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Pratt Pleads Not Guilty, Will Go to Rehab

11/13/2009 3:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Stephanie Pratt An attorney for Stephanie Pratt just pled not guilty on her behalf to a charge of misdemeanor DUI -- and her lawyer says the "Hills" star will check in to rehab.

Pratt's lawyer said she will enroll in a 30-day residential facility.

As we first reported, Pratt was pulled over at 3:45 AM on October 18 after leaving Holly Montag's birthday party.

Pratt's two breathalyzer tests registered .08 and .09 -- the legal limit is .08 -- so she was arrested and held on $5,000 bail.

If convicted, Pratt could face up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.


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What A Goober

1769 days ago

who dat    

If convicted, Pratt could face up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Cut the BS TMZ. She will be out of jail so fast, it will be like a revolving door.

1769 days ago


Lock her up Mr governor. Grow balls and make it an example that all people who do the crime, pay the crime.

1769 days ago


Suppressed Medical Records (File 5100-13465/001)

St. Catharines, Ontario (Pearson Park)

- Privacy Commissioner of Canada (Sect. 25,26,28)

- C.M.H.A/C.A.M.H. - Brock University

Further details:

1769 days ago


Something is fishy about this. She barely blew above the limit and she has to go to 30 days rehab????? Watch, she'll show up on Dr Drew's Celebrity Rehab. What a joke.

1769 days ago

Al K Hall    


Jeebus, i won't even get out of bed before i have something over 0.15...

Al K Hall
Functional Alcoholic Slurperson
(No, REALLY. Google 'Slurperson' if you don't believe me.)

1769 days ago


I agree with i smell fish
Rehab for barely blowing over? DUI laws are a joke anyway. This is a typical example, her life is turned upside down because she had a beer! I'm not saying driving drunk is OK but come on 1 or two beer and you're f@cked? Puleeease

1769 days ago



1769 days ago



December 22-January 19

Cultural activities -- from heritage festivals to art walks -- are
more fruitful than ever for you. Even if you long ago decided you're
not an art fan, you still get quite a bit out of it.

1769 days ago


You forgot the quotes around the word star.

1769 days ago


She was a former meth addict and had been in rehab before. But I think her checking in this time is more about alleviating the sentence and fines above anything. Oh, and on a side note. Isn't it funny how on the show they were trying to make Holly come off as the alcoholic and Stephanie trying to "save" her. hahaha

1769 days ago

To hell with her    

It's so nice to know that, should I ever get a DUI, I can simply plead guilty, go to rehab & not get hit too hard... (note extreme sarcasm)

I hope the judge throws the book at her. These arrogant idiotic young hollywood losers need to understand that it's no OK to potentially hurt someone by getting behind the wheel of a car when hammered. Enougn is enough...

1769 days ago


I have a friend who just got pulled over 2 days ago with a 0.22 and he has to do classes now tell me how she has the LEGAL limit and has to do rehab?? Holly should be in rehab! It really makes her look like S**t especially since she told holly a few weeks ago she needs rehab. she left before everyone how he hell did no one else get caught??

1769 days ago


.08? Then .09? That was about two..MAYBE three drinks. I'm sorry but these friggin MADD mothers mean well, but at .08 I could do the LSAT. GIVE ME A BREAK. Good for her. It's stupid what the state is doing to raise cash. Get pulled over for a burnt out tail light and the first question is "Have you had anything to drink tonight?" No. "Can you step out of the car?" Glassy eyes, wobbly because I just worked a friggin 10 HOUR DAY you losers.

I drink @ home now and take cabs or even buses. It's a cat and mouse game now. And if I'm in the mood I DON'T drink and drive casually. I WANT them to pull me over and waste some time on me.

1769 days ago


This p's me off, all these celebrities that drink and drive NO MATTER HOW MUCH they drank need to step up and use their celebrity for good and help stop this behavior; not ADD to it. This recent dennis quaid incident proves that if you're a celebrity you can get away with anything. This girl is just like hohan and ferret i mean paris. The average joe would get jail time and then some. This rehab thing is getting old. Think about all the people and kids that died because some dumb a** wants to do some buzzed driving.

1769 days ago
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