free-world.

1814 days ago


You sue the bus company, not the people that hired it. This is a prime example of lawsuits out of control in this country.

If I buy you a plane ticket as a gift, and you get hurt in a crash, you sue me? Same concept. Frivolous lawsuit and this case against Dr. Phil should be thrown out of court.

7. Umm... I shouldn't comment on this but I cannot let my sister-in-law be slandered by people on this site who do not know what actually happened. My S-I-L and her friends in this "mother's club" were invited to see Dr Phil's show tape by Dr. Phil. HE and his people arranged the charter bus service. These mothers and some of their children boarded this bus believing it to be safe. Then the driver was unable to stop the bus, it flipped, hit other vehicles and the women and children including the drivers own child were seriously injured. My S-I-L now and forever has a major back injury. She is in sever pain daily and Dr. Phil's people who failed to even check out the bus didn't pay for the hospital stay or anything else. There is negligence, major negligence and the issue of punitive damages as well.

Posted at 1:50AM on Sep 29th 2009 by Ms. B

Read more:

1814 days ago

Niles Dude    

4. what a shock! a bunch of black people on a free bus ride to a free show suddenly see a free payday!

Posted at 1:20AM on Sep 29th 2009 by Simone
amen sista.these are free loading welfare queens.sick and tired of eating beans while they eat steak.this probably was a stunt by the show to expose fradulent lawsuits and ambulance chaser lawyers.

1814 days ago


Fat Phil is always in trouble but he shouldn't be culpable for this one. Bus load of Oprah fans. I'm drunk so you can't pick on me.

1814 days ago


I fully understand suing the bus company and its driver but the dr. phil show...if one of these ladies had booked the bus would the others be suing her as well....I see no liability on the production company but you can file a lawsuit anytime anywhere in the u.s. if you have the $125 filing fee.

1814 days ago


that Dr. Phil...........what a whack job.

1814 days ago


Sounds like the lawyer and clients just want to receive the highest payments possible. There should be a law to cap lawyers and client payments from settlements in these cases. They should only be able to sue the bus company, not the show.

1814 days ago
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