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Tyson Now Has Arizona on His Butt

11/12/2009 1:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

MIke TysonMike Tyson can't get a break. Court officials in Arizona tell TMZ they're looking at yesterday's bloody LAX incident to determine if the ex-champ violated his probation. If he did, he could end up in an Arizona prison.

Tyson was convicted of felony cocaine possession and misdemeanor DUI in Arizona in 2007. He was placed on 3 years probation. One of the conditions -- Tyson can't violate any laws.

If Arizona prosecutors believe Tyson crossed the legal line yesterday, they could attempt to violate his probation and he could face jail time.

A probation official tells TMZ if charges are filed against Tyson in L.A., that could trigger a probation violation. The official says worst case scenario for Tyson -- 2 1/2 years in State prison.

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No Avatar


the pap is questioning why he got arrested? Totally on Mikes side.It would be a great injustice should Mike Tyson have to serve one day in prison as a result of this slimeball who demonstrated no respect for someones boundries.should have gotten a couple more hits.

1784 days ago


the guy has been through enough hell in his life. if it wasn't for the pap smear, then nothing would have happened. leave the guy alone. i hope justice will do the right thing.

1784 days ago


That what the papp get .They hound celebs to death. Mike your doing good dont let this get you down. I will pray God will help you in your case for this situation. Hang in there Mike..Maybe some anger management classes so next time you will react the right way.

1784 days ago


I am pretty sure it is illegal in most states to photograph someone in a bathroom. I know if a photog followed me into a bathroom and attempted to photograph me I'd take off one of my stilettos and beat the living hello out of them. Use common sense. Some places are just private no matter how famous a person may be...a bathroom should be one of those, even a public bathroom

1784 days ago


I hope Mike isn't charged in L.A. it was the paparazzi that provoked him to punch him once...I DO NOT condone violence, but in this situation it was justified.

The Paparazzi NEEDS to BACK OFF if someone DOES NOT want to be bothered.

1784 days ago


Give him a break. He's been trying to do better lately. Like with most of us lasting change takes a moment and sometimes we slip back. Soms of these paps have gotten a little out of hand lately..bumping into the rear of cars etc. personally, i would never have tried this type of approach tactic with someone known to have a temper/personality like mike. hope he doesn't have to serve more time..mybe some more anger management and some professional courtesy training for the paps.

1784 days ago

La Femme    

This is a business,Tony was assigned to get shots of Tyson arriving at LAX from London.He covered his assignement respecting and keeping his distance. I'm glad many of you feel he deserved the serious head wounds he sustained as a result of that serious beating (Check out the 2nd.video). The Pap. job is extremely dangerous, long hours,treachous traveling, compromised health situations.Quite often your hard work isn't appreciated.Maybe the next time it will be your head bashed in by Mike Tyson because you upset him.Now I have to worry about my son's long term recovery from that assault.If there wasn't such a hungry appetite for celebrity news, this need not have occured.LA Femme (Tony's Mom)

1784 days ago


I haven't been a fan of Mike Tyson in years but it'll be f**ked up if he goes to jail over that Pap! The Arizona Parole Board has to do what it feels it must but I am rooting for Mike on this one.

1784 days ago


#53 that's your son and you are doing your job to defend him. But you see the majority of people disagree. He crossed the line. It was Mike Tyson taking care of his business for God's sake not Paris Hilton flashing her vajayjay.

1783 days ago
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