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Eddie & LeAnn

Texas-Style PDA

10/19/2009 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With their estranged spouses nowhere in sight, cheating lovebirds Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes publicly displayed their affair on their way to the Texas-Oklahoma game this weekend.

Eddie and LeAnn's team won.


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Leanne Rimes is a homewrecking whore Washed up HICK! Eddie Cibiran needs to get the hell off CSI Miami! You stupid losers deserve each other!

1832 days ago


Lovebirds? Let's not forget that his show airs on MONDAY, so this is just another attempt to get FREE PUBLICITY for his show. Just like he went on tour with her the first week that his show aired. It's all for free publicity, EC doesn't love Leann. Why do you think she has to keep paying tabloids to create the fairytale?

How does holding Leann's hand=love? He was holding his wife's hand too. So what this means is that he is cheating on Leann. So in addition to using her for money and free publicity, he is having chemistry with someone else on the set of CSI.

On another note, all that stuff he said on Rachel Ray was a lie. He tried to jump on Brandi for talking and here he is airing his dirty laundry.

1832 days ago


Celine Dion is really ugly but who cares? It's the voice that counts.

1832 days ago


I am very happy to see this picture with the two of them holding hands. I can't see their future and neither can they, but they are very happy to be together having fun now. I don't care about the karma; I don't care what the reason they are together - it just seemed right from the very beginning. I don't know why some people are so full of meaness that they cannot wish the best for these two beautiful people. What either has done in the past is part of the past. Hope they have found something to hang on to. Much love; much luck. Some of us love you.

1832 days ago


I understand Ms. Rimes plans to release an album about her life’s heartbreaks but we all know one can’t break what one does not have. LeAnn has the emotional sincerity of a reptile however I was quite surprised to learn that poisonous snakes can yodel.

1832 days ago


Eddie would have kept LeAnn as just another mistress so LeAnn set him up in the restaurant and hotel photos so Brandi would have to leave Eddie. LeAnn also set him up at the basketball game. I wonder what Eddie thinks about LeAnn having betrayed his wishes from day one. Eddie is probably too stupid to realize what LeAnn did.

1832 days ago


They both make me sick. Karma has a funny way to bite you in the ass.LeAnn is truly fugly and Eddie is a sad excuse for a man..

1832 days ago


I emailed Rachael Ray today and told her I was very disappointed that she brought that liar/cheat on her show and advised her to check herself for fleas.

1832 days ago


More power to the new couple. Don't listen to the BS. It does not matter. Have a happy life together.

1832 days ago


Real mature there 77. What grade are you in?

1832 days ago


Good going #77. I'm going to email Rachael right now and tell her the same thing!!! These people have to be told what the public thinks of this creep. Maybe if it hurts her show she'll think twice about the spouses and children hurt by this. They could have been discrete but chose to flaunt their affair for their own selfish publicity.

1832 days ago


I emailed Rachel Ray commending her for her fair shake and the way she managed the subject.

I'm very happy for them and wish them a happy future if it is written in the stars.

1832 days ago


Leann is so ugly what does he see in this cross between a frog and a
dog---- she is fuguly----- What is his deal -- I think he's a straight up pig for leaving his beautiful wife for this piece of crap --- leann grimes lol

1832 days ago


Don't 'agree at all with how they got together' but they are both split from their x's they are free to live however they choose!

1832 days ago

Keepin' It REAL    

Leann Rimes is a frog faced home-wrecking lying SKANK WHORE and Eddie "the bitch" Cibrian is a two-faced punk ass cheating son of a bitch. I just can not STAND cheaters! And to embarrass and humiliate their spouses the way they have is absolutely SICKENING! Imagine finding out your spouse is cheating via the media, only to have them deny it on numerous occasions yet still be caught in public with the person they are cheating with. THEN to see them in public together like nothing has happened, really disgusts me. If you are unhappy in your relationship or marriage then you LEAVE BEFORE you bring someone else into the picture. If they were both already separated and in the process of a divorce when they started dating, that is one thing. But neither of them were, and when their asses got busted by the media they both lied all the while sneaking around like some scary ass bitches. UGH I am SO sick of them and I hope he gives her a STD and crotch rot. I also hope their spouses take them for EVERY PENNY THEY ARE WORTH! If CSI Miami wasn't one of my favorite shows, I'd boycott it now that his ass is on there. PIGS!

1832 days ago
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