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Dave May Have Had His Very Own Intern

10/3/2009 8:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A woman who interned for David Letterman in the early 90's says she was one of Letterman's top 10 -- on the staff.

Holly Hester
tells TMZ the internship was her first job in TV. At the time she was a student at NYU. Hester says during a hiatus, Dave called her up and asked her to the movies. It began a series of secret dates, with no one on the staff having any idea. She says, "I was madly in love with him at the time. I would have married him. He was hilarious."

Hester says Dave ended it after a year -- she says he told her the age span was just too great.

We placed several calls to Dave's rep. So far, no comment.


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the truth hurts huh    

61. I don't know why people are so alarmed to hear these stories...don't you realize by now that is a typical behavior of democrats?


Posted at 11:32AM on Oct 3rd 2009 by john edwards


Mark Foley ..... Young men/boys

Larry Craig ..... men in airport bathrooms

Ted Haggard ..... male hookers in cars & cheap motels

and many, many, many more .........

Yeah - those conservative Republicans are just SAINTLY!



1844 days ago


The ignorance here amazes me. The sex isn't the issue. The issue is that he likely favored the women he was screwing over other employees who had been there longer and were more qualified. Google "Miller vs. Dept of Corrections". The CA courts determined in that case that sexual favoritism creates a hostile work environment for other employees. If even one person can prove they were passed over in favor of one of the women he was involved with, he's toast.

1844 days ago


First David is Guilty of cheating on his Girlfriend at said time NOT adultery sheesh NOT the same thing as Clinton, yeah Dave is a smuck but he can bang whomever he wants at that time allot of people do it in the workplace get the heck over it...

1844 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

Oh yeah - Let's not forget Newt Gingrich who divorced his dying wife in her hospital bed so he could move on to his next coochie. What a standup Republican guy.

1844 days ago


Dave didn't do anything wrong. He broke no laws. Didn't lie under oath, didn't pay for prostitutes, didn't ply a 13 year old with drinks and drugs then rape her. But he WAS a victim of someone trying to extort him, which IS against the law. Remember that guy?

1844 days ago


The extortion would not have held any water if what Letterman was doing wasn't WRONG. Why do you think Letterman went to the police? The guy had LEGITIMATE dirt on him and Letterman got scared. If the relationships were not in the workplace and no favoritism had taken place, he could have laughed at the attempt and thrown the note he found in his car away for the crap it was. The allegations were TRUE. The guy who extorted him is a f-ing idiot and deserves to be punished- but Letterman's legal problems have just begun. How would you feel if you were a middle aged white (or black) guy with tons of experience and qualifications who was passed over for raises and promotions in favor of a 19 yo intern? What about layoffs? Oh, gosh, economy is bad... gotta cut some people.... You go first but the 19 yo who is screwing the boss keeps her job... this is very likely what happened and it went on for years. But even if it did not, that does not matter either. The CA decision about sexual relationships in the workplace has already determined that even if nothing detrimental happens to the other employees as a result of the sexual relationship, it still creates a hostile work environment for others.

1844 days ago

I remember her    

To show how much of a TV addict I was back then, I remember when he would get the interns involved in a sketch during his show, and he used to call out a Holly who was an intern, she looked like a typical college student. This may be all water under the bridge as they say, and yes the man does not look as attractive as he did thirty years ago, but I have to give him credit for handling this situation with a bit more tact and mea culpa than I see with other celebrities, and the way he went about it was to own up to his own actions, without speaking up for others involved, he knows some women may speak up and say something so what can the man do to control the backlash on him? He handles his business, and he puts it out there the women can handle their own business anyway they want to, and I also think this is a case of his trying to be a gentleman in not revealing information about women he has been with.

Let's just hope we have nobody under 18 pipe up then this could turn pretty ugly pretty quick.

1844 days ago

Robert van den Heuvel    

So Dave... What was your problem with Monica Lewinsky again?

1844 days ago


What a hypocritical douchebag...

1844 days ago


you know what they say ,"a dumb intern is born every day". Any guy like letterman knows ,20 ,dumb and intern just means one good b569699 job! That's why these guys have some many slots open for interns. Not guy needs to apply ,unless the big wig is gay. This what these guys like letterman do, Instead of going to the massage parlors ,they just hire an intern and skip paying 300 $ or more per visit. This cna be their own personal prostitute .These dumb girls are so happy to do it, even though they are technically still paid prostitutes. Letterman is a sorry loser and it's just a shame he's not being called out on it. And this girl says she wanted to marry him, Ha . memo to this lady , guys dont marry wh55r#S, that includes a tacky letterman too.

1844 days ago


@ #84... Why do I think Letterman went to the police? Are you serious? Someone was sneaking around his car leaving packages and demanding money or they were going to try and hurt him and his family. It's against the law. Of course he went to the police. Wouldn't you? I have had someone break into my car while it sat in my driveway and I can tell you that is a terrifying feeling. It also makes you feel violated. As far as favoritism in the work place and him passing over middle aged black men.. grasping at straws are we? Jumping to conclusions? That accusation is libelous. There has never been an allegation like that brought against him. Never even a hint of sexual harassment been linked to him. Why? Because he had normal, adult relationships that were consensual. If he was some ogre that was demanding sex from all his young female staff, don't you think we would have heard about that in the 30 years he's been in show biz? Don't you think one of his "victims" would have filed charges against him and/or sued him? It's pretty obvious he doesn't pay off people to keep their mouth shut.

1844 days ago


I'm sure you wouldn't feel that way puddintang if you were passed over for promotions and others got special treatment and favours because they were having sex with the boss. I also never read anything since this happened that the extortionist threatened Letterman's family? All I've read is that he only threatened to destroy Letterman's reputation. (Turns out he didn't have to do that, Letterman had been screwing enough women at work for years to do that all by himself.) Also something isn't libeleous if it's true. Read the definition of that term before you throw it around. People can theorise about a situation and express opinions without it being libelous as well. I am just curious how many parents would be happy to learn their 19 or 20 yo daughter was in a relationship with a 60-something year old CEO of the company where they worked? I don't think most would be too thrilled about that. But moral issues aside, again, there is legal precedent about sex with subordinates/hostile work environment... google miller vs california dept. of corrections....

1844 days ago


Big deal he dated a younger lady and she dated a older man. It's not always about the money..don't be such dorks. Older men are just more together( mature and stable) usually.I don't know why this is such big news if she is a legal adult then big whoop de dooo ya know *s*.. live and let live..

1844 days ago


I have always that he was a nasty, mean guy off screen. Screwing his interns does not surprise me. He's not an honorable man.

1844 days ago


The age span was too great after a year of jack hammering that nyu poon!

1844 days ago
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