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Reality Star: I Want a 5,000 Yard No-Stalker Zone

11/18/2009 2:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

I love new york starAn "I Love New York" loser is so fed up with his alleged stalker that he filed for a restraining order ... and wants her to stay an impressive 2.84 miles away from him at all times.

In docs filed in L.A. Superior Court last Thursday, Jason "Heat" Rosell -- who calls himself "a celeb-reality TV personality and actor" -- claims Eliza Fararazzo hasn't left him alone since they met a few weeks ago at a red carpet event.

Jason claims Eliza called him 10-15 times a day, repeatedly sent him letters and even showed up at his house.

Jason is so passionate about keeping her away, he wants to ban her from events he won't even be at, saying, "I don't want her contacting me, near me and not to show up at ANY red carpet or media events that I could potentially show up regardless if I am in the attendance list of events or not."

Jason wants Eliza to stay exactly 5,000 yards away from him ... which might prove difficult to enforce.


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Daphne Pedersen-Goad    

This is for Justin Timberlake if someone can please get it to him. I have photos of him as young as 8 days old up to about 5-6 years of age. If he would like a copy of the I need to hear directly from him. No one else will do.
Thank you,
Daphen J. Pedersen-Goad

1775 days ago


and what about me? I'm always first too

1779 days ago



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1779 days ago

sherry niles jordan    

as the director of the niles,mi utilities dept i am constantly in contact with racist sick people.i'm sick and tired of are a satanic crazy tramp.269-683-4700 call me to arrange a boycott of simone.this girl needs jesus.i will pray with you simone if you call me.jesus directs me to tell you the end is near for sinners and eternal life is approaching for the saved.

1779 days ago


Your luck to have anyone interested in you, give Eliza a break, your luck to have her.

1779 days ago


wow. Sorry, "heat". You're not famous, and you never will be. you're a gross reality show loser who acts like an ass and you're lucky girls even want to follow you haha.
Theres no way they will grant a 5000 yard restraining order especially for a woman who is just dumb and not dangerous.

1779 days ago

Sad sad    

He's cute until he speaks. I think he's gay. Nothing wrong with that. I liked him on I love money.

1779 days ago


#7 is it your time of the month? You are insane, I never said anything about race.

1779 days ago


"hasn't left him alone since they met a few weeks ago..."
so this "blah blah personality blah blah" gets into litigation over this matter...with some woman whose full name he knows, and who somehow has his phone number.
How's this working out for you dude? Got your little tale reported on a "celebrity" site...
5000 yards?
Think that one up all by yourself? She must stay away from events that you likely won't be at anyhows? Like the Oscars, Superbowl, blah, blah, Harvey's birthday party...
You make the Balloon Dad seem sorta publicity shy.
It's unpossible!

1779 days ago

Hart Fisher    

When we were shooting the music video for Herd the Humans "Hollow" Jason had mentioned some of these problems he was having with the stalkers and weird fans. Sure, Jason started off doing reality shows but I'll tell you straight up, the guy can act. He's the villain of my video, he did a great job with the Rad Girls Darling Clementine and I definitely plan on working with Jason again. He did a great job, the camera loves him, and hey, dealing with these celebrity stalkers is no joke. Cut the guy some slack, he's a human being.

Hart D. Fisher
Here's a behind the scenes clip from the video...

1779 days ago

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