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Report: Hoff Hospitalized

After Decking Doc

10/9/2009 10:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1009_david_hasselhoff_bn-1David Hasselhoff was reportedly hospitalized for two days in London after a drunken bender allegedly ended with him punching a doctor in London, this according to The Sun.

The Hoff was released yesterday from the Capio Nightingale Hospital, the paper is reporting, after an alleged drinking bender at the St Martins Lane Hotel.

He was reportedly in town for Simon Cowell's birthday party and has been partying it up in London ever since.

TMZ has confirmed The Hoff was in fact a guest at the St Martins Hotel this week and a guest at Simon's party.

Hasselhoff has battled alcohol problems for years, most recently last month when The Hoff was taken to the ER -- but he says that trip was for an ear problem.

We contacted Hoff's rep, who is looking into it right now.

UPDATE: 9:22 AM ET: We contacted the office of the doctor The Hoff allegedly attacked. An assistant simply said, "No comment" and hung up.David Hasselhoff

Story developing...


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number 7 wanda & 14...may addiction never befall you or your what you say for it may come back and bite you. Drinking or using against your will better known as addiction (my scholars) is a disease (google it) and requires AA or a recovery program which will put you into remission for the rest of your life. You guys just sound stupid and uneducated when you make comments like that....and until it happens to you....carry on...get into recovery David H!!! Keep going works if you work it

1738 days ago


Isn't it about time, already, that David Hasselhoff realize that his 15 minutes of fame have long been over--he never had any real talent---he isn't a singer---he isn't an actor----he isn't as young as he seems to think he is-------meaning he needs to grow up already and act his age. He is an embarrassment,and he certainly is not a role model for anyone. Until when or IF he can get himself some professional help he needs to stay out of the public eye. Just what exactly makes him think he is special? Because he isn't.

1738 days ago


He cant act his way out of a paper bag. He had looks and that got him places for a while. But look what the drinking did to his face and personality. He has to be the dumbest drunks I have ever seen.

1738 days ago


this man is a liar and a mess
this man may die

1738 days ago


Simon Cowell is an enabler. He knows Hasselhoff is an alcoholic yet invites him to his party where the liquor is flowing non-stop. What sort of friend is that?

1738 days ago


Yes, I agree Simon is an enabler, he knows Hasselhoff is an alcoholic----but celebrity is one big GAME. Hasselhoff KNOWS he is an alcoholic too, and he just isn't smart enough or strong enough to not play into it. He needs help on many levels.

1738 days ago


i'd like to get drunk w/ the hoff!!

1738 days ago


16. The Sun? Thats the source? HAHAHA

Posted at 10:26AM on Oct 9th 2009 by Andrew


1738 days ago


Sober up, dude, you are just embarrassing yourself and your family. In the real world, you would probably be living under a bridge...

1738 days ago

Yolanda Nixon    

The Sun also reported that he ruined two mattresses because he urinated in his sleep on 'em. Frank Costanza would NOT enjoy sleeping on those. Drunk and wetting the bed. Tsk-tsk. Hopefully he had a nice kidney pie in the morning to combat the hangover.

1738 days ago


you can always tell who is an alcoholic----they all have that HARD WASHED UP CRUSTY FACE--it doesn't matter if you are rich or poor--famous or not----male or female---attractive or unattractive---------it is the same face-----------------kind of how downs syndrome people all have the same face. There is an alcoholic face if you've been at it for a L O N G time.

1738 days ago


HOFF - i was once told that IF when you drink you are causing
problems then you are an alcoholic - chill out-your making a BAD name
for yourself and your family and your show!!! no one wants to see
this happening to you! Lay off the booze itz effecting your EAR!!!

To see the 2010 Americas Got Talent Winner - foreshadow - click here-
itz never been a rapper before...

1738 days ago


Wanda! Girl, those comments were HARSH! Even if there is the smallest element of truth in your comments (personally, I don't think so), there is this little thing called KARMA which probably isn't going to shine down on you favorably for being unable to have compassion/charity for others. Hoff's definitely got a problem with the drink, rich or not doesn't matter, try to show a little kindess.

1738 days ago


Scott you are either a racist or delusional. This guy punches a doc in a drunken bout, and that's okay. But if it were a blk person, you would have some negative and racist to say!

1738 days ago


Yeah, let's start blaming Simon for inviting him. This is a major problem in our world, blaming someone else for what is his responsibility. Lots of recovering alchys can go to functions where booze is served and not partake. If he wants to stop he can.

1738 days ago
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