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Oprah -- Double Standard on Domestic Abuse?

10/30/2009 8:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah took a hard stand on Chris Brown, but just a few days ago the talk show host allowed another famous alleged woman-abuser on her show -- and now the victim says she feels betrayed.

Oprah -- Double Standard on Domestic Abuse?

The man in question is gospel singer BeBe Winans -- who is accused of shoving his ex-wife Debra Winans to the ground in front of their kids back in February. BeBe was on "Oprah" on Friday to pimp out his new gospel CD -- his domestic violence charge is pending until another court hearing next year.

Debra tells TMZ she's "hurt by Oprah's decision to have Bebe on the show" -- especially after she refused to have Chris Brown on her show in the wake of the Rihanna beating.

Calls to Oprah's people were not returned.


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She has changed so much...she is a Hot Mess now..She is starting to jump on the follower Train...she's no longer a trin setter.. Did anyone see the two shows she did for Michael? She made me mad? what about anyone else?

1757 days ago


And Mike Tyson?

1757 days ago


I used to love her. Now I can't stand to even hear her voice. She has just become too full of herself.

1757 days ago


I always knew Oprah was a man in the middle.

1757 days ago

Zach Swan    

Brings to mind another classic Oprah show double standard. Years ago she did a show on spousal abuse (both men and women.) A crazy ghetto woman gets up and says "mama always told me a man who beat a woman ain't no man. he just a coward". Huge applause from Oprah crowd. Sinbad has this little man beside him on stage who get's beaten by his wife and asks what you call a woman who beats her husband? Same ghetto woman stands up: "dat's a woman who ain't afraid to stand up fo' he'self!" Cheers all around. Men are meant to be hated on the Oprah show, even if they're the victims.

1757 days ago

grossed out    

I use to love Oprah in the nineties, but now I can't STAND her. She makes me ill especially when she endorsed Obama. She is so full of herself that she probably thinks he was voted president because of her. Why do we like this PIG anyways?

1757 days ago


lol @ man in the middle...

1757 days ago


I can't stand her. She's two faced opportunist fat bitch.

1757 days ago


This is exactly what Chris Brown meant he thought that Oprah would have his back and give him the benefit of the doubt like she does her other friends and help him grow.Bebe is too old and should know better as a gospel singer.
She is such a hypocrite!

1757 days ago


8. I can't stand her. She's two faced opportunist fat bitch.

Posted at 2:02AM on Oct 30th 2009 by mattx

#8 I agree with you 100% I think she is so full of herself i used to like her now i can't stand her !!

1757 days ago


I was done with her after she had Mike Tyson on her show. She was hugging on him and this is a case of a repeated abuser not a one time argument that went too far in Chris Brown's case.
This is why I will continue to support Chris. He has been rail roaded when all these other celebrities go on as if nothing happens and don't even apologize.

1757 days ago


Hypocrite. Courting the christian demographic it seems. Gotta love those theists.

1757 days ago


I have lost respect for her as she is two faced. She previously has condemned rap music and didn't allow some rappers on her show but WELCOMED Jay Z! She only goes with what she thinks the media and her audience will want.

1757 days ago


This is why I always say when you start judging others like Chris Brown it will come back to bite you in the a** it is easier to forgive or be neutral so you don't come out looking like a liar all the time. I hope Chris can come back from this and I wish the best for Chris and Rihanna who have been judged too much for too long.

1757 days ago


Who besides middle aged women, give a rats a$$ what Oprah says?

1757 days ago
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