'Halloween' Queen's Stalker Scare -- Part II

11/11/2009 2:50 AM PST

'Halloween' Queen's Stalker Scare -- Part II

"Halloween" star Danielle Harris was just thrust into a real-life horror sequel -- when her longtime alleged stalker started following her again ... on Twitter. DUN DUN DUN!

Harris was granted a restraining order on October 28 against Christopher Small -- the same guy who was arrested for stalking her back in 1995.

This time around, Danielle claims he's been Trick-or-Tweeting her with messages like "by now you must realize i AM/was your real life" and "you will ROCK...you always did! ... Stalkr-approved =) ."

According to the restraining order, Small has to stay 200 yards away from Harris until 2012.