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Michael Jackson Sued Over Bad TV Habits

11/20/2009 4:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson stiffed the people who installed his TV system at Neverland, this according to a brand spankin' new creditor's claim.

According to a claim filed yesterday, a company called Video & Audio Center (VAC) installed electronic audio and video equipment at Neverland Ranch in late 2003 and early 2004. We're told the company rewired the house, installed plasma TVs and put speakers all over the house.

VAC claims Jackson's camp ran up a bill of $109,540.85 -- and paid $25,000 of that, but never settled the bill completely. According to the docs, VAC says they won a judgment back in 2007 for the remainder.

They're asking for $128,482.77 -- the unpaid bill plus interest.


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326. 292. no i have to give nightmare before christmas the award for fast responses the dude is awesome im an old slow dude

Posted at 5:24PM on Nov 21st 2009 by TMZ ROCKS ON

Just got home had business to take care of. What's going on here? Hope all is well I have not gone back yet to read what has been posted.

1759 days ago


279. First of all, TMZ ROCKS ON, you make me physically ill, honest to God, everytime I see one of your million usernames, you are nothing but a punk-azz puke! YOU are the ONLY one on here posting hate; you and your many, many different usernames. You pat yourself on the back; laugh at your own moronic stupid comments, argue with yourself, play games with yourself..(and I'm sure that's not ALL you do with yourself). You can be the owner of this lame board soon and then Harvey will dump your sorry sick azz because the ONLY hits he's getting are from YOU talking to yourself, Sybil, much? You truly are unsafe to be allowed in society and I hope someone around you gets an intervention going to get you put away somewhere before your head explodes.

Posted at 3:36PM on Nov 21st 2009 by Lisa

No, no, no Lisa, I wanna see his head explode!!!! LOL!

1759 days ago


Posted at 3:06PM on Nov 21st 2009 by Expect a Hootnanny on Here!

Hi there - no, you don't have to pay to look up a deceased person's social security number. My mom does geneaology (sp?) and that is how she got my grandfather's full name. It has their name, SSN, date of death and I think date of birth not sure. Anyway, you don't have to pay for it.

1759 days ago


do you have a link to that..about that janet woman..i cant believe it ..thats horrible

Posted at 7:49PM on Nov 21st 2009 by candy
It's not true. More lies.

1759 days ago


Posted at 3:36PM on Nov 21st 2009 by Lisa

Here we go again with the same stupid rabid fanatic fan or should I say crazy fan talking out their azz again another stupid b*tch.

1759 days ago


1759 days ago


No More Enablers, Lies, or Self-delusion

The nightmare is over.

I'm sure many people say that Michael Jackson should be remembered for his music and not his offstage activities. I wonder if they also hope that John Wayne Gacy is remembered for his outstanding work as an artist and his amazing performances as "Pogo" the clown. We shouldn't judge his life based on his rape and murder of 33 boys and young men. It's the art and performances that count. As long as artists entertain our fat, pampered asses, that's all that matters. Entertain me, make me feel good, or cause me to have a strong emotion that strengthens my attachment to you and you'll get a free pass.

Being famous and making you feel good are not reasons to give someone a free pass. Some people need to be shaken until their brains start working. They need to wake up out of their trances and finally see through that cloud of dancing elephants, unicycle riding monkeys, and flying unicorns farting glitter and rainbows that mentally swirl around in front of their eyes 24 hours a day.

The sad thing about M.J. is the waste. He had the potential to really change the world like he claimed he wanted to, but instead, like many others before him, let fame and money influence him so much that instead of his life being a tribute to his greatness, he became the poster boy for freakiness.

1759 days ago


Hello Deb..... You still here????

1759 days ago


Deb, nice to see you here in spite of all the trouble you're provided. Very courageous! And: Everything's fine with your boyfriend


We already had that discussion about so many long-time-posters leaving yesterday. What makes me really angry is that it's just NOT the rabid and intolerant fans who are gone now. It's many of the intelligent ones, who just haven't been keen on being personally attacked and on the more and more rude choice of words here.

I completely understand why all of you have left, I think about that as well. The sad thing is that exchanging all of your helpful informations within a close FB-circle doesn't help MJ. It just has left back a majority of so-called haters as opinion makers.

Posted at 2:18PM on Nov 21st 2009 by moni

Hi Moni! Not courageous, just stupid LOL! At least according to TMZ ROCKS ON. Anyway - yes Henry is stable for the moment, we are just hoping we can get him to long term rehab so he can recover his functionality.

You are right about FB, it isn't helping Michael. But neither is my presence here! I can lurk for a while, and everything is fine, but then let me post and BADA-BING-BADA-BOO all the haters surface and it is World War III in here. And so far from my calculations about 80 people have left here and are over at FB. You know the address, it's been posted here several times. It would be wonderful if you would join us even occasionally. ((hugs))

1759 days ago


Note to Any Hostile, Semi-literate M.J. Fans

For those of you who send in ignorant post about me not having anything better to do than write about Michael Jackson all day long. Don't you have anything better to do? Ordering me to shut up because you can't stand to read opinions that you don't agree with just shows how insane you are. What do you do if you see something on TV that you don't agree with? Do you simply change the channel or do you scream and throw a lamp through the screen?

Many of you are clearly obsessed with Michael Jackson, but somehow you have the nerve to claim that I am. I was not blinded by his fame like so many other people seem to be. I could see through his lies even back in the 1980s, It's hard to believe how many of you think that TMZ site is only for MJ rabid fanatic fans. Whenever any of you say nasty things about my post being about Michael Jackson, it's just one more thing that proves how truly stupid some of you are.

1759 days ago


I L.O.V.E. this painting. It went for $17,000.

I also love "The Book." That went for $10,000.

I was so naive thinking that the prices they estimated would be what they would sell for, nore or less. I was hoping to get one of his drawings or handwritten notes or the above paintings. I'm glad, though, that everything sold for huge amounts. Very deserving of a KING!

1759 days ago


Hmmmmm now that funny because I remember the you so called fans were going to run the haters out of here. Looks like the other way around.

Posted at 12:42PM on Nov 21st 2009 by nightmare before christmas

I am not running anywhere, do you see my name below? If not it's DEB DEB DEB DEB DEB DEB DEB DEB DEB DEB DEB DEB DEB DEB - don't look too long, the lightness of my being may cause you to go blind.

1759 days ago


Those of you who are ignorant, insane control freaks can say all of the bad things you want about me. You can laugh at me and call me a lowlife, but I'd have to sink pretty low to reach your level. I'd laugh at you, but many of you seem to be so pathetically insane and functionally illiterate that it's not funny. How do you keep from getting thrown into a mental hospital or prison? Have you tried taking a vitamin B complex? That might cure your craziness. If that doesn't work, how about seeking professional help?

1759 days ago


Billie Jean, a Japanese hotel bought the glove. I guess they'll be displaying it.

1759 days ago


340. Hello Deb..... You still here????

Posted at 8:10PM on Nov 21st 2009 by paulette

Yes, unfortunately! LOL

1759 days ago
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