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Jon Fires Back at Kate -- You Took $$$ Too!

10/11/2009 12:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In football, if both teams commit a penalty on the same play, they just do the play over. Does the same thing apply when Jon and Kate Gosselin both allegedly violate a court order?

Jon Gosselin, Kate Gosselin

A few days after Kate claimed Jon raided their joint bank account (a legal no-no), Jon filed papers of his own claiming she did the same. According to the papers filed last week, Jon claims Kate withdrew over $60,000 from their joint account between July and September 2009.

He also claims she took out over $1 million from February 2008 to June 2009 that have not been properly accounted for.

Sources connected to Kate contend her withdrawals were legal and note that Jon withdrew $230,000 without the necessary permission required by the arbitrator. Both sides are due back in court on Tuesday.


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Isn't there someone who can slap these two, tell them to shut up and then tell them that if they don't stop what they're doing, they are both going to lose custody of their kids?

1836 days ago


Well, looks like he put his foot in his mouth. She can use that statement of "you took money TOO" to prove he admits it......Busted stupid!!!!!
But of course the money was to pay the bills for the household, which means money was taken from the KIDS!!!!!!

1836 days ago


clear: Are you saying you approve of Jon breaking the law? He took her money as well. That is theft and he is in contempt of a court order. You complain that she will spend her money on a ring that symbolizes her and the kids but do you have a problem with Jon buying 2 luxury sports cars one for him and one for Hailey. Do you approve of him signing the kids for the new show he wants to do? He signed an agreement that they will be filmed for the show if it ever gets off the ground. What happened to no more cameras. Guess he means only if Jon gets a large paycheck for it. Its bad enough he cant spell his own name but to misspell hid kids name on her is disgusting. They have to share the bills but what they do with their own money outside of that is their business. Just like anybody else, once we take care of all of the bills why not spend some that is left over. We all do it. Some spend more than other but that does not warrant being attacked for it. There is a good chance that he could lose the 2 cars if he doesnt have the cash to pay back. Considering the crooked lawyer was found guilty of telling clients to empty bank accounts to pay him, there is a good chance the money is now in his bank. Who knows with any luck he will be Jons cellmate. They deserve each other.

1836 days ago


I am not on anyone's side but the children, but let's face facts. Kate told Jon the marriage was over 6 months before the public knew. Jon going out with the girls,(not smart) was not what caused them to divorce. They were already going their separate ways. TLC scammed us all by making us believe this couple was real when they covered up the whole mess also. THEY BOTH made the money but I think the way that Kate is so controlling and she pute plans for a divorce in motion a long time ago, yes I believe she has been hiding asset because I think she controlled Jon for so long she figured he would not find out.
I think Kate is gone from the kids more then she makes herself out. She is not the doting Mom like she wants us all to believe. She wants fame and money too much and if it means her kids are the way for her to make the money, so be it.
Everyone is saying, "why don't they pull the kids off of TV" now that Jon did (probably had other motives), at least someone did, please, please, let the kids alone. I do believe Jon when he said that 5 year olds are not going to wail and cry about the show not being taped. Unless it was told to them, "you do not get to go to cool places anymore or play with your friends because of Daddy"...... I am sure BOTH JON & KATE should be held in contempt and neither one should have any custody till they get their heads on straight.

Sorry Kate, you are not fooling anyone with your "feel sorry for me" routine, once a witch, always a witch."

Sorry Jon, your routine of " I am trying to be the better person/parent, because I messed up." is a little late.

I have gone through a divorce and know that people do go out and try to feel better about themselves and try to hook up, but there is a thing called "BE DISCREET" trust me, not all famous people have their business splashed all over the front pages of the crap magazines.

Kate, you love the piblicity way too much, more then your kids at times.
Jon - start getting better lawyers and better advice - so far it has been very bad.

To both Jon & Kate - knock the crap off and grow-up - BOTTOM LINE!

1836 days ago


yeah both have motives, behind whatever stupid crap they display, i think kate more so then clueless jon
i think she has been secretly tranfering money for years now, and he is finally cluing in, and acted on her evil doings
both are idiots
and need to stop now
please i hope buy this canadian thanksgiving she does not make an apperance on TODAY, or the VIEW
and him on ET or larry king live cause if both of them do, then i will know its all about them hitting left and right to spite each other and ITS NOT about the kids for them 2 toddler(acting) picking fights in the media to make themselves the better person

1836 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

Jon and Kate, wait until judgment day! That Judge is who will matter most, the big guy in the sky who frowns upon greed and the frightening things you are teaching your children to value the most. Yikes! Jon, I'd be ashamed to even call you a Dad figure, your role modeling of recent is all about gluttony, greed, deceit, adultery, drinking, self indulgence, and the ego show to parentdish how you brag and then cut down Kate? That is being a mature man trying to install family values in his family?

I don't understand your mode of thinking but it obviously is coming from a place of self centeredness and is not Godly, but hey, maybe this is what the Jewish religion is teaching you or is it all about the bread you love so much instead and not about God at all?

What happened to yours and Kate's Bible verses you would hang on the wall, the t-shirts with scripture got replaced by Ed Hardy shirts? Is God as disposable to you, as what matters most in life, your children? What about their feelings with their Dad's interviews constantly badmouthing their beloved Mom? You say you are taking the high road, but I only see a sad path to hell in your future at the rate you are going, but hey, that will be up to the big guy above to decide.

IMO, you both are truly misguided right now and yes the fear of supporting 8 children would be motivation for a lot of things, but is what you both are doing lately worth it at the expense of the embarrassment, shame you are putting your children through and it all is permanently recorded on the internet.

Well I doubt either of you even read these comments or have the time lately to, but if I were either of your friend, I would be honest and tell you, I fear for both of your souls right now if God forbid some thing horrible would happen to you, tomorrow, 3 months from now, or a year from now, so I hope you can bring HIM back into the equation, because it not only takes two in any relationship (husband, wife, ex husband ex wife, friend, etc, it takes THREE, the two of you and HIM, to keep that cord strong.)

*climbs off her soap box* Good luck and God Bless the innocent 8 who did not choose any of this. I will say a prayer hoping you both, as parents find Him and soon, that would be taking the HIGH ROAD and showing your 8 precious children, what really has meaning to this life, how you love and how you are loved and luckily HE loves you both, NO matter what! Because he has enough grace and mercy to show what strength really is, so I only wish the two of you could find some grace and mercy for one another during this horrible time and work this out in court and in private and not for the 8 little eyes to see now or later. If not for yourself or Him, for them? Why? Because THEY COUNT!

*wipes the tears from her eyes how it breaks my heart that their hearts are breaking*

1836 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

A good example what money can do to people, but is it worth it?

1836 days ago


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE....NO MORE ABOUT THIS PAIR OF BORES!!!!! We'd all had more than enough. Who cares???? Answer...NOBODY!!!!

1836 days ago


America is making them into the "stars" that they are NOT! I watched the show for years! I knew JON would eventually find himself a set and leave her nasty ass! She was always a control freak and a leopard never changes it's spots! I'd bet my life she was hiding money! She does a lot more "publicity stunts" to gain money and I know she's hiding it from him!

1836 days ago


WHO REALLY CARES? Too many care about all this nonsence when we have our soldiers fighting two wars, dying and being permanently injured, huge financial problems on all fronts, a President that has no clue what he is doing, 36 Czars accountable to no one, a government out of control, no transparency in government, Banks going belley up, stimilus money being wasted, Socialists running the White House, China buying up our debt so they can have control, ad-infinitum. The most important area we must address is our faith, where is God in all this? Come on America wake up to our relaity, stop all this idol worship and gossip, what Jon and Kate do is of no importance in the grand scheme of things, get your priorities straight.

1836 days ago


Jon and Kate, STOP THIS NONSENSE!!!!!For the love of your kids please go to counseling so both of you can learn how to co exist in the same space.You both acted like asses, now grow up and become decent human beings who are lucky enough to have 8 beautiful and healthy kids. Stop trying to hurt each other just to be spiteful.Love your kids more than you love yourselves and get counseling or any thing else that will make you realize that all this animosity is hurting your kids more than you know!!!!!

1836 days ago


Good for him. She makes so much money from TLC, her book, her interviews and magazine pictures etc. from selling out. and he can't have any of 'his money'....what's the deal? Good for him. I say reveal all her money and her greed.

1835 days ago


You know I used to be on Jon's side , but after all his actions with his druggie girlfriend and his being such a media whore, he is a big, ugly, fat idiot. Kate earned all the money, I hope the court makes him look like the fool that he is.

1835 days ago


any money taken from the account prior to filing for divorce doesn't count. seems like jon and his lawyer are grasping desperately at straws. The 60,000 she took was probably to pay bills while jon boy was off galavanting with 22 year olds!

1835 days ago


Accusing Kate is not the correct answer to the charges jon. The charge is YOU took money so answer the charge! You either took it or you didn't. Simple answer, yes or no. You don't answer a charge with another charge and the judge is going to hear Kate's charge not yours. If you thought she was in contempt of a court order file your own motion and Kate will have to answer. This is HER motion. Answer the charge Jon!

1835 days ago
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