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Jamie McCourt -- 'Real' Frank Will Be Exposed

10/27/2009 7:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of Jamie McCourt's lawyers has issued a stern warning to her estranged husband Frank -- if the L.A. Dodgers owner doesn't play ball, "a lot will come out about the kind of person Frank McCourt is."

Jamie McCourt

The lawyer, legendary Bert Fields, tells TMZ Frank and Jamie were in the middle of a "happy marriage" in 2004, when Jamie agreed to sign the Marital Property Agreements that Frank presented to her. Those agreements directly addressed ownership of the Dodgers, among other valuable assets.

Fields also tells us that while Frank now claims those Marital Property Agreements gave Frank sole ownership of the Dodgers, Jamie has an "unimpeachable witness" who will attest to the fact that Frank has repeatedly acknowledged Jamie's community property ownership of the team.

FYI -- Fields joins a legal team consisting of family law attorney Dennis Wasser, who has repped stars like Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg.

This is only day one of the official divorce battle ... it's gonna be one hell of a fight.

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I am so sick of these people.

1786 days ago


I am sick of these people.

1786 days ago


The rest of us who don't live in LA could care less about these people..

1786 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Oh my good heavenly father baby disco Jesus H Christ.


I swear to god man, this is as damn close to ver-f*cking-batum the way my divorce proceded.

And now??

My ex-wife of 30 years is going to uh, "write a book".

The would be the same person who can't find her way out of a paper bag... and has to stop and figure out where the sky is EVERY SINGLE DAY SHE WAKES UP.


Her attorneys want to PAY BALL???


I wish I were there to do nuthin but laugh.

1786 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Oh yeah Frank?? Fred here again.

Always remember Frank... life could be much worse.

Cuz you know where I used to occasionally sit as a guest???

It was the owners suite...


1786 days ago


She signed the agreement, the Dodgers are his.


1786 days ago


Hey Feebee, even those who live in L.A., couldn't careless about these two. This is not news anywhere but on TMZ. I don't care...and the Dodgers SUCK

1786 days ago


Ho go sit down somewhere you didn't do anything to deserve half of nothing. Chics always trying to get half of something, bitch go get a job.

1786 days ago

Outside Observer    

I don't think Frank really wants to go up against both Bert Fields and Dennis Wasser. I sense trouble ahead for him...

1786 days ago

Bob Barnett    

Bert Fields is old BS'er blowing smoke. And the old slut admits signing an antenuptual agreement-but now is claiming she didn't know what she signed-even though she's a CEO.
She'll end up w all the houses, tons of cash, and no Dodger tickets.

1786 days ago


Hey Fred, if your Ex was such and idiot, who can't find her way out of a paper bag, what does it say about you that you stayed with her for 30 years???

Of course, you have probably never really been married. Poor lonely Fred. All he has is TMZ's comment section.

For the rest, if you don't care, DON'T CLICK, DON'T READ, DON'T COMMENT! Problem solved!

1786 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Hi Heather.

My wife **WAS** the hottest female on the planet.

20 google pages all to herself.

If I gave you her stage name... you would be the first to scream FAKE.

And for the record, to be more precise, it was 27 years married... of which I gave her the last 3-4 years as a free ride while her estrogen levels depleted to zero.

And no need to fell sorry for me... cuz I am killing time here on TMZ while I await my new girlfriend who is 16 years younger than me (53 - 16 = 37) but you know what Heather... it is embarrasing to go out with her becuase she looks like she is 22.

So OK Heather... let me guess.

I'm a "FAKE" right???


Wrong ! ! !


But have a nice day anyway. No matter what YOUR estrogen lavels may be.

1786 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Oh and Heather???

Many of the scenes that my wife filmed were shot about ten houses south of the Jackson place... on a little street off Havenhurst.

And Heather????

I never did forgive that sumbitch Jermaine Jackson for dinging my car at Metromedia studios back around 1981. He pulled in and parked next to my designated spot.

Jermaine drove a really nice late 50's Rolls Royce. I'll be that you think I am makeing that up??? OK. Go back and do your internet search. I speak the truth.

Jermaine drove that nice Rolls... and that sumbitch had the nerve to ding my:

1981 Diesel Rabbit.

(beige with sunroof)

Hope I provided a little entertainment and trivia Heather... that is unless your estrogen levels are a tad low today.


1786 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Oh DAMMIT Heather... my g/f just got here and while I was dinking around with you I forgot to change the sheets.

Come to think of it... I didn't pop my Cialis either.

But I had some fun here on TMZ tonight.


1786 days ago


What exactly has she contributed to Frank's earnings over the years?
Has she been a critical part of his business operation?
Why does she feel entitled to being a part-owner?

1786 days ago
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