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Brad Pitt in

Minor Motorcycle Accident

10/24/2009 3:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE 1:37 PM PT: We just spoke to someone who has seen video of the incident -- and we're told absolutely no one else was involved in the accident.

We're told Brad tried to maneuver his bike between a parked car and a car stopped at a red light, and his handlebars clipped the parked car.

We're told he lost control and fell over -- and everything is fine.

TMZ has learned Brad Pitt was involved in a minor motorcycle accident moments ago in Los Angeles.

A witness at the scene tells us Pitt was trying to weave in between cars while at a red light --- but he lost control and fell off the bike.

We're told he got up and moved the motorcycle to the side of the road then ran into an apartment building.

Our witness says he waited for someone to come pick him up and now he's no longer at the scene. Pitt left his motorcycle behind.


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I'm an agnostic, too. Does that make me a bad person. Sheesh! There are more out there than you think. Go Brad. I'm glad that he is safe!

1822 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

"...someone who has seen video of the incident -- and we're told absolutely no one else was involved in the accident."

If there was no one following him, how is there video of the accident?

Sounds more like there were paps following him.

1822 days ago


Lame!! Trying to be such a tough guy...he's a total dork! He' slost all his hotness since hooking up with Ang.

1822 days ago

Papa Bear    

Im a bike rider and I know from past falls that if it was so minor then you pick up your bike and move on...but he left it there??? Had someone pick him up??? SOMETHING is not right and he was either doing drugs or something.

1822 days ago


93. I'm an agnostic, too. Does that make me a bad person. Sheesh! There are more out there than you think. Go Brad. I'm glad that he is safe!

Posted at 6:22PM on Oct 24th 2009 by Jen

Does it make you a bad guy? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! It makes you an IDIOT!!!!!! Did you create yourself? Enough Said! Doo Doo Brain!

1822 days ago

.:Loki 4Ever:.    

Why is everyone discussing his religious belief's?? I could care less, I just enjoy his work as an actor...

1822 days ago



1822 days ago


wonder if its true he left the scene? if so isnt that against the law? Wonder if he had a few beers and bong hits before his ride?

1822 days ago


It is against the law to weave between two cars, tgaking up space where a car;s called line time Brad might become a motorcycle sandwich...he should learn to be patient and wait his turn.

1822 days ago


for those who dont know....lane splitting is legal in CA, that is you are allowed to drive down the center of the lane if you are on a motorcycle if traffic is stopped or going under a certain speed. from the story it sounds like this was at a traffic light and the cars were stopped so he drive between to cars to get to the front, it is much safer then stopped behind one of those cars like a sitting duck. bikes are the most vulnerable when at a stop behind other cars, either in stop 'n go traffic or at a light/stop sign. when a car bumps another stopped car you might only have a scratch on the bumper but that same force of impact can cause serious injury to the biker or at least total the bike.

sounds to me like he probably misjudged the space he had and got too close to one of the cars which caused him to lose balance and the bike went over. its very hard to stop a bike from going down once it start to go, your talking about 400 lbs for the lightest sport bikes and up to 800 or 1000 lbs for your heavy cruisers and touring bikes.

1822 days ago


Brad was hit by a parked car?

A mistake in hand eye coordination, body-spacial orientation.

I've owned (and wrecked) a few motorcycles and learned that the bumper of a motorcycle is your forehead.

Even so, they wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for one thing: other drivers.

And passing on the right is dangerous - particularly if the vehicle to your left makes a right hand turn.
(I had to lay one down once when that happened - pulling my leg out from under the bike, of course).

I don't ride them any more - they're not worth it. When flesh meets metal (or the road), we bleed.

1822 days ago


devilgirl bloviated:

"So the arrongant jackass cannot wait and has to weave in and out of traffic like some hot shot because he has somewhere so bloody important to go that he cannot wait until the light changes.
That is how MoFo's lose legs and their lives. Dumbass!"

Hey devilgirl! get over yourself!
You OBVIOUSLY don't ride. That is 100% LEGAL in California, and most bikers (and scooters, and bicycles) do it ALL THE TIME. I guess we are ALL "arrogant" then? That is one reason why you ride on 2 get to your destination faster and avoid angry "cagers" like YOU who are stuck in traffic jams! If the cars are stopped at a light it is not dangerous. Brad just had a bit of bad luck I guess. You don't know what happened.

I don't know what you have against Brad Pitt, but don't take it out on all 2-wheelers just because you're jealous and too scared to ride yourself!

1822 days ago

Caden Canyon    

Karma for cheating on... uh, let's see--

* Gwyneth Paltrow

* Jennifer Aniston

And who knows who else. I wonder what's coming for that home-wrecking, phony Angelina Jolie?????????

1822 days ago

Papa Bear    

Bottom line is..he was at a RED LIGHT PEOPLE..he shouldn't have been trying to manuver around ANYONE! Everyone was's people like Pitt that cause are not supposed to be manuvering around cars at a redlight with a full size motorcycle..that causes too much confusion when the light goes green and you thought you were in the number one spot and then some idiot on a bike hops in front...STUPID!

1822 days ago


Leaving the scene, how do you fix the car you hit?

1822 days ago
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