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MJ's Mom 'Seriously Considering' Suing Murray

11/17/2009 4:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson's attorney tells TMZ Michael Jackson's mom is "seriously considering" filing a wrongful death lawsuit against Dr. Conrad Murray.

MJ's Mom Suing Murray

Adam Streisand, who scored a victory for Katherine last week in the estate case, tells TMZ the case would be filed on behalf of Katherine and Michael's three children. But Streisand adds, the biggest factor against filing suit is that Murray is asset-challenged -- i.e., he can't even pay his child support.

Streisand said he's actually rooting for Dr. Murray to file a claim for wages against AEG, adding "At least then we'd have some money to take from him."

As we first reported, Murray may sue AEG for $300,000 for the two months he "treated" MJ.


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Balls has no Balls    

Do it!

1778 days ago


I'm so sick of this.
Where does Michaels responsibility begin in all of this? The guy was a drug addict for god sakes!
This family makes me sick with all their money grubbing.

1778 days ago


Must it always be about how much money she can get? Is there a price on her son's life? Wouldn't it just be worth it to have a judgement against him?

1778 days ago

Vanessa Kaye    

I'm thinking of saying mama go with it! But man, we might have to wait it out...if the D.A. said they are not going to make an arrest, and charge him until 2010. They are still doing an investigation and I don't know if we should get in the way of that. Besides its not going to put him in Jail! So thats it! We'll see what Mama does. I think she should wait... And trust me I know this whole thing is EXTREMELY PAINFUL FOR HER and his TRUE fans. Hey if we don't see something by March or April next d*** year then by all means, Mama lol, go for it. But until then...

1778 days ago


#3 Then go to another web site. Katherine, sue the pants off of him. OH no dont do that, because he will make another baby that he cant afford.
Much Love for the Jackson Family.

1778 days ago

Teri Kirkendoll    

When are the police/detectives/DA going to file charges against Murray for a minimum of manslaughter? What is taking so long, they know what happened

1778 days ago



the audacity of this bastard is beyond the pale.

1778 days ago


Finally Katherine Jackson is strong enough to take against the doctor!!!It was also time!!!!!Why did she wait so long time???Besides these, what was the result of the private autopsy????
The same result like the official one ???
Joe and Katherine about Mike 2005 Interview:

1778 days ago

so wrong    

what i don't understand is why Katherine's attorney would be saying anything, let alone to TMZ tabloid trash.

Hum, how do they get all these stories?

1778 days ago


I hope they do but the baby mama's needit morethan the Jackson family and the government wi give itto arrears first for childsupport any way. Actually this is onethat Joe can try to get money from. Parents and children can go after a suit like this. Child support will grab it first.

1778 days ago


Wow! WHAT a tangled web we have here.
Anyone bother to do a background check on this so called Dr. let alone a cardioilogist. Or is this, too, part of "the plan".

1778 days ago


"Michael Jackson's mom is "seriously considering" filing a wrongful death lawsuit against Dr. Conrad Murray".

Good. At least someone will charge him for something.

If Murray sues AEG, that will prove he considered himself hired by them, in which case they can sue him for killing the star they were employing him to keep alive. Because the death was not caused by pure accident, it was caused by Murray not knowing what he was doing in his capacity as a doctor.

1778 days ago


That old woman is as foolish as the rest of the family.Her son was using fake names for his perscriptions for years.She went to his home and never saw any drugs? They raided Neverland, and had bags of drugs. She,Janet and the rest never mention these facts. She never once mentions her sweet son was hiring anyone to inject this very dangerous drug( without proper monitoring devices) in his home with his 3 children in another room.Murray was unethical no doubt,he was trying( according him)to ween Jacko down on the dose he was injecting into her son,does infact constitute the guy had a dangerous drug problem.He played Russian Roullette with his life,and the inpet Dr. was with him when the chamber with the bullet in it was loaded went off to stop his heart/lungs.The Dr. will be the escape goat for MJ life long mental issues, Murray wanted cash from Jacko,he does not even care about his own children,why should he care about Jacko? It did not seem that Katherine and the greedy clan mentions they too fell down on the job of forcing their son/brother into rehab.That would mean they would have to work for a lving and not mooching off of Jacko.

1778 days ago

Jon's a grwon man...he did this to himself!    

Kathryn is too old to be putting herself through all this. She needs to sit back and enjoy her grandchildren. They are all set for life. Dr. Murray was only half the problem. Michael was the other half. Michael's dead and Dr. Murray will end up with nothing, after the courts finish with him. Another lawsuit is only going to make Kathryn relive this nightmare for years to come. Move on, Kathryn, move on.

1778 days ago


At the end of the day, I doubt it's about the money. It's about finding some sort of justice for the death of her son. Michael Jackson wasn't a street junkie; I'm not even so sure he was a prescription drug addict - the stories have been so speculative and sensationalized. Many people have drugs in their homes left over from surgeries, for chronic pain, etc. Nonetheless, Michael did not inject himself, Conrad Murray did, many times that night and then dealt the final fatal blow. And the other doctors that treated him, they knowingly and willingly overprescribed, overtreated and over-procedured Michael all for the almighty dollar, debasing the value of a human life. You go Katherine and do what you feel is best for yourself and Michael's children. Most of us would do the same if it was our family member.

1778 days ago
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