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Jon Gosselin -- Overpay for Play

10/21/2009 1:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin UPDATE: The MJ Show just posted the email exchange they had with Gosselin's rep. Click here to read it.

Jon Gosselin
sincerely believes his time and energy is worth somewhere around $12,000-per hour -- because that's how much he's demanding to appear on a Florida radio show.

TMZ spoke with the host of Tampa's MJ Morning Show who told us he contacted Gosselin's rep in the hopes of booking the reality star to guest co-host the show for one morning.

The radio show offered two first class round trip plane tickets, limo service and a "first class" hotel room -- but that wasn't enough to seal the deal.

Gosselin's rep requested an "appearance fee ... in the 10-12K range."

Team Gosselin justified the amount by saying, "[Jon's] name and appearance on your show will instantly draw press ... and will be a high point for the show." The rep also describes Gosselin as "quite funny, sharp witted and interesting."

The radio host tells us he "fell out of his chair" when he read the demand. Looks like Jon will have to go back to "Entertainment Something" to lock down that kind of money.


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Crissy Angela    

Another day and still a douchebag

1825 days ago

Linda K    

Jon Sucks!!! I don't know what has got into him. I can't stand him! He had a good income, a good life going for him and Kate and children. He has thrown it all away. He hasn't woke up to reality yet. That show was making him and Kate and the kids a darn good living. There are many people across the country would love to have what they have been enjoying. Actually, what talent does he really have? Kate was the organizer, and the one that had to manage the family as I preceive them.

1825 days ago


I wouldn't give him two dog turds. I just can't believe how he THINKS HE is deserving of ANY type of compensation for anything. I never actually liked Kate either but I now, at least, respect her for being level headed. Yo Jon, stop acting like a horny teenager that thinks you are the Captain of the football team.

1825 days ago


I saw some footage of Jon G picking up his kids from the bus and they appear to be in a parking lot of a mall? Why would the bus drop the kids off here instead of their house?

love your show

1825 days ago


So he's $12,000 (or more) short of that money he has to put back in the marital coffers by Oct. 26.

Uh oh, John, better up that appearance fee to $15,000 an hour and get hustlin'!

1825 days ago


What a moron!! From a loser IT guy/sperm donor to thinking he is a star and worth that much?? Go climb under a rock buddy.

1825 days ago


what justice is it that a loving dog dies and this waste of space--- who doesn't even attempt to care for his EIGHT babies- continues to abuse our senses. harvey, PLEASE! enough already!

1825 days ago

The Seer    

Actually, I live in Tampa. This region has one of the highest unemployment and foreclosure rates in the country. The "city" of Tampa has only a few tall buildings. It is dead on weekends with virtually no social or cultural life.

Tampa can't afford to hire this turd. This radio show is abysmal and a joke. They can't possibly compete with other syndicated radio shows. I like the music 102.5 plays, but when these morons broadcast in the a.m. I change the station or listen to my ipod instead. They make my ears bleed with their stupidity.

Hmmm. Maybe JG SHOULD be on the morning douchebag radio show in Tampa. I bet he'll do it for a night out on the town at the Mons Venus strip club and some weed..

1825 days ago


Well.....he does have $180,000 to pay back. LOL

1825 days ago


He's probably demanding the money in order to repay the money he took from his and Kate's joint account, which he no doubt probably spent on pointless crap, lol. I wouldn't even pay 10 cents to see this douche.

1825 days ago


I love how people bash Jon for wanting 12,000 dollars to do a radio show . But its ok for Kate to do it . I cant stand Kate !!! All she wants is Money , She is a Gold Digger !!!

1825 days ago


Can we just put this DOUCHE to rest already!!!

1825 days ago

Paulie Wants a Cracker    

Isn't MJ that fat guy who is Hulk Hogans bff? I don't think the studio has enough room for two fat slobs. The only reason we pay this dirtbag Jon any attention is because it's so much fun to watch an idiot talk and we can laugh at him without feeling guilty. I honestly think he has a touch of down syndrome but at the end of the day nobody would miss Jon if he left the public view at all but for now we laugh at him not with him. He is such a fat world class reject with missing brain cells.

1825 days ago


So what. Kate demands 25K.
You people accuse him of not working.
Here Jon does a 'Kate' thing to make money for his kids
and he is condemned. Get a grip people. He's damned
if he does and damned if he doesn't.

1825 days ago


Man, I wish this whole Jon & Kate who are exploiting there children will ever go away. They both are big time losers, no wonder Kate's family has never been around, they must be so ashamed of them. At least there have been photos of Jon's mother around. TLC should just give their show up.
I guess they don't think how all this will effect their children years from now when they read everything online. Sad, sad !!!

1825 days ago
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