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Jon Fires Back at Kate -- You Took $$$ Too!

10/11/2009 12:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In football, if both teams commit a penalty on the same play, they just do the play over. Does the same thing apply when Jon and Kate Gosselin both allegedly violate a court order?

Jon Gosselin, Kate Gosselin

A few days after Kate claimed Jon raided their joint bank account (a legal no-no), Jon filed papers of his own claiming she did the same. According to the papers filed last week, Jon claims Kate withdrew over $60,000 from their joint account between July and September 2009.

He also claims she took out over $1 million from February 2008 to June 2009 that have not been properly accounted for.

Sources connected to Kate contend her withdrawals were legal and note that Jon withdrew $230,000 without the necessary permission required by the arbitrator. Both sides are due back in court on Tuesday.


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whats up Doctors    

He said,she said. This schitt is getting old and boring,They both took money ,SO WHAT :-0

1840 days ago


Yep, go ahead and spend it all you superficial losers. If you think it'll buy happiness or a solid, healthy foundation for your children's sense of self-esteem and value, think again.

1840 days ago


I just don't freakin get it....WHO IN HELL'S MIND WOULD CARE ABOUT THESE TWO BOZOS???????????????????????????

....the only reason I came to this posting it was just to say that. I would never read their crap!

1840 days ago


A couple of piss poor excuses for parents.

1840 days ago


He's a TOOL !!!!

1840 days ago


They both lie so much, you can't beleive either of them. And it is the kids suffering. The family courts should step in and get those angels in counsiling and fast. He said she said is BORING. Him with his girlfriends and her with her bodyguard, ( just a bodyguard my a--) They sell there kids to support there butts. What a shame they both are. It is the nannies raising those kids not Jon or Kate. Kate acts like she does but we all know different. It is time to stop selling the kids and both of you lazy asses get a real job. Stop living above your means. You both make me sick.

1840 days ago


america created these two horrible parents by reading this crap,just stop reading and replying and these two losers will go away.o and maybe just maybe if there lucky social services will take the children away,this way they may be able to live a normal know the one where the parents actually care about the kids and not just use them for there own benifit

1840 days ago


Kate's picture is turned around. The long part should be on the left.
Just sayin'

1840 days ago

wishing they would just go the hell away!    

Does this move on Jon's part really surprise anyone? I'm about freakin fed up hearing anything about these two.

1840 days ago


I recently wrote to the State of Pennsylvania (Google the State for email addresses) asking them to please make the eight Gosselin children wards of the court and appoint them their own attorney(s) to protect them from their miserable greedy parents. It might come about, although not because of my email.

Why don't these two greedy jerks get their OWN checking/bank accounts with ONLY their personal name? And hopefully the kids each have a personal account with guidance from someone other than their parents for its use?

1840 days ago


I think Jon's starting to realize that no one is fooled by his "I love my kids and I want the best for them" crap, especially after years of exploiting them. We're supposed to believe that Jon SUDDENLY developed a conscience about this just as TLC decided to cut him loose? Riiiiiight.

As for the money, I think I can understand a woman with eight children living in her home spending $60K a lot more easily than a single man partying it up with $230K. But that's just me.

1840 days ago


I sure would like to get behind both of them and put my feet straight into their a..h.les.
And I agree with Linda that the kids are suffering.

1840 days ago


You BOTH should be ashamed yourselves. Every damn week I hear you two bad mouthing each other on national television. It is apparent that neither of you give a hoot about your 8 children. If you did you would not habitually air your dirty laundry to the world. I am embarassed for the both of you. Get it together and deal with your dysfunction privetly for the sake of your children. Shame on the both of you!

1840 days ago


1840 days ago
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