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Gosselin and Glassman Play Kissy Face

10/18/2009 3:09 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin and his girlfriend Hailey Glassman arrived to a dinner date at The Oak Room in New York in a horse and carriage.


That loud explosion you just heard would be Kate Gosselin's head exploding.


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No, that would be my head exploding I am sick of seeing these ass's on every website I go to!!! lol

1808 days ago


I have long believed in the maxim
, "I refuse to engage in a battle of wits with the unarmed."

Posted at 12:49AM on Oct 19th 2009 by Maggie

Hey Maggie hon,

Since you favor maxim's, here's mine, as l feel it so applies to you. Ninty-nine per cent of the people in the world are fools, and the rest of us are in great danger of contagion. ( Thornton Wilder ) So go away in short jerky movements will you hon.

Best Regards


1808 days ago


Jon looks like he ate one of the horses...

1808 days ago


C'mon Maggie hon, plagiarize some more. Or do you not give credit where it's due?

1808 days ago


Actually Maggie, Your "maxim" should have read... "I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed APPONENT"

You're such an idiot.



1808 days ago

maddi ives    

ewwwww. i wish he would get over himself ,the media whore. i feel another ET interview coming..............

1808 days ago


And he's being so discreet about it!

1808 days ago


The comment about Jon and romance together almost made me vomit, romancing the stone perhaps would be more appropriate. Jon a slave, ummmmm oh right, I remember now, he got fired from his job because he was useless at that too, probably had to be told how to do everything because he lacked the intelligence to figure it out on his own. Hope he can figure something out to do with all that spare time he is going to have on his unemployable hands; bet he can't come up with the money this Friday and Kate gets his half of the house and then she can be rid of his sorry ass off the property for good... he can pitch his tent down the street from them.

1808 days ago


He shouldn't let people see him with that UGLY woman in public. Disgusting.

1808 days ago

Paulie Wants a Cracker    

This loser sure has a lot of time with 8 kids to raise. Funny how few and I mean few of you knock Kate down but at least she is always home with the kids being a parent to her 8. Jon is such a douche and his girlfriend is ugly as sin........her being young doesn't give him brownie points on the coolness because she is so ugly. Jon is bipolar and he hangs out with Lohans dad, who is equally or more so a douche than Jon. Funny how Jon doesn't wear Ed Hardy anymore, looks like CA realized Jon destroyed his clothing line and that fat Jon's who is hated by most of the world won't sell your clothes. Little too late Christian A., Jon go away please, far away fatty retard.

1808 days ago


Do you know what's really pathetic about this? Not so much Jon being Jon because I think he's established a behavior pattern by now whereby no one is particularly surprised by anything tacky, revolting, self-serving, or attention-whoring he does.

No, what's really sorry is that ANYONE thinks getting involved with this reality-show loser of eight kids he obviously could care less about (except as props to keep him on TV or give him leverage) is a GOOD IDEA! I mean, now celebrity wannabees have their own groupies?!?! WTF???

1807 days ago


Wendy (#173),

Thanks. That does make sense. I can only hope that people can distinguish the real from the imposter by the content of our posts.

1807 days ago


Omg, Jon, get a divorce first. I guess he forgot he bought his daughter a lap top, and now she can google you and ur skanky girl friend. I hope he ends up broke, no more sports cars and they kick him out of his New York pad.

1807 days ago

whats up Doctors    

Jon, I was on your side a little before this. YOU DUMBASS you are still married, If your trying to piss Kate off fine. Now you hurt KIDS and that makes you the worst Father to me. I can hear the KIDS, Why is Daddy kissing another girl,WHATA FREAKIN' DUMBAZZ LOWLIFE WORM

1807 days ago


Guys...this is what not to do before the divorce is a done deal...the kids remember them???

1807 days ago
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