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Mel Gibson DUI -- Like it Never Happened

10/6/2009 10:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel GisbonUPDATE: 11:06 AM ET. We've learned no one is expected to show up in court. The judge has the legal papers from Gibson's lawyer, Blair Berk, in his chambers and we're guessing he's going to sign them and expunge Mel's DUI today.

The Mel Gibson DUI/"The-Jews-are-responsible-for-all-the-wars-in-the-world" saga may come to an end in a little more than 2 hours. Mel's lawyer will ask a judge to expunge the conviction from his record.

Mel was arrested in July, 2006 on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu. Initially authorities told TMZ the arrest occurred "without incident." But later that day, TMZ obtained 4 pages of the deputy's original notes that were taken out of the revised report -- 4 pages with a blow-by-blow of Mel's anti-Semitic rant.

Mel pled no contest to misdemeanor DUI and was placed on 3 years probation. Gibson has completed all the terms of his probation and it's not unusual at all for his lawyer to request that the conviction be expunged at the end of the probation period.

We'll be live streaming the action in Malibu at 8:30 AM PT, so stay tuned.

: It's running late ... we'll be live as soon as it happens. Keep refreshing to check it out!


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This sad old man just seems to have totally lost the plot. His day is over.

1822 days ago



1822 days ago



more mj news!!! im bored

1822 days ago


I don't see any reason for any DUI conviction to be taken off of a record. No matter who you are.

1822 days ago


Don't worry. Mel will probably have another DUI conviction in a few months.

1822 days ago

are you kidding?!    

…so that was his crime???!!!
How is this anti-Semitic?!
This is his opinion based on what he knows – send him back to school.
…but crime? …anti-Semitism? …are you kidding?!

1822 days ago

A. Minnitman    

If Mel Gibson had run over a mother pregnant with twins, Hollywood surely would have forgiven him, maybe even held a fundraiser for his favorite charity. The problem is that Mel just isn't a Jew and he alledgedly used anti-semetic language. In Hollywood you CAN blaspheme Christians, desecrate Christmas, undermine decent family values etc., but you can NEVER EVER say anything less than glowing about the Jews. That's the real story here. Mel you should have known that. In the future you can do ANYTHING you want, but never say anything about the Jews, their stranglehold on Hollywood or Israel or matzoh balls or bagels or,....anything. But if you were change your name to Roman Polanski you can rape all the children you want and with Hollywood's approval.

1822 days ago


Get off Mel's back!

1822 days ago

are you kidding?!    

...this reminds me of Dixie Chicks!!!

Americans Freedom

1822 days ago


Our long national nightmare is finally over.

1822 days ago


I do hope no judge will expunge the conviction from his record.

1822 days ago


Mel Gibson is a pig, a racist, a cheater and an anti Semitic alcoholic.
Read VOO the transcript of his words when arrested drunk as a skunk. Your 110 pictures had NOTHING whatsoever to do with him.

He should have his record for as many years as all the other citizens of Ca.

No to Mel's movies.
All power to the goldigger chick with him.

1822 days ago


Mel is right.

1822 days ago

whats up Doctors    

For all the blue collar workers, once you get an DWI/DUI it's a permanent mark on your record, and will not be removed, But then again if your a rich black or white, Actor or Entertainer, The Judges look the other way, While an envelope is slipped into their pocket. Not much more to it. If I slipped a Judge an envelope with some green, that would be extra charges,and jail time on me. The ONLY THING,AND I MEAN ONLY THING JOHN EDWARDS SAID THAT WAS RIGHT IS, THERE ARE 2 AMERICA'S....

1822 days ago


He's a hasbeen. Maybe him and his fingernail across the chalkboard disgusting girlfriend will ride off into the sunset and disappear.

1822 days ago
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