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Miley Cyrus -- White Girls Can't Rap

10/10/2009 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus posted a video -- a rap song, actually -- to explain to her millions of followers why she decided to quit Twitter.

Now if only she'd quit rapping.


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That was funny. I just hope more celebrities give up twitter....stop tweeting.....whatever.

1782 days ago

My Gosh ! ! !    

At least I can understand HER, and what she is saying. The "other" rappers, who knows what the heck they are saying and their rap songs, all sound the same, uninteligable for sure ! ! !

1782 days ago


So very tired of this kid.

If she really felt that way, she could have just deleted her account. But she needs attention, so she announced it with (what she thinks is a ) rap.

1782 days ago


What a twit

1782 days ago


Miley, give the world a break bitch... we r soo tired of your not cool, but, tries toooo hard ways... dude you suck! you cant act, or sing, ur not cute and your not funny... just go way!!! grow up bitch!!!!

1782 days ago

wishing they would just go the hell away!    

TMZ you really should moderate these comments before you post them like the one from "Nuts". Freakin disgusting.

1782 days ago

den in sac    


1782 days ago

A. Minnitman    

Yet another European American female being disparaged. Remember now, this is essentially a child that you are trying to ridicule here. I do understand that the collective media brain thinks and acts as an amorphous blob with no morals, but going after children is low and unforgivable, even for you. "White Girls Can't Rap" is akin to "Black Girls Can't Do Math". I can't imagine why any truly enlightened and self aware young white women would even want to rap in the first place, but that's another matter entirely. In order for the media to really come down on a black celebrity, the black celeb must do something really egregious or heinous, like O.J., Chris Brown or Kanye West etc, and they were all given the benefit of the doubt until the evidence and or negative public opinion was more than overwhelmingly against them. The media holds so much potential to truly elevate and lift society, yet for some reason chooses to be venal, base and polarizing. To all the young people that wrote such hateful things about this young girl. it's more than obvious that the media has twisted and warped you. Your comments indict the Hollywood media more than anything that I could ever write. I turn my back on the media and all of your tainted offerings that promote and encourage the loss of identity and self-destruction of America's young people.

I reject the visual and verbal poison that you feed America and I return the favor by avoiding you, your sponsors and pet cause of the moment. I avoid you whenever possible and will only access you when I need to USE YOU to get my point out and across.

1782 days ago

A. Minnitman    

Since this site seems to encourage cruel, petty, racist and obscene sexual comments against a young girl, what's the diff? Here's a site that apparently knows something about TMZ that the rest of us do not. I don't know all of the details, nor can I guarantee the veracity, but if you're curious:

1782 days ago


nicely done...I agree with her 100%

1782 days ago


GOOD ONE MILEY. It was great!!!!!! They can TWITTER

1782 days ago

just sayin    

well at least she has a sense of humor about it but her parents are really pathetic fools if you ask me we have her mum following in her fottsteps and quitting as well and we have the money hunry dad begging her to come back to twitter so he can exploit her some more. such great role models they are(insert sarcasm)

1782 days ago


Who's Miley Cyrus ?

1782 days ago


it's a cheesy little rap that a 17 year old wrote and made a silly video to. who cares? i did dumb stuff like that in high school too. she's miley cyrus, that's why people are ripping it to shreds. at least she's not taking it so seriously to have a press conference over why she deleted her's just a video. it's okay, people.

1782 days ago


enough of the race card, it's old and doesn't work any more!

1782 days ago
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