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Dr. Murray Gunning for AEG

11/17/2009 3:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray is setting the stage for a lawsuit against AEG for the medical services he rendered to Michael Jackson ... according to Dr. Murray's rep.

Conrad murray

AEG owes Dr. Murray $300,000, according to Miranda Sevcik, publicist for Dr. Murray's lawyer, Ed Chernoff. Sevcik claims AEG has been "dragging its feet," even though the Dr. has requested payment for 2 months of services.

Sevcik says Dr. Murray has not been paid a penny for his services, in spite of the fact that the doctor claims to have signed a binding deal with AEG before giving up his medical practice.

Sevcik says Dr. Murray will not file a creditor's claim against Jackson's estate. She says, "Dr. Murray needs the money and he's entitled to the money based on the contract he signed with AEG."

AEG could not immediately be reached for comment.


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Sure, give him $300,000 for the services that took Michael Jackson's life; for services including talking on the phone to his girlfriend and wandering around the house instead of monitoring his client after administrating a drug that no doctor should have ever administrated outside of a controlled medical environment. SICKO!

1804 days ago

Pay the good doctor.

1804 days ago


The Foulest stench is in the air...

I'd like to know what gutter Murray aka Dr. Murder crawled out of. Apparently the same one as Joe Jackson, Tohme x 2 and Arnie Klein. These guys put the dirt in dirtbag!
Unfortunately, he may get the money if there was a contract, but I am not mad at AEG for not paying him--he in fact DID NOT DO HIS JOB which was to keep Michael healthy and ALIVE, for God's sakes. I'm sure knowing the craftiness of AEG and Randy Phillips, they will come up with some kind of loophole on why they don't have to pay him a dime--no more than they plan to pay the city of L.A. for hosting Michael's memorial (something I wish they would stop crying about--they should consider themselves privileged to have had that opportunity...and it seems like they did, until the bill came.)
Murray wins the award for being the creep of the century for not only causing the death of the biggest musical genius and performer of this century, but then turning around and demanding payment for it. I think he also has earned the title of 'Judas'. But I'll at least say this for Judas, when he realized he had been used by the devil to destroy the Lord, he was overcome with guilt...more than I can say for dr. murder.


1804 days ago


yes he want to get money for a murder?????????????????????give him poison.

1804 days ago


hmm he wants to get paid for killing his that how things go nowadays

1804 days ago


btw, we want our starfishes pounded tonight by anyone in the mood!

1804 days ago


Dr. Conrad Murray Should Be Paid He Did A Great job Getting Rid Of The Little Freak
Keep Up The Good Work Doc.

1804 days ago


But OF COURSE he must sue AEG for 300 000, the two months they hired them to look after their star. Until he killed the patient.

Then, of course, AEG is in their right to sue him for millions, for killing their star. And then, of course, the children are in their right to sue him for killing their father, and the rest of the family for killing their brother and son.

This man has no brains.

1804 days ago

Laura Cristina    

He still wants to receive for administering propofol in Michael? hahahaha makes me laugh!
He has is to go straight to the chair! Or they can send him to work Júpter ... maybe he gets some money there!

1804 days ago


Anyone ever wonder what T. Sneddon thinks of this doctor?

1804 days ago


1) Mike wanted Propofol.
2) Mike gets what he wants. Always. He is paying you.
3) Unethical doctors. A dime a dozen, right? Meaning...
4) Mike will get what he wants, always. If it's not Dr Murray, it's gonna be a bunch of others he can count on. Dr Murray was just the one holding the propofol when the proverbial hit the fan.
5) Mike was addicted.
6) AEG doesn't want the bad, bad, bad publicity from MJ fans that results from paying Dr Propofol. They would also like to keep the money too, I'm sure. MJ is not alive for them to recoup their investments. But I'm sure that video is putting AEG Management's kids in college.
7) It's a messy messy world out there.
8) It's hard to find sanity and da troot.

1804 days ago


That bastard needs to be hung in the public square for the murder of the most adored and talented music genius of the century.Satan will give him a check once he hits the other side,because the ones who hired him for "the job" here,are not giving him a cent.

1804 days ago

They were in it for the money    

Not Supporting Him! In all fairness
I know why should we be fair to him, but
he was contracted by AEG. Oh boy Oh Boy Oh Boy we going to see that can of worms opened Now!
I wonder who is going to open up and say the truth now. The truth like AEG already gave Tohme the Manager of Michael money for incidentials and in those incidentials is the money for Murray and Tohme didnt pay him. Tohme had 5.5 million dollars he gave to Branca la la la la la.
This might just get pushed under the rug an AEG will pay and Branca wil scuttle along and maybe give the fee to AEG to keep it quiet from that 5.5 million. Tohme cleaned part of his dirty hands when he gave back that money.
Yea I can see what happened Tohme had the money but before he could pay Dr. Murray, he got his azz fired and he kept the cash and didnt tell nobody he was fired oh yea. My inisight is hardly ever wrong.
Next I hope to see a caged bird sing
la la la tweet tweet tweet tweet.

1804 days ago


Jail this murderer already.

Dr. Murder here and Jon Gosselin are the only two people who have made me root for the big corporations.

Murray you MURDERED MICHAEL...sorry you don't get paid. The contract was also never signed thank goodness.

1804 days ago


He is soooo sleazy.

Why hasn't the family filed a lawsuit for wrongful death, etc. just to keep him more broke.

He walks free while Michael is dead. So sad.

1804 days ago
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