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Romance in McCourt Divorce

10/25/2009 1:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Frank McCourt's wife, Jamie, may have unceremoniously gotten the ax as CEO of the Los Angeles Dodgers, but she is clearly trying to move on with her personal life.

Romance in McCourt Divorce

We got these pictures of Jamie yesterday, lunching in Malibu with Jeff Fuller -- the new guy in her life. Now, in the awkward department, until recently Jeff was the Director of Protocol for the Dodgers.

We're told Jamie and Fuller began seeing each other after she split with Frank. Fuller was fired from the Dodgers in mid-October.

BTW, Fuller's late mom was an heir to the Pillsbury fortune ... translation, he's loaded.

As for Frank ... he was lunching yesterday with some dude at Hotel Montage.

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Well that explains the inappropriate behavior with a direct subordinate comment in her dismissal letter.

1762 days ago


Hopefully she's dating the guy with the hair, not the bald dude.

Obviously her husband wasn't satisfying her so she had to find someone who could. Old guys just don't got it.

You morons with your old lady comments are soooooooo original. She looks great and you know it. Good for her. Sounds like wrongful termination if she was fired out of spite

1762 days ago


Gold digger?! They met in college, have been married 30 years with 4 children and she is a lawyer with an MBA from MIT. And he has shown his lack of business/pr smarts in ways too numerous to mention including redoing the parking at dodger stadium which increased exiting the stadium by as much as 2 HOURS and then blamed the fans after not commenting at all for a time.

1762 days ago


Looks like she has been banging the 'dough boy" for a while. Typical woman can't be alone and deal with a divorce solo, needs somebody to catch her fall.I don't like the way they handled the announcement of the divorce. But no, SHE had to announce it in the middle of the pennant race involving the Dodgers becouse she knew she was out the door and to dig at Frank. I think that is unclassy and dirty,but then again divorce can be. It is gonna get unglier...

1762 days ago

katie lady    

And so the World Turns..on a screw... doesn't it..

Harvey, Chad, Mike, Siobbhan and crew.. You have the funnest jobs!!!!!

1761 days ago


What Jamie does is none of my business....looks like Frank more interested in the Dodgers anyway....looks like they both got what they wanted....

1761 days ago


Given the way he has treated her, like his public attempt to "fire" her and call call her insubordinate, is it any wonder she is just moving on with her life?

1761 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

23. Looks like she has been banging the 'dough boy" for a while. Typical woman can't be alone and deal with a divorce solo, needs somebody to catch her fall. ......

Posted at 4:00PM on Oct 25th 2009 by LBjim

I am LMAO at that one!!! Take another CLEAR look at how most men & women handle post-divorce .....

It's usually men out banging any woman that they can get their hands on - while women spend time dealing with their emotional pain and trying to protect themselves from more hurt ... not interested in just getting laid.

Of course this isn't in every case - but it IS the NORM!

1761 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

Oh - and btw ..... When a man is used to having a woman around taking care of him in many ways - most of them CAN'T STAND going for long without a woman there for him! It is a total misconception that men are happy being alone!

1761 days ago


Jamie got bored in the sack with frank and then started eyeing the head of security guy name jeff. then Jeff got fired first for banging his bosses wife. Frank could not Forgive jaime so he went balls out I dont believe jeff is as loaded as TMZ says if his mom was heir to pilsbury why would he work for someone else.. I beleive he has a motive and that motive is MONEY he has found a golden goose. Jamie jeff is in love with your image, power, money
be careful.

1761 days ago


Frank's actions in this just don't add up.

He "fires" his wife, and while every company on earth refuses to discuss "personnel matters," he puts out a press release claiming insubordination and improper activities! And then a day later, by coincidence, these photos pop up on TMZ.

I'd say he knows he can't legally fire her, and that she is his partner in owning the team. I think he's more interested in taking away her share than "personnel matters." It's a well constructed smear job, and I hope baseball sees right through it. I know the courts will.

1761 days ago


She can be fired for no reason if she is termed "At Will". The only thing he can't do use a discriminatory reason, age, race, sex, etc. While she may own half the team, they appear to have an agreement where she has all 4 houses and he has the team. This could take California joint property laws off the table. If doughboy is head of security and protocol,he isn't very good. He got caught doing the boss's wife. If his has an inheritance to fall back on, he should do that. It is hard to screw that up.... Well maybe he does need a day job.

1759 days ago
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