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Joe Francis Suing

Jayde Threatened to Kill Me!

10/27/2009 11:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Francis claims Brody Jenner's 115-pound girlfriend threatened to kill him during a bar fight back in August -- and now the Girls Gone Wild kingpin is suing, claiming he feared for his life.

Joe Francis Brody Jenner

According to the lawsuit, Francis claims he was innocently walking through a crowd of people at "Guys and Dolls" nightclub in Hollywood, when Playboy Playmate Jayde Nicole suddenly struck him in the head, threw a drink on him and stated, "I'm going to kill you!"

Francis claims he was "startled and shocked" -- but then he saw Jayde reaching for a bottle. In the docs, Francis claims "in fear and apprehension of being struck a third time and that Nicole was going to carry out her threat to kill him," Joe grabbed Nicole's hair in "self-defense."

Joe claims Nicole fell to the ground -- but only because she "lost her balance on her high heels."

Later that night, Francis claims Jenner attacked him "in a jealous rage."

Francis is now suing both Brody and Jayde for battery, assault, negligence, slander, libel and false light -- because after the bar incident, Francis claims the two lied when they recounted the incident to a TMZ cameraman who was outside the club.


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The big he-man is scared of a little bitty 115 pound girl killing his puny butt. How big are his family jewels? Let's get a microscope!

1821 days ago


Why is Jayde trying to act all innocent. When you watch the video, it clearly shows her starting the whole incident, by pouring a drink down his back. She deserved to get her hair pulled. I think the BOTH of them are douche bags!!! She is a HO!

1821 days ago


he is such a fairy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dude go back and do your momma cause any other woman will smack you and send you back to her anyway pantywaste!!!!!!!!!!!!

1821 days ago


hahahah Francis is such a pu@sy!!!!!!

1821 days ago


since it's on tape,what's to argue? assuming it is, brody and gal pal better have a good excuse, sounds like somebody could have some legal issue soon, joe needs to find other places to hang out, sounds like he is a target.

1821 days ago


2 Douche Bags & a Bimbo.

Zero respect for ALL of them.

NEXT !!!

1821 days ago


*snorts* Why would anyone want to sleep with that?

1821 days ago


While they are all people in need of something worthwhile to do, it would be good advice to Joe to not spend so much money on lawyers, etc. and concentrate on paying back his gambling debt to The Wynn! It seems he owes (approximately) $2,000,000.

1821 days ago


Wow, does he really think anyone is stupid enough to believe that story? Sorry, Joe, but we’re not as big of morons as you are. Only someone as dumb as you would think anyone would buy that story. So who are you going to sue next to get your manhood back? Oh, that’s right, you never had one to begin with. No wonder you have no problem saying you were terrified by a tiny, 115 pound girl. Why don’t you, Joe Francis, do us all a favor by getting a gun and blowing your brains out. The world would be a much better place without you in it.

1821 days ago


I say, friggen good for Joe !! Brody didnt follow rule #1 - "Bro's before Ho's". Hopefully now he has to pay up for assaulting Joe, and for believing Jayde, when she cried wolf. Such BS. I personaly hope they both get what they have coming. I believed Joe Frances all along. In looking at his history, dude is not a fighter.
More power to you Joe !!

1821 days ago


#2 They all are on steriods look at before and after pics of the people you named.
#14 so nice to hear from people who condon women beating! your a azz.

1821 days ago


#27 - Regarding your statement, "#14 so nice to hear from people who condon women beating!..."

If a ho wants to act like an ass, rather than a lady, and initiate crap with a man, or hit a man, why shouldn't the man be able to hit her back?!?! An eye for an eye. You have too many women out there thinking it is okay to beat on a man, and do anything they please and get away with it, because a man is not supposed to hit a woman! Bulls--t!!! She should get what she gets! I bet this ho won't initiate crap again with a man.

1821 days ago


Joe Francis is right. I hope he gets all of their money.
It's ok to defend yourself against any and all attacks. If a bitch is not acting like a lady and using violence its ok to stop them any way you can. Brody is a tool and deserves losing some money due to his poor choice in bitches. It'll be a life lesson.
Joe was slandered over and over by this broad with the help of paps. I hope joe cleans up by sueing everybody involved.

1821 days ago


Cocaine is a powerful drug.

1821 days ago


I wish a b#tch would toss a drink in my face unprovoked.
There would be no need for a lawsuit.

I'm noticing a trend here in America.
Females are becoming more and more physically aggressive towards men, and other women.

For you females out there, that engage in such physical aggression don't cry out, "but I'm just a girl."
When one day you get the guts stomped right out of you.

If you insist on acting like a man, then it's only appropriate that you should be dealt with like a man.
Females want equality, well here it is... ARTOFWAR

1821 days ago
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