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Brandy Pulls a Shriver

10/21/2009 4:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brandy continues to have car issues. This is her yesterday in L.A. -- illegally talking on a handheld cell phone while driving -- nearly three years after causing a fatal car crash on an L.A. freeway.


We assume she wasn't on the phone with Maria Shriver, who surely would have told Brandy about the consequences of driving while talking on a handheld.


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this is one stupid idiot.....

1828 days ago


Isn't that the b*tch that killed some lady with her car??????? Hang up and drive!

1828 days ago

Pray For the Beaten Up!    

Brandy is NOT pulling Shriver she's putting a "N" er!

Maria never killed anyone and didn't have to be asked 2x's much less convicted to learn her lesson.

Obviously she is need of a little press. Any press is good press nowadays.

1828 days ago


Haven't you killed enough people already?

1828 days ago


Aside from it being against the law, is she even allowed to drive with a cell phone at all (even before the law in Califonia) as a result from her probation/settlement from the fatality she caused a few years ago??

1828 days ago

Just sayin'    

People who want people FLOGGED should be punched the hell out!

1828 days ago


People that want people BANNED should be FLOGGED.

People who want people banned who want people to be flogged should have their nuts cut off.

1828 days ago

R.U. Serious    

maybe if she has a couple more fatal accident's she will learn
ya know the third time is a charm.

1828 days ago


This bitch should have been thrown in jail for 20 years after she killed that woman.

1828 days ago


...hep me....i kaint breeve......

1828 days ago


I think it's time she faced charges. If she had for the original crash, she might have been on probation at this point and served some time as a result of the current driving infraction.

Point is, she obviously didn't learn her lesson...yet.

1828 days ago


I hate to tell you guys this, and I don't know how it is where you guys live, but in the Los Angeles area about 70% (my "guess-timation")of the drivers on the freeways and road are using hand held cell phones. The ones that are even worse are the ones that TEXT while driving.

It used to be when you saw a car weaving from lane to lane or driving erratically it was a drunk driver... now it's usually someone using a hand held cell phone.

If they were to actually ticket people - they could put a big dent in the State of California's debt! LOL!

1828 days ago


Blatantly unremorseful! This girl should lose her license for a very long time. I'm confused as to how she has one only a few years after killing somebody on the road! Shouldn't you lose your license for like 5 years or something? You would think out of respect for the life she carelessly took, that every morning she would wake up and vow to never do anything that could reasonably put her in that kind of situation again. Ban this girl from driving for 10 years!
I'd like to add this is a GREAT use of paparazzi time. They are providing a public service with this coverage of abuses of the law. Here is a way to put your talents to use and sleep at night, guys. Let's support this trend in celebrity news.

1828 days ago

49th Parallel    

that's just plain lazy and stupid, those luxury cars comes with a bluetooth integrated in the car radio. She doesn't need a headset, just get that thing programmed and she is all set. She has NO excuse to be talking with the phone in hand!

1828 days ago


You've got to be kidding me? Does she LIKE to run people over or something because that's what she is going to do! What an irresponsible person.

1828 days ago
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