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Jon and Kate -- Overextended

10/5/2009 4:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We're told Jon & Kate Gosselin aren't living hand to mouth, but the $200,000 account that Jon raided was the only real source of living income.

Kate Gosselin, Jon Gosselin

There's a report out that the couple is saddled with a $720,000 mortgage on their $1.12 million house. There was talk that TLC bought the house for them outright but we've learned that is not true. TLC paid them a salary and that's it.

We're told Jon and Kate have established a trust fund for their kids and it's well into the 6 figures, but they have significant debt. They still haven't been able to sell their first house and they owe a mortgage on it.

The reality is ..."Jon & Kate Plus 8" is good for the 8 but Jon and Kate are kinda strapped.


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Are these two really going away and will not have to hear anything about them, YES, that makes my day, Here is hoping the final eposide is the final curtain for these two, they both need to get a life, get a job and raise the children who are probably damaged so badly by the going on of these two, however shielded they will hear from the public, can not protect them forever. Both Jon and Kate are in serious need of help, like in the mental kind.

1799 days ago


this story just goes from sad to worse everytime i read something
they need to stop!
where they not thinking when they went ahead with the invitro??

1847 days ago


It is true then that Kate puts the kids first. Good for her. That John needs to be an EX stat!

1847 days ago


Damn, I just can't seem to feel sorry for them.

1847 days ago

Foot Fetish    

Boring and cheesy couple polluting earth even more.

1847 days ago


F U Jon and Kate!!!!

1847 days ago

Foot Fetish    

And Jon looks kinda "special" if you know what i mean.

1847 days ago


They wanted to act and live like they were important and they're not. Kate, stop with the water works every time something happens - nobody is buying it. Go back to nursing - get a job and stop trying to act like you are somebody. You are a shrew - that's it.

1847 days ago

Dispite Jon and Kate's flaw's, they were ripped off'd by TLC, which made about 150 million dollars from exploiting the children. Their privacy will be gone forever.

I think the public should presure TLC into setting up a multi-million dollar trust for the kids.

1847 days ago

Shame on you    

Maybe what really got overextened is their 15 minutes of fame.

1847 days ago


Would someone PLEASE organize an intervention on Jon "Pimp Daddy" Gosselin STAT!? It has become painfully obvious the man is in epic self destruct mode. He drains the family living expenses account immediately following depriving his former spouse of her livelihood, he bad mouths her at every turn despite the eventuality of his children seeing his tirades, he moves 2 hours away from his 8 kids, shacks up with a barely post pubescent party girl, purchases a $100,000.00 sports car and a bachelor pad apartment... the man is mentally ill. Clinically, mentally ill. Why aren't his friends and family doing something to stop him? Mark my words - if Jon doesn't get some serious help soon, he'll be dead within a year. By his own hand.

1847 days ago


Hey wake up TMZ! That $200K+ was taken over the course of 2 months, PLUS Kate has other bank accounts & has been siphoning off money all along. J & K have 11 bank accounts between the two of them. Read The Insider interview with Jon ... this story has been all Kate, all the time - she is an idiot.

Well, so's he, but for her to go on Today & call in to The View & cry big crocodile tears, saying that she'll work at McDonald's, blah blah blah - she's a registered nurse, for pete's sake! What a phony ...

1847 days ago


if they have such significant debts y does Kate feel the need to rent a limo every time she goes out?....

she needs to take a step back and control herself, and quit airing out everything about her life tying to reach stardom.

Jon has made enough mistakes, but that doesn't make kate an angel in any respect,

Quitting the show was the right thing to do whether the motives behind it were genuinely for the kids sake or not, it was definitely the right move.

next step is to check these two into a reality celeb rehab show and get someone responsible to look after the kids.

1847 days ago


Welp, looks like Jon and Kate better get REAL jobs like the rest of us...if they can find any. They get no sympathy from me. My husband and I have to figure out how we're going to live off of $10 per hour with one toddler and child support for his first.

Jon...Kate: Welcome back to the real world!

1847 days ago


What Kate referred to this morning on her interview was that he took the "liquid" money, the money that is used to pay the mortgage & household bills. With 8 children to feed, buy clothes for, car payments, and pay the mortgage 230K does not go far especially since Jon has cut off the revenue stream from the show. How does he think it's all going to get paid for? Not even including his NY City penthouse and the 3 or 4 cars he has purchased. If you ask me he cut his nose to spite his face. He just did a paid gig out in California (30K) how come none of that goes into the pot. I hope their divorce is finalized soon so then Kate can continue filming the show and keep all the income from it to take care of her children. And for all the ney-sayers out there, that is a REAL job, and given the opportunity you would have done the same thing!

1847 days ago
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