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Andrews' Alleged Peeping Tom Officially Charged

11/18/2009 6:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The man who allegedly secretly filmed ESPN reporter Erin Andrews naked in various hotel rooms followed her around the country ... according to federal charging documents obtained by TMZ.

Erin Andrews

In the docs, the feds claim Michael Barrett called 7 hotels in Columbus, Ohio on January 28 and 29 of 2008, trying to find out where she would be staying. The documents officially charge Barrett with 1 count of interstate stalking.

After striking gold with the Columbus Hotel, Barrett got a room next door to her, altered the peephole device and secretly shot video of Andrews.

Barrett then used the Internet to send the video to his email account.

Fast forward to July. He called 14 hotels in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and found where she was staying there. Again, he checked in, altered the peephole device in her room and shot video.

Then again on September 2, Barrett called a hotel, located Andrews' reservation, requested the room next door and on September 4 he altered the peephole and shot video of Andrews naked.

The email he sent the video to -- handsfouryou@yahoo.com. He eventually sent TMZ the video but we did not post it.

The feds say Barrett then posted the videos on a Google video account calling the video, "Erin Andrews Naked Butt."

TMZ received a statement from Barrett's lawyer, saying, "Mr. Barrett would like to express his deep regret for the circumstances that have caused the issuance of the charges against him today. It is his sincere hope that this matter can be resolved as soon as possible."

erin andrews pics

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No Avatar


He looks like a masturbater.

1779 days ago


What a crazy guy.
Erin is a hottie, but man, what an insane guy to go through all that sneaky crap for money.

Why wasn't he caught altering the peephole device? How did he manage this? Questions, questions...

1779 days ago


Sicko!!!!!!!!!!!! I suppose he had nothing better to do with his time....crazy fool.

1779 days ago


I feel very badly for Erin, and his family.

1779 days ago


I am shocked that he was able to get all that information about her from the hotels. I didn't think they just gave out guest information so freely. I wonder what he told them to make them give him the room next to hers.

1779 days ago

who dat    

Don't waste your time looking at the video link in post #3

1779 days ago


This man needs to get punishment to full extent of the law! He can be an example for the other would be peeping morons.This type of behavior maybe rampant as far as many may know. It may not a stalker,but just some criminal taping anyone in the room next door, adults and kids even, very frighting. Send message out quickly before the copy cats think they too are able to do this horrific crime.

1779 days ago

who dat    

Any woman that dances , prances & poses, (while stroking herself) in the nude, must be high on coke.

1779 days ago

Cappy Lills Kid    

hope they give that slime doggie the max time in jail as allowed by law. pervert.

1779 days ago



1779 days ago


As if Andrews didnt already know ESPN was a cesspool of sexual hanky panky among the higher ups and the employees. It is now coming out that it is common knowledge the interns are almost under orders to sleep with those above them---quit the holier than Thou front Erin--you were a sports dance Major (whats that?) in College.

No this guy isnt right and will be dealt with...but quit acting like your employer ESPN is above anything than an actual cesspool.

Read just yesterday on the SMOKING GUN about the original VP of ESPN forcing his Admin. Assistant to sleep with him---she did, but she kept her clothes on...the guy is like 79.

No more Andrews Snow White innocence. She irons in the nude for gosh sakes. Got that much out of the video.

1779 days ago


is this george w.'s pervy twin bro?

1779 days ago


Dont break your arm patting yourselves on the back there TMZ... we get it, you didn't post it. I mean, you guys would never do anything to invade someone's privacy or embarrass them, you only report important things.

1779 days ago


It's about time we see his Ugly Mug. I've been waiting and waiting and thought he was being protected or being given special treatment. He plasted Erin's body all over but I never saw a mug shot or photo of him. He is as gross as I imagined him to be! I also hope he is punished equal to his crime and gets a chance to see only naked males in jail while the other jail birds are EYING him for years and years.

1779 days ago


The las vegas police did a similiar thing to me, they actually used a clock radio with a camera to watch me in the privacy of my hotel room.

They violated my right of privacy an the government has been covering it up for years.

If you people only knew how many felonies your police commit doing similiar actions you would be digusted.

Till this day no charges have been filed. Bacuase they do not want it made public..

1779 days ago
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