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Arnold -- She Just Doesn't Listen!!!

10/14/2009 1:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dear Gov. Schwarzenegger,

While you were Twittering a few minutes ago about the "swift action" coming to Maria, your scofflaw wife was at it again -- jawing away on a handheld cell phone while driving in Brentwood.

Maria Shriver: Click to watch
But it gets worse ... while Maria was illegally yappin' away (the third time she's been photographed doin' it) she saw our cameraman catching the illegal activity on tape -- and that's when she dropped the phone in an attempt to cover it up! The tape does not lie....

Arnold, the fines are bad enough -- but do you have any idea what your Verizon bill is gonna look like?


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Re: #25. I am a disabled person. I parked in a space designated for disabled persons. First, I got a citation for neglecting to hang my California Dept. of Motor Vehicle issued placard from the mirror while I rushed to the toilet otherwise I would have soiled my clothes. The citation was for $330.00. No where on the motel property where I was staying at the time was there a sign posted that the Culver City police enter the motel's private property to cite a vehicle for this violation. I went to the police station with proof that I have a placard and wanted my day in a courtroom before a real judge because those contractors that the city uses to collect "extortion" penalties are on par with the Mafia. Culver City police refused to give me information on where I could go to a courtroom. They did, however, notify the DMV to withhold my registration decal when my registration next came due. I paid my 2008 registration plus the fee for my enviornment license plate. Secondly, everywhere I parked after that - the Los Angeles city parking enforcement cited me for "no registration decal". One day, a Los Angeles police officer impounded my vehicle for "expired registration" which it was already paid for - but the State of California was withholding the decal even though their DMV agency issued me the Disabled Person placard. Even though I am a disabled person, was in possession of a valid placard, and was not a danger to anyone - I lost my vehicle when it was auctioned away. Why? because the notices were sent to the police authorized tow place address instead of to me. My hard earned $17,000.00 investment toward a $20,000.00 Highlander vehicle is GONE! I am left to suffer every day without transportation. It is very difficult not to feel bitterness toward the Governor's self-centered wife violating California's traffic law. She, also, used to park her vehicle in the Red zone when she would go to St. Monica's Catholic Church. Shame on both Arnold and Maria. Maria deserves to pay the monetary penalties the same as any other California citizen. If I could be a Traffic Court Judge for one day - I would order her license suspended for 6 months and that she do community servicee. She is a television journalist - she could report on the abuses against the elderly and the disabled public transportantion riders much the same that CBS has recently done so that she can put her talents where her common decency used to be.

1800 days ago


It is very obvious that the governor and his wife do not care about the laws or consequences in this state. But yet, they will make cuts to all sorts of supportive services that are needed. They just care about themselves.

1800 days ago

whats up Doctors    

I hope she doesn't kill anybody, I was distracted while on my cell phone, I ran over the center divide ,YES IT'S WORSE THAN DRUNK DRIVING LIKE THE STUDIES SAY,I turn my phone of while driving,or won't answer it.

1800 days ago


Doesn't she believe in speaker phone? If u can't use a ear piece, turn the stupid speaker on!!!

1800 days ago


But you don't understand. People like her are "above" the law.
She's related to a "Kennedy", therefore, she and people like her are "above" it all.

1800 days ago

my two cents    

OMG! When will you realize Kennedys are above the law!

1800 days ago


Good Lord people, Hang Up And Drive!!!!!

1800 days ago


Maria, and everyone else (rich or not), get the phone off your ear and pay attention! So dangerous and stupid!

1800 days ago

The Seer    

23. it is now 4:25 pm...just wondering how tmz got this story when they claim it was 6:25 pm when they broke the story...i am in california and the clock say 4:25 dod the idiots at tmz come up with this story breaking at 6:37 odd as a governors wife breaking tha law!
Posted at 7:23PM on Oct 13th 2009 by Get A Clock!

Dear Get a Clock:

You must understand. TMZ is not only functionally illiterate in their posts, but apparently they can't tell time either.

Time to hire an editor, TMZ. Why are you such cheapskates?

As for Mrs. Schwarzenegger, clearly she's an arrogant, spoiled, rebellious and self-important b-itch. Or, she's mentally incompetent. Those are the only possible excuses for her obnoxious and dangerous behavior.

Never did like any of those dirty money Kennedys..

1800 days ago


Hey Arnold!

Is your wife too stupid to figure out how to use the bluetooth / speaker phone in that $80K Escalade??!!

1800 days ago

whats up Doctors    

It's Little Miss Dangerous....QQ

1800 days ago


Maria recently called her own deceased mother "a “fearless warrior for the voiceless". Seems like that whole family is Fake if the governor approves a bill that penalizes first-time cell phone violators a mere $20.00, second-time violators a mere $50.00, and then beats up on the old people and disabled to the tune of $330.00 for forgetting to hang a disabled person placard on their mirror. Of course, he also paid $1,200.00 for the pretty boots his daughter couldn't live without whilst he pared off the cheaper medicines, food benefits for the old people and disabled, and, ignores the old and disabled sleeping on the cold sidewalks of Los Angeles.

1800 days ago


She is typical of members of the Kennedy family....obviously, she believes that rules don't apply to her.

1800 days ago


Like most members of the Kennedy family, Maria thinks she is above the law.....

1800 days ago


OnStar personal calling...look into it! It's hands-free.

1800 days ago
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