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Dave May Have Had His Very Own Intern

10/3/2009 8:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A woman who interned for David Letterman in the early 90's says she was one of Letterman's top 10 -- on the staff.

Holly Hester
tells TMZ the internship was her first job in TV. At the time she was a student at NYU. Hester says during a hiatus, Dave called her up and asked her to the movies. It began a series of secret dates, with no one on the staff having any idea. She says, "I was madly in love with him at the time. I would have married him. He was hilarious."

Hester says Dave ended it after a year -- she says he told her the age span was just too great.

We placed several calls to Dave's rep. So far, no comment.


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puddingtane, are you really so stupid? No one is libeling anyone. The black man analogy by the other poster was an EXAMPLE of someone who could have been discriminated against in the Letterman scenario. Also, the California case established what is called a LEGAL PRECEDENT. This means the decision there can be validly argued elsewhere as well. You must be some elaborate troll because honestly no one could be so dense as to not understand that.

1845 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Okay, so Dave was bangin' the babes at the office. Kinda happens all the time among consenting adults, no? I do think, however, that the feminist groups need to stand up in support of these ladies doin' their liberated thang. Isn't bangin' the boss part of the plan?

1845 days ago


Who cares???? He wasn't married, isn't accused of any type of harrasement, and has been faithful to his wife. What's the big deal? He's a grown man and could date as many women as he wanted. LEAVE HIM ALONE. Is it a slow news day?

1845 days ago


I can't wait for the Larry Sanders show to return now........))))

1845 days ago

Hope Wilkinson    

Something that happened some 20 years ago is certrainly not like last year! give the guy a break! Innocent fun and he broke it off (NO pun intended here) At that time - he was NOT with Regina - NOT married - a single guy with an intern. How many others are doing or have done the same damn thing? THEY just haven't been caught yet. Girls having sex with their father's is O.K? Guys raping youngsters - that's OK? but David had a fling and he is being run through the wringer. What a bunch of holier than thou people you all are. LIFE HAPPENS - like it or not! He is the TOP guy for late night, believe it or not. He came clean - NOT LIKE CLINTON who lied to the Grand Jury, the American People and got NO punishment. Let by-gones be by-gones and drop it!

1845 days ago


...I can see it now, "Oh Larry, this is ur new intern, Julia'...Oh, Hi Julia'......Hi Mr. Sanders,......What are u doing this weekend Julia' ?.......oh nothing planned......Oh, well, I was going to go see a movie, u care to join me Julia'....Oh sure, I'd love too
Mr. Sanders,....just call me Larry....O.K. Larry.....ur so nice........let's stop at the bar & have a few drinks & dinner Julia'......sure, I'd love too, I'm starving Larry,....& we can discuss the show & ur position here,...maybe I need a personal assistant.......oh really,.....I'd love that Larry....

1845 days ago


Dave is the Player President!

1845 days ago


Oh dear "paralegal", should we also tell them that a legal precedent doesn't mean it "would" be successfully argued in another state and doesn't make it a law elsewhere? It just means it was successfully argued in one state. It could fall flat on it's face in another. I'm not even on here pretending to be a paralegal and I know that lol Anyway, none of this really has any bearing on what happened. no one is suing David Letterman for sexual harassment, hostile work environment or anything at all for that matter. You people are making him out to be the criminal when he is the victim in an extortion case. And the overt fascination with his sex life is what I really find creepy.

1845 days ago

oh yaaaaaaaaaaa    

Just want to say that he has been with Regina for 23 yrs..and apparently he stopped when his son was coming along and they got married recently..I'm positive she has known abt this all along..either way..we will never know ..nor is it r business...I do commend him for coming out and being so frank and open and clearing his conscience on this matter and making that criminal pay. I'm sure he and Regina have peace with themselves..and Dave has only done what I belive most men have done in their lives at one time or another. Life is short..and I hope he sleeps better at night now having this off his chest..and too all the gals out there..I sure hope they don't try and ride this out..sooooo sleazy if they do..maybe they can hook up with Gosselin if they r famewhores now..hopefully not.

1845 days ago


These young women that had flings with letterman are my age, I do not know why they slept with him, I would go to the movies with him, but ONLY as a friend. if he hit on me, I would politely decline.

1845 days ago


"I do commend him for coming out and being so frank and open and clearing his conscience"

He did it because the grand jury testimony transcripts, where he admitted to the affairs, were about to be revealed. He beat the media to the punch, better that the public hear it from him, than from....TMZ or some other source.

It was a PR move.

1845 days ago

Zippy T. Pinhead    

I also had sex with Dave!

1845 days ago


Letterman is like Obama gonna get caught... Letterman is a piece of crap, he is going to get his soon.. I will punch him in his eye If I ever get a chance.. perverted SOB nasty talk of a 14 yr old girl at a baseball game... die you sob..

1845 days ago

Zippy T. Pinhead    

I was also in a 3-way with him and Jay Leno! I feel like such a used slut!

1845 days ago


83. Oh yeah - Let's not forget Newt Gingrich who divorced his dying wife in her hospital bed so he could move on to his next coochie. What a standup Republican guy.

Posted at 2:29PM on Oct 3rd 2009 by the truth hurts huh

I forgot to also mention that Democrats are the most CORRUPT! and since you seem so dumb, please note that the word "corrupt" is in capital letter which means that they excel at it...just look at your mighty Obama to start from the more comments

1845 days ago
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