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Swastika Guy to Taylor: I'm Sorry!

10/29/2009 4:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taylor & AJThe guy at the core of the Taylor Swift swastika scandal claims it's possible the singer did not see the Nazi symbol on his chest when he pulled her in for a photo the other night.

The shirt-bearer, AJ English, tells TMZ he didn't know Taylor before Katy Perry's party last weekend -- and he's sorry for dragging her into the chaos.

As for why he had a swastika on his shirt in the first place -- English says it started out as an "X" but was "perverted" as the night went on, adding he's "not a racist" and doesn't support the Nazi agenda.


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AND.It was a party.And he shouldn't have apologized because he didn't do anything wrong.As much as I hate Hitler and all he did this guy didn't look angry or was wearing the uniform.Don't give into the political correctness crap.The left is saying now they know what is in your heart and mind give me a break.If you say your sorry your telling them that you wore it out of malice and if you didn't mean it that way tell them to go pound salt.WHEN ARE PEOPLE GOING TO TAKE A STAND AND TELL THESE NAZIE LEFT TO SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP. IF YOU DON'T STAND FOR SOMETHING YOU'LL FALL FOR ANYTHING. So your going to let them totally control you not me but I guess if your in hollywood land you have to do what the left tell you to do or your career it over so the money and fame is more important then your stnding up for yourself and being an individual.I'm not part of the COLLECTIVE ARE YOU.DO NOT SAY YOUR SORRY. I like Taylor Swift and enjoy her music.But if people continue to give in to these progressive communist on the left I will have to take my business to someone who will tell them to stick it where the sun don't shine.TAKE A STAND DON'T WHIMP OUT YOU WILL LOSE FANS.

1824 days ago


who cares taylor swift is a sweety and i still love her so all you other ignorant people can leave her alone. it doenst matter i dont think shes racist so who cares. besides its no ones business what she does....

1824 days ago


taylor swift is a cool not cool but still not cool but still cool....that guy is a dumbazz..hes not even cute. why would you dance with that skrewdriver!!! chimichangas!!!!!! for life!!!! Peanut! hello Peanut!

1823 days ago


He can wear whatever he wants. It's a symbol. It's a symbol that used to mean peace! Who cares who it offends? This next generation of kids is growing up in the most homogenized, gentrified country. It's disgusting. If the swastika is so bad, then why is tmz putting it all over the television...thus giving it more power than the JEWISH kid who had it plastered on his shirt.

1815 days ago

Paul Bass    

OK First off you all need to Wiki Swastika, it is a religious symbol that has been around for 5,000 years before the Nazis made it their symbol and I agree with this guy we need to reclaim this holy symbol from the grasp of evil. There are many people around the world that still to this day consider and us it as a holy symbol resembling many things to many different people. Seriously people look things up before you complain about them and condemn people for using them.

1815 days ago


Everyone! LEAVE TAYLOR ALONE! I bet you've all done something worse than this! 'JH' stands for Julianne Hough! Go look at Julianne's shirt, it says 'TS' for Taylor Swift! Just accept this guys apology!

Ok, Taylor probably didn't get full education, and like most dumb as a doorknob stars, she didn't know what that was! Or she probably didn't bother to notice such a big thing. So what? I don't notice the big huge 'we're re-doing your street' signs on my door!

Secondly, it DID start out as an 'X'. Could you all start using your pea brains? Of course it didn't spread on its own, his friend who thought it was perverted and added the extra strokes on the x's ends! And as dumb as they seem, they probably didn't know it stood for Nazism!

Poor, poor Taylor. She's being attacked by all these people for something that's NOT HER FAULT.

1815 days ago


"What is wrong with you people? How do you think Hitler got started? How do you think he ended up with the power he had?
Because too many people sloughed off his rants and his prejudices as "nothing" and "meaningless"! Before they knew it, Hitler was in control and began to kill those who spoke against him."

You're an idiot. people didnt "slough" off his ideology, they embraced it. You can't kill 4 million people on your own. On top of that, he used facism and the media to control the population.

As Joseph Goebbels remarked “Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play.” Hitler Reiterated that point with "Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it."

The SWASTIKA is not to blame for the death of millions, it was the control of information. To say an image or thought cannot be displayed is facist and we are doomed to repeat the atrocities Hitler created if we follow your logic.

1811 days ago


I just looked up AJ english on myspace and there are swastica's all over his page. He is clearly a bigot.

1807 days ago
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