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Burglary Suspect

Ratted on the Rest

11/6/2009 6:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1103-prugo-exl-2A Hollywood Hills Burglar Bunch suspect ratted out the other alleged members of the group, this according to a search warrant affidavit just released out of Las Vegas.

According to the document ... after Nick Prugo was arrested, he met with detectives and "provided a full confession and implicated several other suspects: Rachel Lee, Dianna Tomayo [sic], Alexis Neiers, Courtney Ames, Jonathan Ajar and a man only known as Roy."

In the doc, it says Prugo admitted to committing all of the burglaries and that Rachel Lee was with him during the burglaries of Audrina Patridge, Lindsay Lohan, Orlando Bloom, Rachel Bilson and Paris Hilton.

Also, "Prugo stated that Lee was the driving force of the burglar crew and that her motivation was based in her desire to own the designer wardrobes of the Hollywood celebrities that she admired."

On the burglary of Paris' residence: "Prugo stated they entered Hilton's residence approximately three times, prior to the burglary in December 2008. That they removed cash, narcotics and thousands of dollars worth of jewelry to include family heirlooms."

On the burglary of Orlando's residence: "Prugo detailed how the crew removed several expensive wristwatches, artwork, men's and women's clothing from the location."

On the burglary of Bilson's residence: "Prugo stated that he burglarized the residence a total of three (3) separate times ... he was able to access the residence through an unlocked side door ... Prugo estimated that he and Lee removed approximately $200,000 to $300,000 worth of Chanel merchandise."

On the burglary of Audrina's residence: "Prugo stated that he, Lee and Tamayo entered the residence through an unlocked door ... he first saw video surveillance of he and Lee committing the crime posted on the celebrity website, TMZ."

On the burglary of Lohan's residence: "Prugo stated that he was apprehensive because he was aware that the residence was equipped with surveillance video" and was scared of being busted again. "Lee chastised Prugo for his caution and stated, 'You're already here. You might as well come inside and get something for yourself.'"

Now this is interesting: In the doc, it says Prugo claimed Lee's father knew about their illegal activities and gave them the following advice on how to elude arrest: "Bury the stolen property in the Nevada desert and for Prugo to join the military."

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I don't get why none of these guys had alarms in their homes. Seems a non-brainer to me. WTF?

1814 days ago


What in hell is wrong with reporting bad behavior? Ratting, Snitching, who cares.

The bad guys are getting away with more than murder because being truthful is apparently not cool.

1814 days ago


Hey, Prugo!
I bet the cops told ya that your "friends: wouldn't find out if you told them everything, huh?

1814 days ago


I know Nick Prugo and you should know he is wearing a wig in the posted photo above. I real life he is balding. He still a cute guy though.

1814 days ago


why is this pro-gay website GLAMOURIZING these little corrupt twerps? Every other story seems about the burglar bunch or trying to smear defame Carrie Prejean because she doesn't enthusiastically support IN-DA-BUTT abnormal lifestyles...

1814 days ago

the man    



1814 days ago


no matter who ratted ....they were going to find them anyway...ding dongs......hope they pay a high price for what they did and for they were planning..jail time....

1814 days ago

Tiger Tale    

Hey Nick,

Just a suggestion here: get your anus waxed and bleached now. They like 'em smooth in the clink.

1814 days ago


If he is telling the truth then he has made the DA’s job a lot easier. Offer him a deal by reducing the number of felony counts in exchange for testifying against each of them as being an accomplice. Demand prison time for all of them because of the money value and the conspiracy. Play the tapes and have him finger each one of them.

1814 days ago


I dont get it.. these people have millions and millions of dollars, yet none of them have a simple alarm in their houses?

1814 days ago



1814 days ago


I don't know if this question was asked before on this Burglar Bunch saga, but in case it wasn't...

Am I the only one surprise about the UNBELIEVABLE LACK OF SECURITY all those Hollywood houses had?! Are Audrina Patridge's neighbours all as dumb as her and just leave their doors unlocked? 'Cuz, if it is the case... WHY THE HELL SOMETHING LIKE THAT DOESN'T HAPPEN ALL THE TIME?!!!

If I owned a security company in California, the first thing I would do is hire a bunch of thugs to completely EMPTY out those houses. Afterwards, I would just show up later to the dumbasses' doorstep, while they would still be crying over the sh*t they have lost, and offer them my 'brand new & full-proof' home security system. Hell, I would even give 'discounts' for those suckers if they recommend me to their other rich friends! And it WOULD work, because all those victims are OBVIOUSLY IDIOTS - sorry, but, for a chick like Rachel Lee to be the mastermind of a FAIRLY SUCCESSFUL series of major burglaries, you have to acknowledge that her victims were overwhelmingly less than smart.

God, if I were in L.A., this is EXACTLY what I would do right now, 'cuz you know those imbeciles didn't learn ANYTHING from what happen to them - what are you willing to bet that Audrina's back door still is open (alright, get your minds out of the gutter, you know what I was sayin'!)? People of Cali, there's REAL MONEY to be made here - yes, the illegal kind, but seriously how many of you actually do a honest living over there anyway?! Say whatever you want about the Burglar Bunch, but those folks were entrepreneurs - yes, MORONIC entrepreneurs, but still. It's time for someone else to step up to the plate and bring this thing to ANOTHER LEVEL...

Who's got the ball to do it?

1814 days ago


Obviously a lie. From the photos I've seen Rachel Lee is far too fat to wear anything in any of these celebs wardrobe.

1814 days ago


Does this little snitchy gay boy do drag ?
Bounce that butt again for us darlin' Nicky !! I wanna see it again.

(I'm sure the dudes in lock-up wanna see it again too; I bet they can't wait for your arrival).

1814 days ago


@ time

IF this is a pro-gay site AND gay aint your thang...

WHY YA ON HERE ???? Huh ?

1813 days ago
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