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Michael Jackson Sued Over Bad TV Habits

11/20/2009 4:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson stiffed the people who installed his TV system at Neverland, this according to a brand spankin' new creditor's claim.

According to a claim filed yesterday, a company called Video & Audio Center (VAC) installed electronic audio and video equipment at Neverland Ranch in late 2003 and early 2004. We're told the company rewired the house, installed plasma TVs and put speakers all over the house.

VAC claims Jackson's camp ran up a bill of $109,540.85 -- and paid $25,000 of that, but never settled the bill completely. According to the docs, VAC says they won a judgment back in 2007 for the remainder.

They're asking for $128,482.77 -- the unpaid bill plus interest.


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so wrong    

Well, maybe he wasn't that complex, didn't he say his life was really very quiet, it probably was. Didn't he tell Madonna she exposed too much, she needed to hold stuff back to keep people guessing, wondering, wanting. That's the allure of MJ, no one knows - knew, becasue that's what he wanted, that's what he planned.

You have to understand, although not given a true expanded formal education, Mike was very smart, an avid reader, very high IQ, had over 1M books in his library, that's what he did, studied everything. Also, was a painter and an artist and a very good one.

He planted the seed to all this mystery. That's why we can't figure it out, he didn't want us to. So, maybe not that complex really, just unknown. He mystery is part of him. His game! I mean look at all of us, where obsessed, me too. Blogs, chat rooms, everyone talking, talking, speculating, trying to figure this, him out.

That's my take.

And, i beg to differ that MJ fans are stupid, hardly!

1768 days ago

so wrong    

Yes, the bad and the good, like all of us have. But I guess Michael Jackson doesn't deserve that, that he had 'bad' too. Sh@t, he was a human being. A man, a troubled man, who's life and death are tragic and brings tears to the eyes of most who have and feel any sense or compassion for another human being. That's it!

Give the guy a break. F@ck hasn't he had enough hate, torture, torment in his life. He couldn't do anything right, pounded from every which way.

Let it be, just let him be without the hate. He doesn't need it, he's had it his whole life!

1768 days ago


hmm i never knew they sold or tried to sell a pair of peter pans white panties

1768 days ago

helen s    


This really is starting to get tedious with you going back and forth all the time on what you think has happened or what Michael should have done.

Why don't you start a personal journal and write everything out - possibly this will help you find an answer. It just seems like you want to do some type of stream of consciousness thing here - and it is not fair to people that have been trying to discuss things here.

There are lots of well known people who die and take their secrets to the grave -leaving lots of questions. I think this is a good example of not being able to totally understand why someone does what they do.

A person's life is never easily explained - and someone like Michael Jackson was definitely a very complex person with different facets. Even dead he still fascinates people.

1768 days ago

Look at all the WJ spermette cheerleaders on TMZ. WJ rahrahrah!    

Jacko obviously was not only a drug addict, but a deadbeat as well. Sure makes you wonder whether the other stories about him are true.

1768 days ago


oh i see I'M THE ONLY ONE who does this here ok if you say so lol
see you people just cant leave anybody alone pick pick pick
and its always the fans who do it


1768 days ago


I've been to the Jordan website and I thought it rocked. Whoever did this should have done it a long time ago, maybe even when Michael was alive. Jordan Chandler has made a ton of money off investing the money he got from Michael. He can come clean now, pay the penalty for violating whatever clause is in the settlement, live off his profits and HAVE A CLEAR CONSCIENCE. I don't see any of the rest of you Michael fans doing anything to clear his name. Have you left a comment? Or are you "fans" only fans as long as all you have to do is sit around and weep over your loss.


As for the haters, go read the settlement agreement. Read the GQ article. Get an education before you spout your crap.

Jordan AND Gavin need to fess up. Jordan was a victim of his father, and Gavin was a victim of his mother but he was stupid and vapid and insipid and just gross. I hope he rots. Jordan on the other hand was truly a victim. Sodium Amytal. His dad should burn.

So get off your butts and tell him how you feel. Geez, all you people are all talk and no action. Do you care or do you not? And no, it's not my site, I just can't stand people who sit around and do nothing while the claim to be so passionate. Dang!

1768 days ago


Evan Chandler went to press charges against Michael in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara counties with 2 law enforcement agencies.

The Arvizos were not asking for any money, that was a criminal trial.

1768 days ago



are you over here??We are looking for u on FB!

1768 days ago


MJ was famous for not paying his bills, why didn't his fans notice that while he was living ? Are you just now hearing about his debts ????

1768 days ago


Michael, was the best. He didnt have the checkbook in his back pocket. I'm starting to find all of these claims funny. Maybe if they melt down his golden casket, they may get their money.
All Hail To The King Of Pop.
Damn Comcast would have cut off my service a long time ago. Maybe that is why the alarm system went off when Oprah was interviewing Mike.

1768 days ago


136. DEB

are you over here??We are looking for u on FB!

Posted at 11:03PM on Nov 20th 2009 by paulette

Yes I stopped in for a sec- was on the phone with my son.

1768 days ago


Old habits die hard - but hey, I feel safe in posting this since it was posted last night. Any FANS who are fed up with the haters here can join at That is where the droves of folks who are leaving are going to. But haters, don't think you can join and then start sh!t cuz Insanity will just delete you.

1768 days ago

Karma Blame

1029 days ago
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