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Kate Gosselin Files for Child & Spousal Support

10/9/2009 6:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Gosselin wants Jon to pay up -- in the form of child and temporary spousal support.

Kate filed the legal documents in Montgomery County Court in Pennsylvania last week -- around the same time she filed an emergency petition asking a judge to force Jon to return $230,000 she claims he raided from their joint bank account.

Sources tell TMZ Kate has not asked for a specific amount of child or spousal support.

Kate's lawyer says Jon and Kate are scheduled to meet with a court-appointed arbitrator on Tuesday.

Earlier this week, Kate claimed she couldn't afford to pay the family's bills.


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The Truth    

go girl

1837 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

now it really gets duuuurty!

1837 days ago


IT'S FUNNY TMZ HAS NOT EVER REFERRED TO KATE AS JOHN'S BABY MOMMA. why did they do that with regard to Usher and his wife?

1837 days ago

jen newman    

Child support definitely, but spousal support? She makes plenty of money with the show, book deals, TV deals... C'mon, she knows damn well Jon doesn't have enough to support 8 kids. I am getting tired of both of them...

Jen Newman

1837 days ago


Ha Ha....

1837 days ago


This is an open letter to my ex, Brad.
Brad I am sorry for all the times your child support check was late and I behaved badly.
I am sorry for all the times I was mad when you were late picking up or dropping off the kids.
I am sorry for all the bad times we had during our divorce.
Seeing how this (there are no words bad enough to describe this man) fool acts makes me realize how good of a father you are.
And you are a great father not like this tool at all. He gives fathers everwhere who are working their butts off to support their kids a bad name.
So to all you dads out there who are doing such a great job, we mothers thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Even if the marriages failed, you did not fail your children. And that Jon Gosselin is what you have done, FAILED YOUR CHILDREN.

1837 days ago


Normally I would say U GO GIRL but since NEITHER of them work, this is truly pathetic.

1837 days ago

whats up Doctors    

I say Jon gets the kids,and the Child and Spousal support. She's is the one that started all this crap,and needs some heavy duty Prozac to start. She is one CRAZY BIATCH, to go TV and loose her mind in front of America, Some things you just want to tell someone (your counselor) in private. Not have a breakdown on prime time TV.and tell all your business to the world.

1837 days ago

Omg Jon your fubarred now big time so glad I am not you!

1837 days ago


Jon & Kate screwed each other and got 8 kids.

Jon & Kate screwed the American public and got MILLIONS.

Jon & Kate screwed their kids out of their money

Jon & Kate screwed others and are Trash with Money.

Jon & Kate need to stop screwing around.

1837 days ago


She can pay her bills, she just doesn't want to dip into her own personal account...She's a whiny little loser!

1837 days ago


They are both failures as parents and their kids should be taken away from them forever.

She doesnt need child or spousal support.

1837 days ago


good for her.... he is working and she nor the kids are now.. he took that away from them,,he should pay !!!!!!!!!!!he is spending his money on a love nest, buying cars, going on trips. etc. her book deals etc i bet went into the joint account...nail him kate.. maybe he will cry even more. jon you cant screw over your kids and the women who took care of you. and not expect what the outcome would be for doing so..

1837 days ago


I'm surprised that no one else sees that Jon has fetal alocohol syndrome. Just look at his eyes. They are too far apart. That's the most obvious sign of "f.a.s.". Then, there's the odd behavior.........

1837 days ago


if he has money to spend on Hailey...he has money for his kids that he took out of an account pay up Jon you biotch...

1837 days ago
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