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Dave May Have Had His Very Own Intern

10/3/2009 8:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A woman who interned for David Letterman in the early 90's says she was one of Letterman's top 10 -- on the staff.

Holly Hester
tells TMZ the internship was her first job in TV. At the time she was a student at NYU. Hester says during a hiatus, Dave called her up and asked her to the movies. It began a series of secret dates, with no one on the staff having any idea. She says, "I was madly in love with him at the time. I would have married him. He was hilarious."

Hester says Dave ended it after a year -- she says he told her the age span was just too great.

We placed several calls to Dave's rep. So far, no comment.


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Joanne Infantado    

Letterman is getting what he deserves. It was a disgrace what he said about Sarah Palin's daughter, and what you put out into this world, you will get back. It is ashame for his wife and child to deal with this situation. She married a real creep.

1813 days ago


Did he ever date anyone who wasn't working Under him?

1813 days ago


It's funny the responses to this story have been here on TMZ. When it was revealed that Mel Gibson had an affair, people were crawling out of the woodwork calling for his testes to be impaled on a pike. Dave has been having affairs for years with many women and the response seems to be "It's dave man, his private life is his private life" How much mercy had he shown the South Carolina Senator? How much mercy has he shown anyone who has commited an afffair? His smug hyprocritical ass should be taken off the air, he should be sued for sexual harrasement, and I am sure there is a morals clause in his contract which should be fired for violating. Simple as that, just because we welcome him in our homes everyngiht, does not give him the right to break the law and condem so many others while holding himself above them.

1813 days ago


Love love love David L. He in charge of his own business, not any country, city, state, district, etc. He's a private individual who has succeeded beyond all of our expectations & I envy the girls who got to know, date & learn from him! He exposed a criminal of the worst sort, & then made the guy a joke on late nite! He's freakin brilliant!!!! I wish I knew him, then or now..

1813 days ago


Yes, it's true that Dave and his "dates" are consenting adults. However, unless Dave paid for the tuition of all his interns like he did for Ms Birkitt, then "quid pro quo" exists. Secondly, several sources also state that Dave's staff is "fiercely loyal". So, if someone felt harassed, I doubt if they would feel comfortable taking on the entire company. That makes for a hostile work environment. I guess we'll see when Craig Ferguson does his monologue on monday on "The Late Late Show"...Dave's his boss too. Will he feel free to do his job by mocking what's going on in the headlines or will he be a "no comment" like others......

1813 days ago

who's on first    

He would wake up with his wife in the morning
In an Apartment owned by Horning
Then came the day, He met White
Playing at the Starlite
He was to fast
The marriage did not last
He was banging Betty
He was ready ready ready
She told him he was the best
So he followed her West
The story has been told
His soul would be sold
She arranged a late night act
And that is just a fact
He took over the show
and don't you just know
Along came Many more
He continued to score
Although he did re-marry
Myself I would be wary
I see he is the same
Just has fortune and fame

1813 days ago


This is clearly abuse of power. If it werent for the fact he is famous and has money...who would have slept with him? He should be dismissed.

1813 days ago


Now we know why he criticized Sarah Palin with such a passion. She wouldn't let Dave have it.

Poor Dave!!!!


1813 days ago


Sounds like two consenting adults, no crime there.

1813 days ago


How wonderful for his wife and kid. Not.

1813 days ago


Wonder what other creepy things he did? Was there a threesome with Paul Shaffer???

1813 days ago


What Letterman did was all kinds of wrong.

Consensual sex cannot exist between a boss and a subordinate. Particularly between a powerful older celebrity and a young college intern.

Sexual harassment is a serious problem and obstacle for women. There's no way these women were going to go up against David Letterman and ruin their future by suing for sexual harassment. The other staff members and applicants were also discriminated because they weren't having sex with Letterman, or perhaps weren't hired because he/they wouldn't have sex with him. He seems to have had it all worked out with the love nest apartment conveniently tucked away above the studio. This of course is aside from his shabby deceitful treatment of his longtime gf who might've become a common law wife? and now wife. Now that Letterman has been unmasked his true self is shocking and distasteful

1813 days ago


The Moonves comparison does not seem valid. Julie Chen was in her 30s and already somewhat established in her career. She was not a college intern or a secretary. She was on that successful show before they dated and at least she wasn't directly under his thumb day in and day out. She didn't exist to service him the way Letterman seems to have these girls running around for his every whim. Letterman seems like he created an isolated and insulated environment for these young girls using that apartment and the round the clock work hours. It almost has a creepy cult feeling to it, cult guys are charmers who sense the vulnerable girls and then isolate and keep them under their thumb. Also Letterman is a public figure who uses the show to influence politics and the Presidential election and therefore his character and private life is public concern. He has been cruelly bashing his girlfriend/wife for some time on the show and it's horrible especially inconsiderate to their son

1813 days ago


Somehow an unmarried older guy scores with cute younger ladies, and that's immoral? Are you crazy?! Back where I'm from (the good ole US of A) that's something to be proud of. It's the result of being personable and successful. It's called closing the deal. It's a sign of manhood. Did you expect him to be with some old bag his own age? The people who are mad about this obviously aren't attractive or well liked because - God forbid - it means that youthful appearance means something in this day and age and women who take care of their appearance have a leg up in society. Gasp!

1813 days ago


There's nothing illegal about the conduct unless it can be proven that there was quid pro quo sexual harassment - that he either hired or fired based on sexual favors. That doesn't appear to be the case, and to think that someone WOULDN'T sue for millions of dollars for fear of threatening their careers is ridiculous - not only would they stand to win big bucks, but they'd be able to write a book about it. Millions. Women flocked to him because he was David Letterman. Give me a break.

1813 days ago
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