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Jon Vs. TLC -- Every Story has 8 Sides

10/1/2009 1:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with the production of "Jon & Kate Plus 8" "Kate Plus 8" tell TMZ all the hoo-hah has to do with $$$.

Sources on both sides tell us Jon Gosselin has been asking for his exit papers from the show for several months. Production sources say they were willing to continue giving Jon a full paycheck and not put him on the show, but there was one string attached -- that he couldn't do any other show without the permission of TLC. BTW, that's a standard condition in TV-land.

Production sources say Jon's lawyer was demanding that TLC let Jon do any show he wanted but TLC wouldn't budge. Production sources say Jon's lawyer then threatened to shut down production by claiming the show wasn't good for the kids, and that's just what happened.

But sources connected with Jon tell us Jon had been complaining for months about his kids being on the show and that the kids themselves were complaining. These sources say Jon was blindsided when TLC released a statement that the show would be called "Kate Plus 8" and that the result would be that the kids would have to be on camera a lot more.

Production sources say no way would the kids be on the camera more because it's just "Kate Plus 8."


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To all you Kate-lovers....Jon has said from the beginning that he was thrilled with his twins and would have been happy stopping there but KATE pressured him for more kids. He relented. How many fathers with 8 children can afford to support them on a 9-5 job? Plus, all Kate ever did was bitch that she needed Jon home to help. So he quit his job. Then she STILL bitches at everything he does. Nothing was ever good enough for Kate. She might as well have chopped his nuts off on national TV. I think he took it as long as he could and he finally snapped. So would most men. Look, her OWN family can't stand her anymore. What does THAT tell you? And mark my words, as soon as those kids grow up and watch these episodes where there mother humiliates their father at every turn, they will TURN ON HER. They are too young to understand her behavior right now. Good for Jon!! I hope he finds himself with a nice lady and gets his kids back into a normal life.

1856 days ago


Oh yeah. I would love Jon ever more, if he were my father, for sleeping with all of those skanky whores of his. Classy! Vegas baby! Let him put some more bills in the g-strings.

1856 days ago

Justice !    

Jon doesn't give a rats ass about his kids ! He's a jackass and a fat slob! I have nothing good to say about this douche bag!!!!!

1856 days ago

who dat    

Neither of these two are fit to be parents. These 8 children are going to be a trainwreck when they grow up. I predict prison time & stripping poles in their future.

1856 days ago


I don't watch this show and I personally could care less about these two idiots .. She seems like an idiot and so does He both getting their 15 mins until their reality show is cancelled and they both fade into the sunset I say say goodbye to these losers .

1856 days ago


Team Jon has just sunk to the bottom

1856 days ago

who dat    

While it is obvious kate is a CUN*. John is a tard. It is funny how they are calling this guy a ladies man. They must be some pathetic ladies. The guy obviously doesn't look into the mirror to see how he is dressed before he goes out. He dresses like a tard.

1856 days ago


Those Hardy tee shirts are to die for baby! I just love them rolls.

1856 days ago


I FEEL SOOO BAD FOR THE KIDS... first their parents are feuding
in front of the kids, media and world... I mean what the HELL is wrong with their parents???

These 8 kids have lost soooo much and they just keep losing; with
Kate not wanting to take care of the 2 family German
just really pisses me off. Kate here’s an idea... let’s give up 2 kids too... LOL I would never say to do that but KATE you’re a F*cking BITCH!!!!!!

Jon we already know he isn't father of the year or anything... but
the kids played with those dogs everyday and you have the huge house and you wouldn't take care of them.... OMG, I don't know what the hell is wrong with you??? Jon needs to start thinking more about hiskids than his "down stairs brain"

1856 days ago


I would like to know what sources TMZ got this info from. It is too easy to speculate and adjust stories to insite particular opinions.

I truely feel for the kids. They have become pons in between Kate and Jon.

Kate is a shrude shark. She has fooled millions.

1856 days ago


8. Then why did TLC let Kate show up on "The View" and also film a pilot for new TV show with Paula Deen?

Posted at 1:15PM on Oct 1st 2009 by cassysim

Excellent point cassysim!!!!

1856 days ago


Come on!!!! Give the 9th brat his freedom. Let him do his own show.

Then he can see no one wants to see him or his skanky reefer rolling opportunist leech on tv.

Oh wait. Almost forgot about the Whoredashians.

There is hope for him!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhh

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Millions hate Kate!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

1856 days ago

Perez Hilton's Bumhole    

I hate hate hate (did I say hate enough times?) these two douches. I can't understand why the show was popular at all other than bored moms wanting to watch other kids on TV. I mean it was always a GIANT YAWN. Stick a fork in them both - they're done.

1856 days ago

told ya so - TEAM LENO    

If Jon was "SO CONCERNED" *rolls eyes*...about his children...why did he wait ALL THIS TIME to have his lawyers draw up a cease and desist order??? Answer: Because TLC would not sign off on him doing another show on his own. So he is trying to play hard ball...and is ultimately losing!!!

Jon...honestly, how do you think your children will think of you in the future when they see ALL THE PICTURES with you CHASING SKIRT and telling the world that HAILEY was your SOUL MATE????
Can you answer that??? No, I didn't think so.

You have basically just shot yourself in the foot...not only (if Kate has a brain cell left) not take you back, hence you halting the divorce....YOU abandoned the property, your wife and kids.
(not a "good legal move" on your part Jon).

We can all see right through your snake in the grass ways Jon.
TLC dropped you from the show, not letting you do another show
(which is standard practice, nothing new there.)
Now you are pissed and want to throw your "fatherhood" around to suit YOU, and the all mighty dollar!!
Go ahead; stop production, get your divorce and work however many jobs you can around the clock to support your kids, you dumba@@ idiot!!

Seriously, the more you are in the public eye, the more ridiculous you look.

Unfortunately, it's not you or Kate that will suffer in this,
it will be those adorable 8 children that you are the sperm donor to.

1856 days ago


Jon doesn't care about those kids. All he cares about is how he is going to pay for his new apartment in New York and support the lavish lifestyle he is growing to love. He has turned into a slimy money-hungry low-life. I hope never to see his unattractive face again in print or on T.V.

1856 days ago
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