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Kate's Lawyer: Jon & His Lawyer are Frauds

10/5/2009 7:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a letter Kate Gosselin's lawyer fired off to the lawyer for Jon -- and, to put it mildly, it's war.

Jon And Kate Gossellin Read the doc

Legal pit bull Marty Singer wrote the letter this past Friday. TMZ obtained a copy. In it, Singer expresses outrage that Jon secretly raided Jon and Kate's money market account "of hundreds of thousands of dollars," leaving only about $1,000. Singer says the withdrawal is not only "outrageous," it directly violates the Arbitration Award in the divorce which requires both parties to agree before any money is withdrawn.

Singer -- who says the withdrawal of funds is fraudulent and contemptible -- claims both Jon and his lawyer, Mark Heller, are hypocrites, after they went on Larry King's show and claimed family values (not money) was the important thing.

Singer says Heller has done this before, citing a New York Supreme Court decision which says Heller directed one of his clients in a divorce to "withdraw everything that's in the bank" so the money could be used to pay his fee.

And then there's this ... Singer blasts Heller, noting that the New York Supreme Court "addressed charges that you violated 'thirty-eight counts alleging multiple violations of the disciplinary rules,' and charges that you 'had engaged in a pattern of misconduct involving misrepresentations, deceit, abusive treatment of clients, fee gouging, neglect and willful failure to return unearned retainers to his clients' in matters which involved your 'mishandling of the matters of twelve separate clients.'" The letter goes on to claim Heller admitted to engaging in "professional misconduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation."

As we first reported, Kate's lawyers are going to court tomorrow, demanding that the monies be returned to the account and asking for a contempt citation.

We called Heller but he was not available for comment.


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I've never watched their reality show but have read enough about them. They both seem so ridiculous. When they look back on this period of their lives, can you imagine the regret and embarrassment? I feel so sorry for those children - exploited. Whatever money there may be, the lawyers will probably get it all. A really stupid, self-absorbed couple. Two schmuckolas who made a little money, had their fifteen minutes of fame and it all went to their heads. They act like their big deal, talented, serious showbiz professionals. Jon's probably done the math about how much child support he's gonna have to cough up and she's wrapping herself around - "It's all for my childrens' benefit (and I may need some more cosmetic surgery and a new hair style)", BS. Go away, both of you - so tiresome.

1808 days ago


Kate for sole custody. That man should only be allowed supervised visitation, he has serious problems. Who steals money from their own kids. He leaves "about $1000" in the account for them, that might buy one weeks groceries! What a total a**hole.

1808 days ago


OK, let Jon and Kate do their things.

I would like to see all of their kids put up for adoption.

I adopted two sisters many years ago, and I am still young enough to raise a couple more!

These two low-lifes don't give a twit about their kids.

1808 days ago



1808 days ago


There was a COURT ORDER IN PLACE people for neither party to remove money from the account without mutual consent. He is liable big time. The slimey lawyer Jon has is just making sure his retainer is paid. Jon you have sunk to an all time low, please for everyone's sake just stay out of the public eye and shut up! He is a complete moron devoid of a brain and I sincerely hope that he is assessed for mental competency before he is allowed to be alone with those children. He needs some serious help that only trained medical professionals can provide. I hope he gets slaughtered by Kate's lawyers.

1808 days ago


Don't see my first comment, but see my second one:
In the first, I asked if anyone saw the episode a couple weeks ago where Kate was having an outside movie for the kiddos and she was popping corn for the kids and one of the boys says" We have more fun when you're here, Mommy." [out of the mouthes of babes!]. Then in Jon's portion of the same episode, he's having the kids tramp through the woods on "my" property [thought it was the kids house] to go fishing. The kids are clearly miserable, slapping at bugs and crying the whole time through this train wreck of a "good time" and then the next day, he takes them to another place to go fishing.[ He's hellbent on it! ] A person's actions prove alot. Kate's, to me, shows she's devoted to her kids, Jons actions, to me, [to state it nicely] appear self serving. I think Kate is doing a great job, all things considered.

1808 days ago


Well said Carol, I had forgotten about that episode, mind you as soon as Jon's segment came on I would change the channel or turn the volume down until he was finished. I refuse to watch anything to do with him.

1808 days ago


Catch the repeat of the Jon and lawyer interview on Larry King Live right now, he is such a hippocrite it makes me sick.

1808 days ago


What a bunch of drama queens.

These two idiots need to get some emotional counseling and grow the f*ck up.

1808 days ago


Does anyone really care anymore? My kidnapping charges deserve more coverage. Both Jon & Kate are money grubbers who only care which of them will get the most $ to spoil themselves while grabbing up as many freebies from any "sponsor" willing to "donate" for the sake of the childrens experiences. You always trash Jon for not being withthe kids but, when does anyone see Kate with the kids? How does she have time with all the spa appointments, book signings, speeches and plastic surgeries?

1808 days ago


i love how he all of a sudden gives a crap about his kids AFTER he is fired from the show. that is hilarious, what a dirt bag. he just keeps proving to everyone that he is a total dumbass. first by running around town with homewrecker hailey, then all of his wild partying and hosting vegas pool parties, and lets not forget neglecting his kids, and now hes trying to make himself look like a good guy by going on tv shows about his kids wanting off the show. MEANWHILE, he is stealing money that kate uses for the bills to raise THEIR KIDS. absolutely pathetic. karma is a bitch jon.

1808 days ago


wow, in terms of a legal stand point, this guy jon is in some serios trouble if that money doesn't show up. personally i think the show is wack but i dont know any of them so i'm not gonna hate. i am getting sick of them being on all these gossip columes. there has to be other news stories that the media can cover, JUST SAYING!

1808 days ago


what ever happened to the other "women" he's hooked up with, and he is a cheater because, since the divorce is not final, he IS still married...

TMZ what i'd like to know is this: Deanna Hummel, Kate Major, the babysitter Stephanie Santoro... what do these classy 'ladies' think of him now... and how is Hailey Glassman so foolish that she ignores this too?

1808 days ago


Kate hasn't done anything since the divorce was filed to sling the first mud. Everything she's done is to try to clean up the crap that he has done. If Jon had decided to behave himself and act like a man instead of a jackass, nothing much would be in the tabloids about the divorce. Jon causes all the commotion.

1808 days ago


Hey Macheeze27 Kate is by far the better parent. So what if she goes to the spa and works outside the home, like millions of other women. And she had a tummy tuck after carrying six babies at once, not plastic surgeries, what does your tummy look like? Kate said herself she hates leaving the children when it is Jon's turn with them. What is she supposed to do sit around and do nothing. At least she is out working and makimg money to raise the kids and not tramping around freeloading like that sleazeball Jon.

1808 days ago
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