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Glenn Close

Born to Nap

11/9/2009 9:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Glenn Close hates to be ignored -- but she doesn't mind doing it to others.

glen close mel gibson

Glenn got a little shuteye during the Bruce Springsteen concert at Madison Square Garden this weekend.

Mel Gibson looked content in the row behind her -- but former Lakers coach Pat Riley looks like the happiest guy in the building.


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How the Heck do you fall asleep at a Bruce Springsteen Concert?

1812 days ago

Slutty Whores Rock    

Looks like an AARP convention. Bruce, hang it up before somebody breaks a hip. You haven't been cool in 20 years, you got enough money and nobody wants to see skanky Patty pretend to sing.

1812 days ago

Hugh Jass    

No surprise here, after all "The Boss" sings incoherently, and his music is awful even if everyone in NJ and upstate NY bought all his records. Some people will buy anything, look at all the silly folks who boughyt Michael Jackson records. Look at "Get It On, Bang a Gong, Neon" which was also a big seller. I didn't buy it... You didn't buy it... so who the heck bought it? See what I mean? BTW, I might be FIRST here...

1812 days ago

Hugh Jass    

Hey #2, You're Right.
But durn it, I spent so much time waxing eloquent, I ended up Third.
And for anyone who wants to correct my spelling, c'mon, it was just a typo in the race to try to be First. The point is that anyone can sell junk (even Freddy Mercury witrh "Radio Gaga-...Caca, etc.,") and people will buy it. Even Paul McCartney recorded "Mary Had A Little Lamb" on a bet people would buy it and they did. So There.

1812 days ago


looks like the average student in my chemistry 112 class LOL

1812 days ago


i think i would have fell asleep too. the guy who is sitting two seats to the left of mel looks a little like sweets on bones.

1812 days ago

Bobo Frog    

Apparently Glenn Close's date for the evening was the corpse of Andy Warhol.

1812 days ago


Apparently Springsteen has many black fans.

1812 days ago

Never was a fan of Maya    

Yeah Glenn, I totally understand - I feel the same way about Bruce Springsteen.


1812 days ago


Can't blame her I have never understood the Bruce Springsteen hype anyway...Hate his music

1812 days ago


Listening to Springsteen for 5 mins would
be like having the worst case of Road Rage.

I have NEVER understood ppl's appeal for him.


1812 days ago

Wanda W.    

Of course Pat Riley looks happy! He was probably three sheets to the wind,and dreaming of how he'll score with some whore later on!!!!!!! Mel Gibson was also in the same boat,that drunken racist!!!!!

1812 days ago


I heard somebody call your name, from underneath our willow. I saw something tucked in shame, underneath your pillow. Well I've tried so hard baby, but I just can't see. What a woman like you is doing with me.
Back in his day, he was the MAN.
Too many classics to mention.

Now? Not so much. But credit where it's due.

1812 days ago


Saw the ex-boss in Greenville, over pirced tics & they moved us to what they said was an upgrade, but were jsut trying to make it look like more pople there than there was. KISS had way more people, it may have even been sold out, then Bruce wants to say his dream is for evey man, woman , & child to have health care, if he wants to pay for it fine.Maybe he could have said his dream was for everyone to have a job so they could purchase helath care.Or better yet use the money we spend on his concert & cd's to purchase it.People come to be enetertained Bruce, do it like KISS, Paul said they came to help you forget all thats going on in the World & Rock n Roll all Night & Party Everyday.

1812 days ago


LOL Looks like the "Boss" has lost his edge, and Mel looks high.

1812 days ago
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