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Serena & Selita

A Booty-ful Night

11/10/2009 3:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It was a fantasstic evening in NYC -- as curvaceous tennis pro Serena Williams and petite Victoria's Secret model Selita Ebanks showed off their bangin' behinds.

In hindsight, we have just one question ...

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Wow...these comments are idiotic. All I need to mention is the the latest person to adopt a booty: Heidi Montag...why did she have butt implants? Why has J-Lo got freaking insurance on hers? Why is Kim Kardashian always trying to flash hers everywhere she goes? Because they know men like this!!! Regardless of all these crazy comments, men...including white ones like to look at that big butts. I am an African-American FEMALE and I have been in the military, gone to a predominately white college and now work for the governement and I can tell you that white men love phat behinds. I can also tell you that at work, I get treated so much better than an ugly, fat woman my same age because of my shape, my face, my sense of style. I have plenty of white guys flirt with me, want to take me out, staring at me...you name it, they try to do it!!! White guys way younger than me and white ones older than me. I know the little white women are still in denial and shock over this trend...that's why they are out trying to lift this, graft this, suck this and pull sh!t in different spots to add to theirs. But this isn't anything new...this has been going on since the days of slavery...hence the whole bi-racial thing. There are exceptions though...I would be amiss if I didn't say that, not every white guy that but that goes for any one. To each his own!!! But honestly, deep down inside...we all know what is attractive and what is not...and having a flat behind is not attractive. But some people are so instilled with the European aesthetic that that is what they have to have...hey, if you like it, I LOVE IT!!! I can give a rat's behind (lol) what you like. My point is that you do not have to be disrespectful and rude of someone who has something that you may want or that is different from you. But truly y'all...it's HUMAN NATURE...to be apprehensive and prejudicied against something/someone that is different...can we all say racism, sexism, and agaism??? I digressed somewhat...I have this one friend (black) that always talks about Lady Gaga but the only reason he does is because she is thick on the bottom and all her stage outfits she wears she tries to amplify that...1# because that's what draws all the attention besides those horrible get ups and not her ugly face (let's face it, she is NOT pretty); she doesn't have anything up top (boobs) to draw any fascination either. If it wasn't for those two things she would not get ANY attention. Oh, let's not forget the butt jeans and yoga pants and all other type of butt padding they make to give flat women some play. Now there truly are some white women that really do like looking like a straw but I find them to be in the silent minority. OR they want to be a size 2 and still have a booty. Honey, that does NOT work unless you were born that way...and most of the time those are people of color with those type of attributes (black, latino). If you have the money you CAN go buy it but you might die trying. Let's face it, the skinny, wanna be aneorexic folks...they are a dying breed!!!!!!!!!! Sorry to all the Becky's and Kate's.

1724 days ago


And.........do we care??????

1810 days ago


You are not funny balls, shut the heck up. You say the same thing over and over, you are violating the terms of service to this site.

1810 days ago


Whats that thing sticking to her butt?

1810 days ago


Dang..............her booty is GROSS, NASTY, I would be EMBARRASSED to carry something like that around with me.


1810 days ago


Are you sure that is not a MAN?????? It looks like a drag queen too me! I agree broken...NASTY

1810 days ago


She's in dire need of plastic surgery on the booty!!! That's for sure!

1810 days ago

Wc from Sc    


1810 days ago

Carolyn A-B    

What a sickening and sexist description of these two young ladies.
If photographers took shots of ethnic noses (say, of Jewish celebrities), this site would be barraged with attacks for its insensitivity. But you clowns seem to think it's all right to target Black women and make fun of their proportions.
Shame on Harvey Levin for promoting this racist tripe.

1810 days ago


At the Melbourne Cup recently in Australia I was checking out the back half of the horses.
Then it occured to me I'd seen something similar recently on a tennis court.
So what is the difference between Serena Williams behind and a horses as#?
One of them is human....We're just sayin'!!

1810 days ago


Thats one gigantic ass on Serena. You could place your drink,your dinner,your t.v., your computer , your favorite plant and your newspaper(weekend edition) back on top there and screw all night long.

1810 days ago


Man if the white man wasant a killin me tonight I'd hit that azz, maybe twice. It looks too die for.

1810 days ago


For those of you who are saying that she need to lose her butt well it got her 11 grand slams titles and nearly $29 millions dollar in prize money! If she can handle it why can't you?

She was born with that butt so why not let her keep it. Not everyone needs to be as slim as a toothpick!

1810 days ago


how does serena walk with an ass dat size?!!!!!

1810 days ago
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