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Paris Hilton -- No More Warnings from Cops

11/19/2009 3:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton has lived with BF Doug Reinhardt a grand total of five months, and already the LAPD, the L.A. City Attorney and the L.A. City Council have gotten involved in her very noisy life.

Paris Hilton
Law enforcement sources tell TMZ the LAPD has received numerous noise complaints against Paris and Doug and cops are fed up. We're told from now on when anyone at the house breaks the law, there will be "tickets or arrests."

Neighbors -- one of whom calls Paris "a monster" -- have called their city councilman complaining about the way Paris disrupts the neighborhood with noise, out-of-control parties and fighting. The councilman contacted the City Attorney's office who is now dealing with the neighborhood complaints.

One member of the local patrol tells TMZ he's all too familiar with Paris etiquette. He was called out to her old neighborhood for the same problems.

We're told cops went to the Paris/Doug homestead yesterday to have a sit down with the boisterous couple, but they weren't there -- or, they were hiding.


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Paris is the future Zasza. Who I think is her grandmother of sorts. The name Hilton doesn't have the class it once had. It's looked at as a joke. I mean have you seen Paris's mother the gold digger. She has trash written all over her. Poor Paris money but still trash.

1794 days ago


Paris Hilton does not even live there.

It's Doug's batchelor pad.
Stop making a big deal out of this story.
Is one of your gay buddies living up there and doing the complaining ,Harv????

1790 days ago


Paris is successful and presides over an ever increasing business empire. Her life is in order.

Perhaps some posters have her confused with Lindsay Lohan who, in fact, does appear to be on a downward spiral - which is always sad to see when it happens to anyone.

1790 days ago

Balls has no Balls    

No ball`s,talk to the cop`s Paris!

1796 days ago


1stttttttttttt Paris rocks

1796 days ago



1796 days ago


How old is this woman? Grow up already.

1796 days ago


It's about friggin time!!!!!!!!

1796 days ago


What a shock that a self-absorbed, spoiled little rich girl who would have nothing if it were not for her family name and a sex tape is a menace to the neighborhood. When you only think about yourself and your petty little problems of where to go shopping on a particular day that is what happens. Remember the Larry King interview when she got of jail and she said she was going to change? What a joke. A plastic, fake person who is helping to bring this country down by being the exact type of "role model" for kids that we don't need.

1796 days ago


No matter where this leach lives the end result will be the same...she is all about her moronic lifestyle and anyone around her will have to lump it!She will move and bother the next neighborhood.She is that simple,she has no clue she is in the wrong, her family will always bail her lame narcisstic behind out.
NEXT story please.

1796 days ago

The Judge    

Minute 14 out of 15 you wonky-eyed, clueless, self-absorbed nightmare. All of the money in the world will not help you now, and when your 12 year old "fans" grow up, they will hate you even more than the rest of us do.

1796 days ago


Hopefully, by age 50, if she gets there, Paris will grow up.

1796 days ago


Wow, I wonder how many times the cops would nicely ask me to stop disturbing my neighbors before finally making an arrest or issuing a ticket? And I wonder if the cops would show up at my house for a sit down to discuss the issues? Just sayin'.....

1796 days ago


Paris out-of-control and neighbors fed up, is - news?

Go figure.

1796 days ago

Bob Booie    

What must be worse to listen to for the neighbors Paris' screaming or hearing Paris and her size 11 feet walking around the house?

1796 days ago
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