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Khloe and Lamar

Prenup Is a Done Deal!

10/20/2009 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom have officially signed their prenup, TMZ has learned.

Khloe and Lamar -- Prenup Is a Done Deal!
It was inked about an hour ago. Both Khloe and Lamar were together when they put pen to paper.

As we first reported, under the terms of the deal, Lamar keeps the $33 million salary he could make with the Lakers. Lamar will fund the joint account and give Khloe an annual lump sum that remains static throughout the marriage.

And, for good measure, Lamar agreed to pay for the home they plan to buy.

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David M.    

Why do women act like you have to buy their love and then get insulted with you label it prostitution? Now days women don't have to depend on men to make a living. Khloe make your own damn money and leave Lamar's alone!!!!! Lamar, if she makes you pay for being with her, why not pay a high class prostitute on a daily basis. You will get better sex, and it will be much cheaper than marrying that whore.

1828 days ago



1828 days ago



May 21-June 21

You can't expect people to go along with your ideas today unless you are extraordinarily diplomatic -- They are incredibly resistant to brute force! You may need to wait a few days to get your way.

1828 days ago


Sounds like pure love for Khloe. Lemar won't give her any of the 33 million. She's used to getting nothing from a relationship. As long as the guy is black, she's fine. ~ Kris will have to hurry up and pick out a house for her now that the pre-nup is finally signed. Then she'll have to plan a televised housewarming for Khlodum, a televised 'welcome' baby out of wedlock party for the other one, and a televised bridal shower for the other one who's back with Reggie.

Poor Bruce.

1828 days ago


This doesn't even make sense. HELLO TMZ do you even see what you just wrote? This isn't a prenup, there is zero mention of what she will get if they divorce. This is an understanding of what he will pay for while they are are married.

What is this? An arranged marriage?

1828 days ago

tigers lair    

Hopfully the ho is putting out 24/7 for Lamar so that he can get his money's worth!

1828 days ago


#15 U asked how can Lamar fund all these accounts and not touch his $33million contract. This is LO's 10th year in the NBA. He had a $7.5 million rookie contract and just completed a 6yr $68million contract. LO is loaded.

1828 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Nothing but a gold digger plain and simple and her mother is no different. The entire family are nothing but media whores and skanks, sex tapes, illegitimate kids, this one a dirty mouthed troll out to shag some guy a for a few months to get her hands on his money

1828 days ago


I hope they get their bloodwork done before the nuptuals. I bet she's crawling with STD's.

1828 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

Lamar is makes a lot because a company is willing to pay him a lot. A divorcing whore who works on her knees and back is not a skill. Most chicks pump out a baby for the 18 years tax free income, house and cars. It beats having sills and or working.

1828 days ago


She's a WHORE. End of sentence.

1828 days ago


Tell me this...if he is going to fund the joint checking account AND pay for the house...isn't that money coming out of his $33 million paycheck from the Lakers? So how is Lamar keeping his $33 million salary, unless he has other money coming in on a regular basis.

If the checking account is joint why is he the only one who has to fund it? Why can't they both fund it since Khloe also has money?

And, I wonder if has he made financial provisions(monthly allowance for health and living expenses and a college education) for his existing children.

I can't believe his lawyers agreed to this. Lamar is going to have A LOT of money going out and if Khloe decides to have children he is done.

I read yesterday he has already hurt his leg in the Lakers last game and had to sit out the rest of the game. Lamar better pray he stays in the best of health so he can keep playing well for the remainder of his contract. IMO, this dude is screwed in more ways than one.

1828 days ago


Oh yeah. This one will last.

1828 days ago


The Grand Canyon is officially open for business.

1828 days ago

just married    

um... TMZ, when a marriage contract is written AFTER the marriage then it's called a POST-NUP, "pre" means it happened before. duh.

as for the terms of the post-nup, let's hope this marriage is for real and never makes it to divorce court. i'm old-fashioned and believe in true love, what can i say?

1828 days ago
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