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'Real O.C.' Douche Owes $80,000 to Sick Son

11/4/2009 2:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The only thing worse than owing nearly $80,000 in child support? When the kid you're allegedly failing to support is fighting an inoperable brain tumor ... but that's just how the Real O.C.'s Slade Smiley happens to roll.

Slade smiley

TMZ has obtained a letter sent to Slade's baby mama from the Department of Child Support Services last month, which states Slade owes her $77,356.75 in late child support payments ... plus 10 percent interest whenever he doesn't cut her a check on time.

Slade filed a request in L.A. County Superior Court two weeks after the DCSS sent the letter, asking a judge to lower the enormous child support bill because he says he's unemployed and makes zero dollars. Slade's rep tells us Slade has "jumped through burning hoops to take care of [his child's] well-being and health."

Slade's baby mama begs to differ, telling us Slade has only seen his sick 9-year-old son Grayson twice in the last year and a half -- and hasn't even sent the kid a birthday card.


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Lady Z    

New Flash: NOBODY who agrees to appear on on of these crap shows is "rich". They are all nothing but a bunch of posers who are shiny on the surface and hollow on the inside. I live in Newport Beach and this is all I see here. This place is filled with nothing but losers who want to live like millionaires when they don't have a pot to piss in. Most live off mommy and daddy's money and don't know the first thing about real life. If they didn't have parents to front their lifestyles they would be living in broken down apartments in Garden Grove. They don't know the value of a dollar and most live like this Slade jerkoff. They would rather go on expensive vacations and drive expensive cars than pay for health insurance, child support for a sick child or other necessities. I must be the only person in Newport who does not hit up my parents for money, who hits the 99 cent store and who does not shop at Gelsons.
Does this child have any health insurance? I assume the mother is working a has him covered under her plan, if not the State of California is footing the bill. No wonder the state if flat ass broke.

1760 days ago


what a douche!!!! everyone in the oc hates this guy...

1760 days ago

wow what a low class banged 3 housewife loser

1760 days ago


To "Ulic" How do you know the "baby mama" as you put it, doesn't have a job; she's still entitled to child support no matter how much she earns. Plus, she is taking care of a terminally ill child which is probably breaking her heart, you idiot. You mut be a deadbeat male yourself.

1760 days ago


For those who are bashing the "baby mama", she is his ex-wife. Having a terminally ill child is a full-time job. If she is working outside the home, that is a second full-time job. If you've never had a terminally ill child, most of your time is spent at doctors' offices, treatment clinics, and hospitals. That doesn't count the hours spent at home, trying to make your child as comfortable as possible while you watch him die, knowing there is nothing modern medicine can do to save him. Her first priority should be her child because obviously, he's not Slade's top priority.
Even if she isn't working outside the home, she is doing the most important job on Earth at the moment...she's there for her dying kid. That is a hell of a lot more than you can say for Slade.

1760 days ago


Mari, you are soo right.

1760 days ago


#21: F**k you, hater! You really think we in OC are all like that?!
Haven't you ever heard the old saying "It's better to remain silent and have people wonder if you're an idiot than to open your mouth and remove all doubt?" Hater!

1760 days ago


Why, oh why, am I always attracted to the douches/alcoholics/addicts?

1760 days ago


Douche is too good a word. He was never rich, just a poser - the guy used to bounce $25 checks at local businesses! What the hell Gretchen sees in him, I'll never know. He's not smart, he's not funny, he's not charismatic, hell, he's really only average-looking.

1760 days ago



1760 days ago


I'm not at all surprised. I used to have to turn the channel when he came on those so called 'Real Housewifes' Only an insecure woman would stay with him and then they get this idea that he's to approve new boyfriends for Joe, his ex. That's just cause he's insecure himself. I very much dislike this person. He's a loser, big time.

1760 days ago

Paulie Wants a Cracker    

Slade is a douche and should hang out with Jon G. I never liked this guy from the first season of the show. He is an opportunist and actually gross. He should be ashamed and it figures Gretchen would date him she is just as heartless as him. Oh Gretchen tries to get everyone to like her and come off as nice but she just needs the attention, Gretchen only cares about herself and Slade is the same way. Slade you should be so ashamed, you are such a loser.

1760 days ago


Another good reason to NEVER watch reality t.v. So far from real, or so close to the ugly truth of the human either case..cant watch..would rather listen to my own hair grow. water seeks its own level.....Slade....these people are a plague on our society. And, fairly boring too!

1760 days ago

Paulie Wants a Cracker    

It's obvious Gretchen and Slade are on here talking about his ex-wife calling her fat when she is home taking care of a very sick child. Slade is a nasty man, I always knew he didn't have can tell a poser from a mile away. Gretchen is a golddigger and in all honesty she is looking old this season. Gretchen and Slade deserve each other, they are both shady people. Gretchen is lucky that she looks good enough to bag rich men, that was her job she went into real estate to get connections to old rich men. Did anyone notice Gretchens relationship with her father last season, kinda creepy. Gretchen acted very sexual around her own father on the lake. Grabbing her boobs infront of her father, putting things between her legs as if she had a weewee and thrusting infront of her father. Very creepy and ewwww. Her dad appeared to enjoy it, that is gross. No wonder she likes old men.

1760 days ago

Paulie Wants a Cracker    

Brandi, I noticed that too. Gretchens behavior around her father was sick, no wonder her own mother can't stand her it's like competition. That is straight NASTY GRETCHEN!!!! I bet Gretchen has mental issues and needs everyone to focus on her including her father, what woman would act that way infront of their daddy???

1760 days ago
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