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Jon Gosselin -- I Returned the Money

10/26/2009 9:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin showed up to court this morning and told a judge he returned $230,000 to the couple's joint bank account -- as he was ordered to.

Jon Gosselin and Kate Gosselin

Jon still maintains Kate has not accounted for $33,000 she spent from the same account. Kate Gosselin was a no-show at court.

All sides are due back in court again next month.


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I have to wonder where he got the money. Maybe Hailey,s plastic surgeon father bailed him out. I thought he said it was only $152,000. and then he said $180,000. and now it's the original $230.000. TMZ messed up, or Jon lied yet again!

1802 days ago

Finaly he came to his sences    

Jon haven't you figured it out Kate does no wrong everyone is going to blame you no matter what just because she is the mother she is an evil mother f*****k she will take you to the cleaners and leave you in the dirt while she lives off the kids and her fake tears will take her to the bank get a good lawyer and be prepared to fight the bitch.

1802 days ago


All the other websites say $230,000 as well....and suddenly Kate's amount went from 55k to 33k. Someone's lying.

1802 days ago


They really don't know whose story is correct. He said she said. Blah Blah Blah..
Way to wait until the very last minute to "deposit" the money. What a DB!

1802 days ago

Kate is just PATHETIC. As a wife. As a mother. As a person.

I so see why she has no real relationship with her parents, brother.

Has she ever had a real friend?

I seriously doubt it.

1802 days ago


HE paid it back that's all that matters but how come his price went up..a few days ago it was only $152,000 now it's more? she didn't show up wow.. this story keep unfolding...but at least he gave it back which was good.. but im still team Jon hope he makes better choices as these affect his children more than him.. in the long run..

1802 days ago


I believe Kate accounted for $22k, leaving her $33k short

1802 days ago


So he DID take all that money from the family account and he got on national tv and said he didn't. LIAR. Hope that makes you feel like a real man Jon stealing from your children and keeping the money until the last possible date. I guess the kids have been eating mock chicken sandwiches while you have been dining at The Oak Room. Tool.

1802 days ago


While I don't think secretly taking the money was the right thing to do, I can definitely see how he would despise her after how she treated him on that show. The way she disgraced him on t.v. so often was sickening. She would be difficult to deal with and living with, even worse.....

1802 days ago


Kate does no wrong! (barf) Everyone is blaming Jon - Kates fake tears, blatant disregard for her kids, fame hungry ghetto hood rat that she is because she is the mother, I agree, she is an evil mother f*****k-r & she will take Jon to the cleaners while she lives off the kids. Get a good lawyer Jon and be prepared to fight the bitch.

1802 days ago


Hey Gosselin, get in the ring with Bum Bum, you maggot. Bum Bum will kick your pansy azz!

1802 days ago


TLC and other media outlets are trying to sway people into thinking John is the complete bad guy here. They are doing this so that TLC can keep its money making show. Kate is also going along because I think she has always seen herself as a victim in life and this whole debacle certainly perpetuates that... Additionally, IF TLC and Kate truly truly cared about the kids, they would have ceased production, but despite what the kids are going through, they continue... why, because of GREED... ask any adult whom as a kid parents divorced, it IS rough on the kid......... Kate and TLC ought to be ashamed of themselves.. nothing like exploiting a child...

1802 days ago


Well since Kate is in California attending as a guest speaker The Women's Conference at the Long Beach Convention Center she is two busy to attend question is she in contempt of court or was she not required to be there? Why doesn't she have to account for all the moeny she has spent? Kate does no wrong after all..can't beleive these people. This is a perfect example of how to blow through 1 million dollars on attorney fees. Has she accounted for book money x3 (1 still unpublished but she was paid for) kids clothing line for walmart, appearences, signed pictures (yes $10 each cash only)ect. I don't think she cares about the kids as much as the life style she has. Hey down size to a smalled house and cut back on Starbucks, nails, tan ect like the rest of us. I would rather see her to that then keep the kids on t.v. she told the ladies of The View that that is their lively hood, well guess what go back to nurseing it pays well and with a smalled house she will be just fine. They have 11 bank accounts and the kids have trust funds. Stop playing the "poor me card" and as for Jon sell the condo in NY and live in your means as a IT guy until the TV thing happens or most likely not.

1802 days ago


Rabbi Schmuley discusses morality with Jon Gosselin. What a pair. Jon trying to whitewash his image? Yep.

1802 days ago
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