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Kate Gosselin -- 'Clearly Pleased' to Get $$$ Back

10/26/2009 1:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Gosselin Kate Gosselin's lawyer just released a statement regarding the judge's decision this morning to force Jon to hand over the cash he ripped out of the couple's joint bank account a few weeks ago:

"We are clearly pleased that the monies taken by Mr. Gosselin have been returned to the marital account, and we look forward to recouping additional monies taken by Mr. Gosselin at the time of the parties' private arbitration hearings.

A total of at least $235,000 was taken by Mr. Gosselin, and despite his initial comments denying responsibility, we have established that Ms. Gosselin needed emergency relief to prevent her economic claims from being compromised.

Kate was not at court in Pennsylvania for today's proceedings -- her lawyer explained that she was not required to be there in person ... she was only required to provide a "complete accounting of funds" ... which she did.


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REALLY??? When are you going to get through your mid-life crisis and take care of your children?? Your wife is probably the worst B____ I have ever seen but that is way beside the point!! You have 2 little girls that NEED you (way more than YOU need some young twit) and six additional children that can't possibly live their lives without you!! Grow up...and do what is right!! Kate doesn't have to be your wife...but can you possibly be an honest and ethical father?? Doubtful...but how about you just try!!

1761 days ago


shes a nice person and jon never cared about her at all and i whatch there show and kate it the nice one and jon is the bad one i hope she sue him for everthing i dont feel bad for jon im here for kate all the why.

1759 days ago


Why did they have 2nd invitro if they already had 2 kids? Should they have not gone through with it? SHould they have not done the show? Was it all Kate's plan? Yes? No? God bless them for having so many kids? or They are crazy for having som many kids?
Who are we to judge them or say what's right and what's wrong? Just because I decided to have one child so that I can work and give him everything he needs doesnt mean I did the right thing?

We can only speculate, but we will never know the real story of how it all played out, reason why they did the show or why they got divorced. And why would anyone care.
Let's see, 8 kids - live off of one salary and i'm sure with that many kids they would receive some assistance from the county (medical, food stamps, housing, cash, etc - & , well we all know who pays for that) or do the show, make money and receive perks. HHMMMMM. MANY people would jump at such an opportunity - it's just human nature.
I heard the kids are in private schools. If true, WAY TO GO KATE. I doubt she would be able to put them through private schools living off of one salary, or even hers and Jon's together.
I can only wish my son could go to private school. American public school system is very "slow" in education. (I volunteer at my son's school one day a week. 2nd grade and they still haven't learned the multipllication table. Unheard of in most Eurpean countries) Her kids have seen more and been to more places than my 7yr old has. They also seem very disciplined.
She spanks her kids. Some say WRONG - some say OK. My parents spanked me but I would never spank my child. I don't hold it against them one bit for what they did. They did the best they could.
People praise and pay $$ to go see young atheles. Michelle Kwan, World title at 15, skated at world championship at "13"!!! Kate was scrutinized for taking her twins to a talent agency but we love to see Dakota Fanning movies. :)
All in all, these kids are our future. At least these children have an opportunity for better education.

Mr. Jones made a comment: """"Kate was at a BOOK SIGNING - where are the kids you media whore. I watched 2 of the shows on TLC and I would have left her long ago.""""

I don't take my son to work, well only an a "Take your kid to work day". Why whore??? Was the book signing at a bar, or a strip club????

1759 days ago


Hey, you moronic commentators, why dont most of you get a life and focus on your own families. I know I will be, but then what will I do for laughs if you all dont chip in with your two-cents, and thats being generous.

1753 days ago


They need to settle this and get out of the news.

1790 days ago


Hey Ryan!!!!!!!!!!

1790 days ago



1790 days ago


1790 days ago


Hope this is the beginning of the end of these two. What does ET get out of this ??? They quote Jon as if he isn't the slug that he is. I am Not a huge Kate fan but she needs to take out the Jon trash for good. Let him get a place big enough for the damn dogs. She at least makes money without blasting Jon and making crazy statements the poor children will someday read. He said today he was surprise she wasn't in court yeah right he knew where she was and if she is trying to avoid him DO WE BLAME HER!!!!nothing good comes from being associated with him. Finally I hope that goofy lawyer gets his too.

1790 days ago

Kooky Fan    

Kate was at a BOOK SIGNING - where are the kids you media whore.

I watched 2 of the shows on TLC and I would have left her long ago.

1790 days ago


RTHey both need to get a life and take care of there children. Enough of this already. They are equally to blame . IT does amaze me though how in the beginning the media was after her and now there after JOn and she is a saint to them. THEY ARE BOTH TO BLAME AND BOTH NEED TO GROW UP

1790 days ago


So what if Kate was at a book signing making money to support herself and the children, it's her job! Where is Jon? At work? Hahahahahaha! No that's right, he joesn't have a job. Tool.

1790 days ago


Maybe today at 1:30pm Harvey can explain how if he was the attorney's on both sides how he would advise his clients.

1790 days ago


He doesn't have a job.

1790 days ago


dumbass mr.jones its their so called father's week....stupid ass

1790 days ago
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