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Lamar's Prenup

The Balls in His Court

10/6/2009 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lamar OdomWe've learned Lamar Odom has already met with his lawyer to hash out a prenup before making his wedding to Khloe Kardashian official.

We've learned Odom went to the Beverly Hills law office of divorce-guru Neal Hersh last Friday to hash out the terms. Hersh won't return our call, but Odom's people tell us "Lamar has a set of balls" -- translation, he's not giving Khloe half of anything.

We're told Lamar wants to make sure the money and other assets he brings into the marriage are solely his. Beyond that, we're told Lamar ain't giving Khloe half of his earnings going forward.

How will it play with Khloe?

Stay tuned ...

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laker girl    

Wow, what happens if she has children, sounds like he doesnt want to give her nothing, hmmmmmmmmmm ok kloe think hard on this one..............I can see the future of this marriage, going down down down. cheap laker.....................

1820 days ago

who dat    

Hey kooky headcase, this isn't the food network. Take your tired act down the road. Glad you were banned from this site.

1820 days ago


She CLEARLY married this ugly mug for his money. It certainly wasn't for his looks or "education". So I assume, she will start witholding SEX and lets see how long this idiot holds out then.

1820 days ago

David M.    

It's interesting that women with money always want a prenup because they want to protect their assets. But they frown on men that want a prenup as if opening their legs gives them the right to half of all that he worked so hard for. They don't understand that prostitutes only get paid while they are getting laid. So once the marriage is over, close your legs and find some other sucker to open them up again. And spend his money only while you're married. After that, your on your own. You keep only what you brought into the marriage. That should apply to both men and women. Men marry for sex and love. Women marry for the love of money.

1820 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

She gets preggers - that's what. Then she'll get loads of child support and live nicely off of those millions. Duh. Happens all the time with these rich athletes - actors - etc.

1820 days ago


why marry the cow when the milks free.wow is that appropriate in this one.....

1820 days ago


Odom's girlfriend (the "jump off", not the baby mama), said Odom was "bipolar" and "unstable", which could explain A LOT.

1820 days ago


Shouldnt they have talked about this before getting married? They wont last another month or two. Why would he marry someone if he thought she was only after his money. How weird they must feel around each toher knowing this is going on, and that he doesnt want her to have nothing of his is the marrage doesnt last.

1820 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

71. She CLEARLY married this ugly mug for his money. It certainly wasn't for his looks or "education". So I assume, she will start witholding SEX and lets see how long this idiot holds out then.

Posted at 4:56PM on Oct 6th 2009 by Sally

The thing is Sally - He's a wealthy star athlete. He can get laid any night of the week - many times. He doesn't need Khloe for that. It doesn't matter how ugly or dumb he is. Even if he did have a weak horny moment about now - I highly doubt his LAWYER wouldn't keep control of the legal reins!!

1820 days ago


What was the point of getting married??? It obvious that he doubt being forever with Khloe, so he has to worry about a prenup agreement. I swear people need to know the true meaning of what a marraige is all about!

1820 days ago


Lets see how long this lasts now...........is she a gold-digger or does she really love him?? The ice cube is out of the freezer and the heat turned up.....slowly melting.....melting.....meltingggggg

1820 days ago


I think that Khloe should also see a lawyer and have it put into the prenup that if he cheats on her and she divorces him for it that he has to pay her something like five or ten million

Not that he is like a lot of NBA players but a little incentive to be faithful may be a good thing

If he is the one who destroys the marriage the prenup needs to address that too

She hopefully is being advised by a good lawyer also. If her dad were alive he'd see to it that she was protected too. She may be a totally loving wife and have children with him even someday and be totally screwed if he isn't a decent guy down the road

If she were my sister that's the advice I'd give her

1820 days ago


Lamar is smart! No person should get half of anything unless they help PRODUCE half of it! I dont think Khloe knows what she's doing. She was just suckin face with her on air "radio mate" and now all of a sudden MARRIAGE?

Good thinkin Lamar! Protect what u got!

1820 days ago


If she keeps the Ring sounds good enough to me. Dang that's worth Millions. Is Khloe in Love or Greedy. I am sure he is setting up for her to get something or maybe nothing she has her own money. Maybe she doesn't want anything, we don't know their convo's. I'm happy with the ring if he wants to give it to me. I still say the mariage won't last.

Notice we have not seen anymore of them? He is out of Prcatice in the evenings, she did leave for NYC last night to be on the View tomorrow. But since after the Marriage no more K & L.. Hmmmm

1820 days ago


I am so willing to Bet she is going to work on getting Pregnant. But then again Lamar says he wants a bunch of Kids.California is a Alimony state.

1820 days ago
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