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Bon Jovi, Gwen Stefani

Take (Taylor) Swift Action

11/22/2009 8:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Bon Jovi and Gwen Stefani are following in Taylor Swift's sports-bar-crushing footsteps -- because the two pop stars are also suing a hometown drinking establishment for allegedly jacking their music.


According to a lawsuit filed in Minnesota last month, several of Gwen and Bon Jovi's compositions were publicly performed at Sally's Saloon & Eatery -- and they claim the bar never got the licensing it needed. Now Bon Jovi, Gwen, and all the other people who own copyrights to their music want the bar to pay damages ... and stop playing their songs.

This could be a crushing blow to the local watering hole -- because as we all know, a bar without Bon Jovi's "Livin' on a Prayer" is like a bird without wings.

Calls to Universal Music Group weren't returned. A rep at Sally's wasn't even aware of the lawsuit.


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What next? We'll have to charge admission and send a money order to these lame-o's when someone enters our houses while we're playing music?
Thankfully I don't listen to the garbage these losers produce.
To take a page from Dr.Dre's book,I say F**K THEM.

1794 days ago

Larry Hagman    

Yeah, because all these uber-rich pieces of crap need another dollar.They're no better than Lance Ulrich and those metalicraps. Quit paying to listen or see these douchebags who have nothing in common with you and have no idea what it is to live on a budget or where their next meal or house payment will come from, and you all do it . They don't care for you and never will. There's plenty of great free music and video talent available on the web, just take a second to look for it and spit on the spoiled celebrity babies. They do on you!

1794 days ago

Larry Hagman    

Previous comment10:22 PST, will see how long if ever it takes to receive permission to post.

1794 days ago


i like LANCE ulrich. Lars armstrong is pretty cool, too.

1794 days ago


Get all of Gwen's and Taylor's clothes at

1793 days ago

Juliana B.    

that's so stupid, they're making a fortune already and already have plenty of money. what's the need to sue small bars and businesses for even more money these "artists" don't need. and I'm sure they (the bars/businesses) are completely unaware about the royalites and wouldn't even play them if they knew about it. so stupid.

1793 days ago

republican mensa    

It is the record company not the artist themselves..I live in minnesota and its funny cause this place is a dive ...... lmfoa.......I mean redneck !!!!!!lol lol lol lol

1793 days ago


Wouldn't it be funny if he went after the poor Bars in New Orleans
next? The place where he has done so much good?
He's acting like a true Democrat that he is..LOSER!

1793 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

The ultra-rich going after a small business owners on a song. You'd think that the artist would be honored that someone was playing there songs. Like there are not enough bands and songs

1793 days ago


This is not the ONLY reason I do not listen to these greedy peoples music, but is is a GOOD REASON. Part of it is the greed of the entire music cabal.

1793 days ago


So the bar forgot it's ASCAP/BMI dues. Now these "celebrities" want to put them out of business. Time for a boycott?

1793 days ago


I bet they are going after them for an unbelievable amount of money. I remember reading somewhere some kid stole like 16 songs off the net and he has to pay something like a million dollars for doing it. It's not chump change that these industries get for what is considered stolen music. Especially going after a bar that has played countless songs.

It's probably a whole new money making business for these record companies.

1793 days ago


Jon Bon Jovi is such a freaking hypocrite, he has a song on his new cd The Circle (which sucks) Who's Gonna Work for The Working Man, I guess he should change it to who's goon sue the working man. He has more money than he knows what to with & you can't even get decent tics to his concert unless you join their fan club for a minimum of $49.00, other wise all the over priced tics are sold out. These are the ones Obama needs to tax to pay for anything. But we all know it is the average working American who will pay & people like these will keep screwing the ones who put them there, How does it hur thtem a local bar singing their songs? BJ must have to make up for his cd he could not even sell for $3.99

1793 days ago


so every crap cover band i've ever seen was doing something illegal? i didn't know it was illegal to sing others songs in a bar. what about karaoke? is that illegal?

1793 days ago


Back in the day, when I was a DJ, the late 70,s, 80's and early 90's we paid dues to ASCAP and BMI to play the music. It was a very little amount, I mean really small!!!! The bars I played in always paid them because they were not worth the hassel. I made money for my family playing the records (back then DJ's made decent money)I never looked at it as a negative. After all, the artist had to make the record for me to play it. Yes, it does help sell records, I don't disregard that, but I made money as well. PB

1793 days ago
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